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Monday 21 November 2011

Corrie Review - Friday 18 November 2011

Sorry about the delay folks in publishing Friday's review as I was on holiday and was in work today.
Writer: Jayne Hollinson
Director: Ian Bevitt

The Greys are having breakfast. Chris complains to Cheryl that Russ would rather spend time with Lloyd than him. Cheryl assures him that it's not true. Chris suggests that it would be better if they got familiar stuff over from number 13 to settle Russ in and Cheryl agrees to speak to Lloyd. At Streetcars however Cheryl finds Steve there not Lloyd. Steve thinks it would be best not to put Lloyd through more pain and tells Cheryl she should just go to number 13 and get her stuff. Unfortunately Lloyd arrives home as Cheryl is packing her things. Enraged that she has decided to help herself he lets rip at her reminding her that everything he paid for is his. Cheryl tells Lloyd he never used to be so petty but Lloyd retaliates saying that he used to be kind and trusting before but not any more. Losing him temper he tells Cheryl that she can have it all. Dragging the sofa outside he changes his mind. Telling Cheryl there's no way Chris will ever sit on a sofa he's paying for he douses it in spirits and with a crowd looking on including Sunita and Steve, he torches it. Chris arrives and tries to talk sense into him but Lloyd pushes him away. Chris loses his balance and falls backwards hitting his head on the pavement. Cheryl takes him to hospital as a precaution and Russ flies at Lloyd for attacking his Dad. Steve comes to speak to Lloyd who shouts at him for letting Cheryl in. Lloyd asks him to get the remains of the sofa back in off the street.

Cheryl is concerned what damage the bang on the head has done to Chris's tumour and is shocked when the doctor confirms that the tumour is still receding and that he still only needs to attend the hospital for check ups. Cheryl realises that Chris has been lying about the severity of his condition and tackles him about it and he eventually confesses. Cheryl is shocked and appalled and tells Chris that she never wants to see him again and she wants him to keep away from her and Russ. Going straight around to number 13 she breaks down to Lloyd that she has made a mistake and begs him to take her back.

Michelle has got the money to pay the wedding venue but as she needs to be at Underworld, she entrusts it to Ciaran to pay. Nick's chef has pulled a sickie so Ciaran agrees to cover and goes to pay the venue afterwards but to his horror he finds it shut minutes before he got there.

Furious about the way Sally has been towards Fiz, Chesney confronts her in the Corner Shop. Telling her that Fiz is just as much a victim in everything as she is, due to the fact it was John and John alone who commited the crimes. Moaning later to Rosie, Sally finds that both Rosie and Sophie are siding with Fiz. It's left to Rita to talk sense into Sally reminding her that person responsible is no dead and that it's time to draw a line under the matter. Later when she walks past Fiz in the street she tells her she will put in a good word for with Frank, as he is recruiting at his factory. Fiz is left shocked and tells Chesney that she has decided to stay after all.

Nick's having troubles with his wine merchant. Eva suggests someone she used to know who might help and that she can 'personally recommend him'. Nick agrees to Eva calling him up.

Kirk has had Schmeichel cremated and gives a touched Chesney the urn with the ashes saying that the pair of them still belong together. Fiz suggests that it would be nice if Chesney scattered the ashes in a place that meant a lot to Schmeichel and suggests the Red Rec.

Karl, Dev, Ciaran and Kirk are having a poker night in the Rovers back room. Playing mainly for fun to begin off with (Kirk even manages to beat Dev!), the lads soon get serious and it's left to just Karl and Ciaran when it comes to the big money. Sure they both have the best hand, Ciaran places down the wedding venue money and Karl puts his car keys. Peter pleads with his mate not to bet the money but Ciaran assures him that he has a brilliant hand is a shoe-in to win. Karl however has the royal flush and Ciaran is left with nothing.

Lloyd has refused to take Cheryl back telling her tearfully that he loved her and that he didn't have to try to love her like she did with him. Cheryl realises she has nothing left for her on the street and telling Russ exactly what his father said, the two of them get ready to leave the Street. Leanne tries to talk her friend into staying but to no avail. As they get in the taxi to go, Chris arrives back and tries to stop them leaving. Russ tells him that he hates him because of his lies. Chris grabs Cheryl and tries to force her to stay but when she sees Lloyd come out of number 13 she states clearly that she made a mistake leaving Lloyd for him and she'll regret it for ever. Lloyd manages a smile and pushing Chris out of the way she climbs into the taxi and as it pulls a way Russ manages to wave to Lloyd as they go. Lloyd then tells Chris he got what he deserved and if he's looking for someone to blame he should look in the mirror.


Mary (seeing the smouldering sofa on the street): Norris come quick!
Norris: What is it now?
Mary: What do you think's happened?
Norris (non-plussed): How should I know? Maybe one of the neigbours' spontaniously combusted. One thing I do know though, this place is going downhill faster than an Olympic tobogannist.

Kirk beating Dev at poker after Dev think he's bluffing.

Cheryl and Russ leaving, only Chris to go now.


How could Ciaran gamble away the wedding venue money? There was only ever a 50-50 chance he would win as he didn't have the best hand possible.

Sally's continuing hatred of Fiz because of John's crimes. Thank heavens for Rosie, Sophie and most importantly Rita for talking sense into her.


Loony Baloon said...

Lowlight: Keith Duffy and his terrible acting and come on who would really be stupid or selfish enough to gamble away the wedding deposit?

Anonymous said...

Craig Charles has had me in tears over the last couple of episodes! What a star! I hope that TPTB will use him to his full potential when he returns because he is obviously capable of doing much more than being a nice guy and friend to Steve. Class acting!

ChiaGwen said...

I wanted to reach into the TV and give Craig Charles a hug....wonderful acting! Loved the scenes with him and Steve.....a great combo.

Anonymous said...

no tears for the great dane but Lloyd has had me in bits this last week, well done Craig Charles!


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