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Saturday 19 November 2011

Bruce Jones: Why I was kicked out of Corrie

In my grubby little hands is a grubby little book. It's been sent to me, I didn't buy it, and in true Coronation Street fan style - for why else would I have it? - I turned to the chapter called Kicked Out of Corrie in Bruce Jones' autobiography 'Les Battersby and Me'

It's impossible to know, reading this chapter from Bruce Jones' point of view (as written by Chris Berry and Ronnie Oliver with a foreword from Status Quo and Ken Loach) whether he's shamed, been set up or is just stupid. 

Now then, I don't know Bruce Jones. I've never met him and have no connection to him.  I took the reports with a pinch of salt from the News of the World that said he'd got drunk, slagged off his Corrie cast mates, slagged off fans, and revealed plot lines.  The News of the World was never good at telling the truth so there should always have been a doubt in our minds because we weren't there and didn't know what happened.  Anyway, Coronation Street Producer Steve Frost sacked him from the show, that much we do know for sure.  But here's how Bruce Jones explains it in that chapter: Kicked Out of Corrie (page 176 onwards if you want to browse it in a bookshop).

Bruce says he was set up by two News of the World journalists after they conned him into discussions about possible work in Dubai.  He expands on that, and it's interesting to read but it's badly written. It's as if someone's taken a recording of Bruce rambling about events and just transcribed them word for word. As for the rest of the chapters in the book, if they're as badly put together and full of ego as the Corrie chapter is, then I've done myself a favour not reading them. That's my personal opinion as a book fan, ardent reader and Coronation Street fan.

To be fair - because as I said earlier, I don't know this man. I just know his Corrie character and the press reports and statement from Corrie when he was sacked - the book might be a good read and I don't want to put off anyone who wants to buy it and find out for themselves.  It's available on Amazon here.


Anonymous said...

I've seen this man at interviews, heard his sound bites, and read his quotes. He's a raving loon and egomaniacal; side effects commonly associated with alcoholism.

Billy Niblick said...

I think that on balance, I'm fairly sure that memoir by the guy that played Les Battersby won't actually be much of an enjoyable read.

Don't think I'll be bothering.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Didnt he also do a stand up and tell racist jokes? Its a shame as he is supposed to be nice bloke, but unfortunately with a self destruct button, how much longer can he milk that he once was on Corrie. I have little interest in what he has to say.

MalMonroe said...

This man's life was ruined when he discovered the body of a woman who had been murdered by Peter Sutcliffe. He has said that his life changed after that day and he's haunted by the memory of the sight of the dead woman. We need some understanding here, people. Not condemnation.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a little compassion should be shown for Bruce. I saw an interview with him discussing the body he found at his allotment. I wonder how we would cope after witnessing such a sight. Let him who is without sin etc etc


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