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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Corrie weekly awards: February 6 - 10

2012 Cute Baby Award!

Tit for Tat award: Childish Star: Tracy and Steve's antics are so boring.

Snap to it award: Rosie snaps her fingers, Jason jumps!

Take yourself into the back room: Stella should have consulted herself on her worries about Leanne rather than take it out on Nick.

Ambitious award: Reality star: Rosie needs to be single for her big break.

Chuckle of the week: Gail and Stella, twins and half price sales.

Dolly Parton award: WHAT was up with Eva's look?

Botulism award: Carla doesn't keep her eggs in the fridge?

Majority Rules award: Carla has the majority share. Shouldn't her opinion on the business weigh a bit more?

Out of the cupboard: Sophie made another rare appearance.

Made your bed award: Lie in it star: Peter keeps trying to dump Simon on Ken.

Gossip Central

Lines of the Week:
Tracy about Peter "He can't just dump Simon here" (ironic, much?)
Beth to Julie "There's as much chance of peace between them two as you being a natural blonde!"
Gail "She's far too young for our Nick" (who is probably less than 10 years older than Eva, isn't he?)
Frank to Carla "I'm so glad we're friends again. Just like old times" (More nerve than James Bond, that one!)
Rosie "I love Jason. But this could be it, the start of everything"
Roy to Milton "As far as you find it possible, try to keep your mouth shut"
Rosie "I made him lie because i didn't want to look stupid.... well, *less* stupid" (shouldn't that be *more* stupid?)
Stella "Me and Gail have come as twins" Kark "Little and Large!" (Ha!)

Bye Bye Rosie!

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Frosty's awards:
What did she come as? award. Eva is a very attractive young woman, why did she have to dress up as a cross between Carmen Miranda and Slappers R Us for a night out with Nick, who looks old enough to be her dad by the way. She looked ridiculous not “gorgeous”. How everyone didn’t burst out laughing when she came down in that get up, I don’t know

Shoehorned in award: This is split between the ridiculous faktray business; why would Frank shut his premises down to cram in his staff at Carla’s? It would be against health and safety anyway. Lesley and the ever more annoying Paul who is gurning worse that Stevie MacDonald lately, moving into Eileen’s tiny terrace before Jason’s bed was even cold. Wouldn’t Social Services offer Lesley an extension at the care home? Where do Marcus and Sean sleep and why are they even still lodging there? Which bedroom is the ever irritating face pulling advantage taking Paul sleeping in, his mistresses or his wife’s? This story is bordering on the sordid now.

Good for you awards: Two awards again – the wonderful Roy becoming more assertive and standing up to his overbearing mother at long last. Why Sylvia and Milton who are around 80 years old would want to start a new business venture in this Country is a mystery, This has just been a vehicle to get in Robert Vaughan as Milton and its been a let down as far as I am concerned. They could have used any elderly actor and had more impact. Also Ken in refusing to be used as a convenience yet again for the self gratifying Peter and his latest popsie, looking after poor wee Simon for the umpteenth time so he can “do his own thing”. Take some responsibility for god’s sake Peter Barlow, you are knocking on 50 years old and are a father. Lose the hangdog face when you don’t get your own way, its becoming more than tiresome.

Des Res Award: Why haven’t the loved up couple moved into Carla’s posh flat/batcave in the Quays, especially when Carla paid Michelle to clear out; instead of Carla attempting to be all domesticated in the pokey flat above the bookies where the ghost of Leanne still resides?. Reality will set in soon. Frosty gives the relationship six months at most. Bottoms up!

Cracks in the goody goody fa├žade award: Mother Theresa-Stella all of a sudden and rather randomly throwing a moody about Nick and her daughter Eva. They have been going out together for months. Stella needed to take herself “in the back” and give herself a pep talk. Where was the shop in the Precinct she and Gail bought those matching tops - Miami Modes?

Tedious story of the week award: The ever sour faced with bad attitude Tina moving into Jason’s forgotten flat which is half hers anyway. How come it is in such a mess when it was all done up pristine and state of the art to sell by Jason the builder not so long ago? Why didn’t Jason live there with Rosie instead of being shoehorned into his mothers? Why didn’t Tina live there instead of cuckoo’ing it at Tyrones? I know Tina has her fans but I find her pointless these days and her character exhausted. Like Michelle, they don’t seem to know what to do with her any more.

Off in a black cab award: I thought Rosie’s exit was quite good but would bet that within a year she will be back. Nice to see Kevin again.

Humpty Dumpty said...

What kind of buildings/contents insurance do Paul and Lesley have? Surely it's standard that insurers pay for temporary accommodation if your house is badly damaged.

I was worried that the Milton story line would be silly and, so far, it is. There has to be a reason why he wants to start up a business at his age. If he'd been exposed as a con-artist, it would have been repetitive but more believable.

The Paul/Lesley/Eileen story line is beginning to make me squirm. First, Paul and Eileen are not a good match for tv with no chemistry. On the other hand, Paul and Lesley do seem very natural and that part of it works. It might have been more interesting if they'd introduced a family where the child was the main carer because Dad was always working as a fireman. There are lots of young carers around and this would have highlighted their plight.

Has Peter forgotten that Lucy left him money in her will to look after Simon? Ken needs to remind him of that. Another toe-curling story line where I simply don't care what happens to Peter and Carla. I'm furious about that because, though Carla left me cold, I used to love Peter.

Stella is driving me nuts. Never mind the accent, she can't act. I rather like Nick and Eva together and hope they can have some comedy with their respective 'mothers-in-law'.

Anonymous said...

Here in the UK eggs don't need to be refrigerated. In fact, they aren't even refrigerated in the supermarkets. It was very strange for me when I first moved to the UK (I'm American). It was explained to me that elsewhere eggs are treated beforehand removing the protection from the eggshell thus necessitating refrigeration, but they don't do that to the eggs here in the UK. (and this confirmed by the interwebs) So don't worry about Carla getting a case of botulism!

Tvor said...

Ah thanks for that Anony. I worried about the eggs!

I reckon with the number of times that Betting shop has had to be repaired, Peter might have gone through his inheritance from Lucy !! Yes, i know, Insurance. Actually didn't he use a chunk of it to buy the bookies in the first place? I think he did.

Anonymous said...

I'll really miss Rosie as her character was still developing.

There's isn't another character at the moment who has that unknowing rudeness/patronising nature like we saw towards Sunita behind the bar on Friday. Very funny.

Her celeb pretensions was also very very now as well. The likes of Tina are a bit of a throwback really- they have no scope or ambition to look beyond Weatherfield.

Dubcek said...

I just don't understand Frank moving back into Underworld, when his mother and her thugs came in and removed Frank's 49% share of the machines and stock didn't that effectively end their partnership?
How then can he come back in and take over?
He only had a 49% share so Carla would still be in control since she has the greater share of the business.
I guess I'm not supposed to think about such things and accept whatever they put out as gospel but it just seems weird.

Adam Rekitt said...

Mother of the Year Award: Eileen. Having lost his job and his girlfriend, Eileen then asks Jason to vacate his room for a couple Eileen did not know existed 6 months ago. Is this the same Eileen who brawled in the street in defence of Todd? This whole story reeks of "ishoos". ie It's there to gain kudos for the portrayal of Alzheimer’s. Didn't Collinson learn from Mark/Marcia? Jason should have had a speech as good as Roy's to Sylvia.

Worst Birthday treat ever. Why on earth would a young woman want a birthday tea with her parents and Gail and Audrey? Is she 6? And according to the ITV website her birthday is in July.

This week's rushed departure: Rosie's. On Thursday, Rosie was living on the Street she had spent all of her 21 years. On Friday she was gone. No time for her to have some doubts about leaving all she knows? For Kevin to get stressed about her moving to that London? For Sally to exaggerate the opportunity? For Sophie to sulk? Is Collinson trying to send a message to the cast that anyone can be gone in three episodes?

Too silly for words: Frank and the Faktry. I just skip this now.

Anonymous said...

Paul moving into Eileen's with his demented wife...LAME!!!

ChiaGwen said...

Oh come on for heaven's sake - didn't Lesley smash up Eileen's place not too long ago because she got agitated as it was a strange place and now Eileen wants them to actually live there for a while! Zero chemistry between Paul and Eileen - I just think eeeuuwww when I see them together.


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