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Wednesday 23 November 2011

Corrie Review - Monday 21 November 2011

Writer: Mark Burt
Director: Graeme Harper

After losing his money to Karl, Ciaran is a desperate man. He goes to the wedding venue and speaks to the manager and gives her a sob story about their debit card being cancelled and she agrees to extend the deadline until Friday giving Ciaran five days to find the thousand pounds. Karl on the other hand, after lying to Stella that the money was Kirks, has blown nearly the whole lot in Peter's bookies thinking he was a winning streak. He tells Ciaran that he's got nothing left and Ciaran devises a plan. He goes to see Peter and asks him to best man. Peter is extremely touched and agrees straight away. Ciaran then reveals that he needs his money back and Peter's happiness turns to anger. Telling his friend that he'd have loaned him the money had he not been so sneaky by trying to butter him first, he throws him out of the bookies. In the pub later while Peter and Leanne are enjoying a drink, Ciaran and Michelle comes in. Peter and Leanne leave giving them the cold shoulder. When Michelle questions Ciaran he lies about how he'd offered the best man role to someone else and Peter is upset. Michelle falls for his story.

Lloyd gets a cold reception from the regulars at the Rovers after he pushed hris over the previous night. When Chris walks in, Leanne sets everyone straight about what happened and the tables are turned. The apologies come thick and fast to Lloyd but the cabbie leaves. Later as Chris arrives in the Rovers and finds everyone on the street is against him. Owen sacks him, Jason tells him to get out of the flat and Stella bars him from the pub. When Lloyd arrives to meet up with Karl, Chris tries to fly at him but is held back by Jason and Owen. Owen pushes him out telling him he has nothing left in Coronation Street any more. Chris subsequently packs his bags and as he gets into the taxi Maria walks out of the salon and Lloyd leaves the Rovers. Both watch silently as Chris departs. The chapter for both of them has closed.

Sunita tries to get Kirk to reveal what happened at the previous nights poker game in a bid to catch Dev out. Accidentally revealing he left the game early in earshot of Stella, she works out that the money was indeed Karl's and not Kirk's. Her and Sunita decide to go on a late night shopping spree and Stella buys some very expensive shoes. Karl later explains that he has blown all the money in the bookies but Stella is adamant, she is keeping the shoes whether he likes it or not.

Becky sees Lloyd in the corner shop and decides to call around to number 13 to see him. At first Lloyd is reluctant to let her but Becky is persuasive. The two sit on the floor in the lounge playing some of Lloyd's records talking and comparing their failed relationships while downing shots and drinking cider.

Meanwhile Norris has been off to the trial of the people behind the charity food kitchen scam. He tells reporters outside about how they in fact had helped Dennis to turn his life around. When he gets back to the Kabin and tells Rita and Dennis, he finds that Dennis is particularly upset. He shouts at Norris telling him he doesn't want his personal life spread across the newspapers and that'll he never forgive him. Norris is speechless. While closing the Kabin later a lady approaches Norris called Noma Fountain. She explains that she is looking for Dennis and the article said he was settled in Coronation Street. Norris tells her that the Dennis in fact a 'transeant character' and given to roam around a lot. Giving him her card the lady departs. Norris takes it to the Rovers where Dennis is having a drink with Rita and Emily. He tells them about his meeting with Norma and that she was from the benefits office and Dennis goes white as a sheet. Rita laters tries to tackle him about it but Dennis angrily replies that it's a case of mistaken identity. Rita argues back that Norma was specifically looking for him and Dennis replies back that he would rather she just left it be and that he doesn't want to hear another word on the subject.

In the Bistro Nick has sacked his chef and promote Ciaran to head chef before heading off with Eva for a meeting with a new wine merchant. Later a customer walks in and explaining to Ciaran that the caterers have pulled out of his do for his mother in law's birthday, the sneaky chef hits upon a plan. Telling the man he is the co-owner of the Bistro, the two come to an agreement that Ciaran will prepare the food for just over a thousand pounds. While he is working late in the Bistro using their facilities to cook the food Nick arrives back to collect his laptop. Ciaran again lies telling Nick he is working on a whole new menu and it's a top secret work in progress. Nick falls for it and leaves and Ciaran continues late into the night. Michelle even comes around looking for him, concerned that it's so late, but Ciaran again manages to lie his way out of it.


Michelle, to Ciaran: "(Peter) is a self obsessed pillock who deserves a kick up the backside."

Norris, while talking to Norma: "Discretion is my middle name. Between Norris and Cole that is" (Yes, right Norris!)

Chris finally leaving after all the regulars of the Rovers turn against him!

Becky and Lloyd drowning their sorrows together, what a brilliant couple they'd make!


How could the residents and especially Rita give Lloyd such a cold shoulder? He didn't mean to push Chris over. Obviously he'd be upset and push him awat after what he and Cheryl had done to him.

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Anonymous said...

Becky and Lloyd were brilliant - but I don't think they'd work as a couple. She's too wild for him, he'd be happier with a quiet life! They make lovely friends tho :-)


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