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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update, February 13, 2012

Greetings and welcome to the Coronation Street Weekly Update. Hope you've all had / are having a lovely lovey-dovey St. Valentine's Day. And so without any further ado, here we go with this week's Coronation Street update.

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Proving the spirit of Blanche Hunt lives on in the shape of a small boy with dark curly hair. Little Simon plays a blinder this week. He tells Carla he hates her, as well as he might, and demands to know when mum Leanne's coming home. Peter tells him she's not coming back, which sets Simon off on another one, arms crossed, eyes stern and bottom lip trembling. Blanche would have been proud.

Eileen's desperate for a fella. Her fella Paul is desperate for a shoulder to cry on. And her fella Paul's wife is in desperate need of proper social care. It's a desperate situation, made worse when Paul's pipes burst. Paul and Lesley have nowhere to stay while their house is in a state of watery woe and so Eileen, poor desperate, lonely Eileen, invites them to come stay with her. She'll sort out Paul's pipes all right. As for Jason, he's turfed out of his room and goes to stay with Tina in her old flat.

And what's Tina doing in her old flat? She's moved out of Tyrone and Kirsty's house, unable to stand the horrid Kirsty. I'd have done the same thing, she's a nasty piece, Kirsty. So when Tommy spots Kirsty in town hugging another fella he tells Tyrone who assumes that his girlfriend is having a fling. He even wonders if the baby she's carrying is really his. Kirsty's upset and tells Tyrone she's not cheating on him, she was meeting her cousin to set up a Valentine surprise of a sports car for a day.

Another one without a Valentine is Jason after Rosie goes and moves to that London. He tells her he'll go with her but she wants to go alone. She's left Weatherfield to star in a reality TV show where she has to be single in order to compete for the hand of a rich, young bloke. This leaves a skint, young bloke called Jason alone on the Street with no one to play `Bedtime with the Beckhams' any more.

Unable to cope with the baby and the pressure of having to pay the rent at the bank, young Katy leaves the baby alone in the house. He's fine, this time, and she arrives home by the back door just as Chesney returns to the front, so Chesney's none the wiser, for now. It'll end in tears, just you wait and see.

It's Eva's birthday this week and St. Ella throws a back room bash in the pub. She lures in three generations of the Platt clan in the shape of Nick, Gail and Audrey and Gail hits the wine to become quite the giddy kipper. It's a lovely comic scene, even if Stella was in it, made better when Gail and St. Ella turn up wearing the same blouse. "And I'd just like to point out that I bought this shirt before it went in the sale," says Gail.

It could be the last time Gail gets tiddly on the wine though after she and Audrey have their blood pressure taken by Doctor Matt. Mind you, I'm sure Gail's BP went skywards when Dr Matt told her to roll up her sleeve. She's not had much male company in a while, has our Gail. Anyway, Doctor Matt tells the two ladies that their BP is too high and encourages them to do gentle exercise: "That's do-able" they think, and to lay off the booze: "Oh."

Roy's not best pleased with his mum after she seems to support Milton's plan of opening the Beef Encouter restaurant despite Roy's objections. But after Sylvia has a think on, she remembers the help and support Roy and Hayley have shown her and knows she can't go along with Milton and his daft plan.

Elsewhere this week, Julie is over the moon to discover she's with child, has a bun in the oven, is in the pudding club, and is going to be a mum. Brian's gob-smacked and we viewers are confused because we've all just watched a lovely scene where Brian tells Ken he's had the snip.

And that's just about that for this week.

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Tvor said...

I'm positive that when Julie and Brian first got together it was him that suggested the idea of a baby. Why would he do that if he's had the snip?

ChiaGwen said...

TVOR - you are right, I remember Julie telling everyone that Brian wanted a baby and they were always running home to do the deed, morning, noon and night!

Anonymous said...

I so hate it when the writers assume the viewers are idiots!

Looney Baloon said...

Why would Brian have had the snip when he doesnt have any children? Just a convenient random thing to throw in just before Julie finds herself pregnant - yawn yawn yawn.


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