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Monday, 27 February 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 27 February 2012

Coronation Street, Monday 27th February at 7.30pm

Watch the preview video here

SIMON TELLS LEANNE THAT CARLA'S HITTING HIM. The atmosphere in the flat is tense as Peter's caught between Carla and his son. Over at the pub Leanne's pained as she watches Simon leave with Peter but sticking to her guns she tells Stella she's here to get what she needs and go. As Leanne lets herself into the flat she's stunned to find Carla there and an almighty row ensues. Having forced Carla out and collected her things Leanne's heading for a taxi when Simon arrives home and spots her. Rushing over he pleads with Leanne to stay. It breaks her heart and when Ken reveals he's had to bring him home from school early as his behaviour's been intolerable Leanne knows she has to talk to him. It's emotional as she explains to Simon that while she loves him she can't stay and he has to be good for Peter and Carla. But when Simon accuses Carla of being drunk and hitting him how will Leanne react?
SALLY SMELLS A RAT ABOUT FRANK'S DODGY DEALINGS. When Frank gets a mystery call then snaps at Sally for asking who it was she's put out by his erratic behaviour. When he then snaps his laptop shut as she comes near Sally's suspicions grow and with Frank out of the way takes a look. But when Frank walks in and asks what she's playing at Sally's fearful. How will Frank react and what has she seen?
TRACY HAS AN IDEA TO GET BACK AT STEVE. As Tracy locks horns with Beth again she decides it's time to wipe the smile off Steve's face. Admitting to Beth that she's resigned to losing Steve as he obviously wants her she encourages Beth to go for her man.
Elsewhere Owen builds bridges with Anna, Faye and Katy. Gail is less than impressed as Lewis enjoys a last supper at the Bistro before his appearance in court.

Monday 27th February at 8.30pm

SIMON'S LIES MAKE LEANNE RECONSIDER MOVING AWAY. At the factory Leanne launches herself at her nemesis. An amused Frank watches as the girls separate them and Leanne goes, warning Carla to stay way from Simon. Shaken Carla turns to drink. Back at the Rovers Leanne promises Simon she'll never let Carla hurt him again. But when Peter arrives he insists Carla hasn't done anything and urges Simon to tell the truth. Eventually they coax the truth out of him but when Simon admits he made it up to get rid of Carla it breaks Peter's heart. As he takes his son home Leanne's conflicted, she sees herself as Simon's mum and he needs her. Can she bring herself to leave him again?
FRANK CONVINCES SALLY THEY HAVE A ROSY FUTURE. When Frank hears about Karl's run in with Peter over the unstamped betting slip he calls in a mate, suggesting he investigate how the bookies is being run. Meanwhile Sally's been investigating Frank and he's forced to come clean about his plans for the factory - to go international by outsourcing the work. Sally reels as she asks what this means for her and the girls!
BETH SETS HER SIGHTS ON STEVE. Beth has asked Steve round to look at the broken boiler. He can't find anything wrong with it but the penny drops when Beth stands seductively in his path. Will Steve be able to avoid her advances?
Elsewhere Owen and Faye bond as they pimp out the pond but will it bring Owen and Anna back together? After enjoying an expensive meal at the Bistro Gail is convinced that Lewis will leg it but is he really a changed character?

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ChiaGwen said...

Kind of disappointed in Leanne. Although she has been hit broadside by Carla and Peter's affair, she was willing to leave without saying anything to Simon - if she truly loved him she would have sucked it up and stayed for his sake.

Anonymous said...

I think that Andrew Stone,TV Gold killed Frank Fosta in the faktry. i think that andrew had an argument with the producer , cause he want allowed on de show so got pissed with peter n carla and the the three of them bounced round to the faktray ,and smashed franks head in it was all andrewwwwwww !


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