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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Corrie’s Usual Suspects in the Frame for Frank’s murder

This line-up is the first image of the UNUsual Suspects who find themselves under suspicion for the murder of Corrie factory boss Frank Foster. When the body of evil rapist Frank is found in a pool of blood on the factory floor the finger of suspicion immediately points to the people who most want him dead. And in the coming weeks these five people are the ones that the police and residents of
Coronation Street
start to suspect could have bludgeoned him to death.

Frank’s lifeless body will be found in the factory on Monday March 5th – after days of arguments and confrontations with associates, lovers and enemies alike – leaving police and viewers baffled as to the identity of the murderer. And Corrie fans will be on the edge of their seats as the mystery unravels and the killer is finally unmasked in true soap style.

It’s Sally Webster who’s found with blood on her hands as she kneels over ex-lover Frank’s lifeless body.  Knicker stitchers Sean Tully and Julie Carp look on in horror as they arrive at the factory to confront Frank over his plans for the business, after he conned partner Carla Connor out of her share.

Not satisfied with getting off with the rape of Carla, Frank had set out to destroy her by ruining her relationship with lover Peter Barlow and getting her to sign over the factory for a rock bottom price. It puts Carla firmly in the frame, along with partner Peter, colleague Michelle and Sally’s ex-husband Kevin.

As the police start digging an arrest is finally made – but have they got the right person or has the real killer got away with murder?

Here the actors who play the five suspects talk about their characters’ motives and whether they could be capable of murder:

Sally Dynevor on Sally Webster: “Sally’s got lots of reasons to want to do something very bad to Frank, as have all the factory staff as he was plotting for them all to lose their jobs. But there’s a particular motive for Sally because of the way he betrayed her on a personal level and the way she was prepared to betray her friends for him.”

Chris Gascoyne on Peter Barlow:  On a scale of 1 to 10 Peter hates Frank 11, for what he’s done to Carla and the fact that he’s still trying to ruin both their lives. When he double crosses Carla at the factory that’s just another reason for Peter to really hate him. He wants him dead.”

Michael Le Vell on Kevin Webster: “He claims not to have gone anywhere near Frank before he was killed but there’s a twist which makes him a suspect. It throws Kevin Webster right in the frame and the police come calling. It leaves even Sally wondering if Kevin was Frank’s killer.”

Alison King on Carla Connor:  Carla hates Frank with all of her being, she can’t stand being in the same room as him, he makes her feel sick. He’s winding her up as well, talking about giving her a lift home and pointing out that he’s not got any bail restrictions anymore. She just wants him out of her life, she can’t stand him and she’d do whatever it takes to get rid of him.”

Kym Marsh on Michelle Connor: “Michelle’s always been a very moral person. Having said that her big thing is family and she’s very protective of the Connor clan, Frank destroyed Carla so maybe Michelle decided to dish out some justice of her own. Michelle’s definitely involved in the mix somewhere but whether she’s capable of killing Frank you’ll have to wait and see, I think she could be!”

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corrierules said...

Man. Peter knows how to rock the black t-shirt and jeans look.

Katelyn said...

Maybe the butler did it

Tvor said...

A black tshirt looks good on almost any man. :)))

Anonymous said...

Please, make it Michelle and put her away for the rest of eternity.

Anonymous said...

Franks mother....she is adding up all her son's actions and is furious her husband died of a heart attack because of Frank and she discover's her son's true colors...

Beth said...

Oh yawn, yawn, yawn.... another murder on coronation street. Really? Why not build a prison on the Red Rec and be done with it. Wasn't Phil Collinson saying a short while back that Corrie was too strong on crime so they were cutting back. So what did he mean by that then?
Oh please let there be a twist and it's none of the above, (although Carla and Michelle could do with being banged up for crimes against dreadful acting) and please make it Stella! But alas it won't be Stella as she's one of Phil C's luvvie pals:(
We could do with having Frank's mum stick around actually. She's a horrible character but a great actress!


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