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Friday 18 November 2011

Corrie Review - Thursday 17 November 2011

It's the big day for Fiz as her friends gather at number 5 ready to welcome her home after she has been released. The happiness for her doesn't last long as she finds out when she gets to Underworld that with business still looking bleak there's currently no job for her. Michelle explains that with many of the other girls still out of a job and with Carla out of the country there's nothing for her at the moment. Fiz heads off to the Kabin to get the Gazette to start job hunting but is met by Norris, who true to his form he sticks his nose in causing Fiz to storm out. Breaking down outside Fiz feels the weight of the world on her shoulders.

Meanwhile for Lloyd and Steve, they are recovering from their night out on the town when they come across Russ on his way to school. Chris forbids his son from talking to Lloyd, causing him to bunk off school. Fortunately Lloyd passes him and explains that they'll always be pals and takes him back to the Bistro where Cheryl is. When Cheryl tells Chris what happened, he storms around to number 13 to have it out with Lloyd, but the cabbie isn't up for an arguement and shuts the door in Chris's face, leaving Cheryl looking distinctly unimpressed.

Brian and Julie are heading back off the the Red Rec for another evening of their 'UFO Watch'. Brian is convinced that due to the Chinese Lantern phenomenon the previous night, they're bound to see something as sightings come in clusters. Tommy & Tyrone point out that the lanterns weren't actual UFOs but it doesn't deter Brian. While on the Red Rec, Julie again gets frisky but then she seesa mysterious glowing floating object. Brian is convinced that finally a UFO has been seen but unbeknown to him, the floating object is actually Tommy and Tyrone in the tree dangling their new model to trick him. As Brian rushes for a closer looks he falls and hurts himself leaving Julie to let rip at the hysterical lads.

Tina is still recovering from her disasterous night out with Matt and his friends and when she arrives down to breakfast she is greeted by Tyrone's girlfriend Kirsty. She tackes her about the police outside the Bistro but Kirsty hits back saying she is a beat officer and not a chief constable and therefore not capable of having officers lie in wait for her. In the Rovers Matt apologises and tells Tina that she can end up running her own bar one day if she loves the bar work. Tina forgives him but a word in her ear from Tommy about how she should do what she wants to do and not what Matt wants her to, makes her think.

Ciaran is still trying to persuade Michelle to return to the cruise ship but Michelle is still adament that staying in Weatherfield is the best option as they could well start a family and bringing up kids on a cruise ship is not a good idea. Ciaran sees Nick later and secures himself a job as a chef at the Bistro.

Fiz's friends have thrown her a little party in the Rovers to welcome her home but the atmosphere in strained with Norris and Mary standing the other side of the bar staring over. Matters are made worse when Sally and Rosie walk in. After a few snide remarks from the senior Webster woman, Fiz flies at her pinning her to the table telling her that she has learnt how to defend herself while inside. Stella recommends she calms down somewhere else and Fiz heads home with Hope and Chesney. She tells her brother that after she has been officially cleared that she is moving to a new start elsewhere.


Brian: "See you at the Red Rec at half five and don't forget the butties."

Norris (to Emily): "If I was slaughtering casual acquantainces in the front parlour of number 3 I think you'd have an inkling!"
Mary (with mouth full): "Mmmm, meeeh, mmmm, mmmm"
Norris: "I beg your pardon?"


Chris continuing his hateful vendetta against Lloyd. He's got Cheryl so he stop rubbing Lloyd's nose in it.

Please note that I am on holiday from this afternoon until Sunday evening, so tonight's episode review should be online on Sunday evening/Monday morning.


Looney Baloon said...

The UFO scam with Ty and Tom made me laugh and it could have carried on instead of being spotted straightaway, a missed opportunity for some humour.

ChiaGwen said...

Sorry this comment is about Monday's episode.....I couldn't stop laughing at the scene of Tommy, Tyrone and Kirsty all jammed into that teeny-weeny sofa/couch and trying to make it look like the most normal thing in the world....utterly ridiculous. At least it took my mind off that increasingly annoying Kirsty!

Anonymous said...

Great update, thanks!

Frosty the Snowman said...

What on earth is the point of the uber annoying character of Fiz being brought back at all, of course we all had to endure the stupid Iam Leaving Weatherfield speech. Let Chesney and Katie come into the fore, Fiz has had her time and should be written out, lets not forget the woman is a thief and a cheat before the whole street turns her into a saint. Sally is right.

Anonymous said...

And Sally's daughter stole money of her own father, so Sally has no right to get all high and mighty.


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