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Tuesday 15 November 2011

Corrie review - Monday 14 November 2011

It's the morning after for Lloyd as he cleans away broken glass from the mirror surrounded by pictures of the happier times he spent with Cheryl and Russ. Meanwhile at number 6, the scene isn't much happier as a distraught Katy waits for a text from Chesney. Anna is on hand to try and cheer her up.

The Grey's leave their flat at the same time as Lloyd leaves number 13. Cheryl worries about 'rubbing his nose in it' but Chris laughs it off. Lloyd heads off to the corner shop to buy a ready meal for one and Sunita points out to Dev that Cheryl has broken Lloyd.

Anna calls around to see Chesney and manages to persuade him to speak to Katy by warning that he could also kill his relationship with Katy.

Brian and Julie are in the Kabin showing Rita, Norris and Dennis pictures of suspected UFOs they took the previous night. Norris is skeptical and when Tommy arrives he points out the the pictures are Chinese Lanterns. Kirk arrives with a collection pot to raise money for Schmeichel's operation.

Chesney goes to see Katy but despite her best efforts she cannot persuade Chesney to put Schmeichel to sleep saying they still cannot afford a new operation. Chesney again storms off, determined to help his beloved dog.

Gary is with Chesney and offers him a lift to the vets while Kirk is still out raising money for the operation. With Sophie's help he manages to edge the fund closer to £50. Tyrone then conributes saying he understands Chesney's pain and how much he misses Monica, his own dog. When they get to the clinic the vet again tries to persuade Chesney that the kindest thing would be to put Schmeichel to sleep but Chesney still won't hear of it and gets Gary to help him bring his dog home.

Michelle is in the Rovers telling Ciaran that she doesn't want to return to the cruise ship as she has found her calling with Underworld. Despite Ciaran's best efforts to persuade her otherwise, she remains steadfast. She's staying.

At number 9, Tina is finally ready to go with Matt and after a sarcastic remark to Tommy, she once again faces Kirsty's wrath. Matt soon arrives to take her out to the Bistro with his university friends.

In the cab office Lloyd is operating the switch when Cheryl calls around to apologise for the way she broke up with him for Chris but Lloyd is't in the forgiving mood and sends her packing as Karl turns up. He tells Lloyd that he's well shot of the 'freeloading tart with a kid in tow'. Lloyd throws up against the wall and fires him on the spot but Karl refuses to leave stating clearly that his shift has started.

Kirk has managed to raise £62 for Schmeichel but he and Gary can see the pain that he's going through and both tell Chesney that it is time to put Schmeichel to sleep. Chesney again refuses to give up on his dog and left alone with Schmeichel there's a knock on the door. It's a bailiff after the rent. He tries to gain access to number 5 and it's left to Owen to stop him. He recognises the bailiff and manages to persuade him to give Chesney an extra day to pay the rent.

Steve arrives at the cab office to find Lloyd and Karl still fighting. He sends Lloyd home to cool down and reinstates Karl who heads off on a job.

At number 5 Chesney is calling around vetinerary clinics to try and save Schmeichel while in prison Fiz is informed that the governer wants to see her urgently.

Matt introduces Tina to his friends at the Bistro and one of the girls, Jenny, introduces herself as one of Matt's exes much to Tina's clear disdain.

Steve is behind the bar at the Rovers thinking about Lloyd. Tracy tries to persuade him to come out to dinner but realises that Steve is too concerned about Lloyd and tells him to go and keep him company and that the meal and the underwear she bought for the occasion can wait much to Steve's surprise.

Chesney has a found a vet willing to have a look at Schmeichel but Katy manages to finally get through to him that he needs to let Schmeichel go. Alone with his dog one last time he tells him about him about to be a dad and asks him if everything will be OK with Fiz and his baby. Telling him that he loves him, there's a knock on the door. The vet has arrived to put Schmeichel to sleep.

Tina is still out with Matt and his university friends and Jenny is still looking down her nose at her, bringing up details of her past relationship with Matt. Tina us at the end of her rag by the end of the evening and Matt tries to stop the girls bickering, to no avail. As the evening draws to a close Tina storms off back home arguing with police on the way, thinking that Kirsty has sent them

Steve arrives at Lloyd's to try and cheer him up. Lloyd tells him that he overheard Chesney and Kart discussing baby names and that they were thinking of calling their baby James if it was a boy and that they'd never heard of the singer James Brown. Soon him and Steve are discussing people with famous names, with the thoughts of Cheryl and Russ now at the back of his mind. He soon manages to get Lloyd to come out on a pub crawl.

The vet allows Chesney to cradle Schmeichel while he adminsters the injection. Within seconds the great Dane has stopped panting. Chesney looks on distraught at his beloved pet.

Tommy & Tyrone have nearly finished their model UFO and are testing it in the living room as Tina arrives home. Tina doesn't say anything to them about her bad evening but they manage to put a smile on her face.

With the body of Schmeichel now off to the vets, Chesney is at his lowest ebb but he gets a phone call from Fiz in prison. She's been granted bail and is coming home. Relief floods his face as he whispers 'thank you'.


Katy: "He only cares about things with 4 legs
Faye: "Even tables and chairs?"

Dennis to Rita, about Elsie: She'd throw anything at me. Shoes, pots of cold cream."

Sophie coming up with slogans for Kirk's collection of Schmeichel. "Give five pound to help a poorly hound"

Steve's face when Tracy tells him she has some saucy underwear for him.


How nasty can Chris get? He's shown nothing but comtempt for Lloyd and now he's taken Cheryl back he can't help rubbing Lloyd's nose in it.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the in depth review, I appreciate it as I wasn't planning on watching Chesney's pain at having Schmeichel euthanized.

I'm also not too unhappy at missing more of Tina's 'bickering' with Kirsty ( who I'm beginning not to like) and Tina's coming to the end of her rag with yet another; Matt's ex.

I'm not excited about Fiz being granted bail, but will be sorry not to see Lloyd's further heart-break; he does it so well. I'm presuming Lloyd throws Karl against the wall; I'll be sorry to see him leave.

Adam Rekitt said...

Great review - very thorough. I had forgotten the highlights and lowlights. It's nice to see them return.

Chris is younger than Lloyd, better looking and fitter, so why is it totally unbelievable that Cheryl would prefer him? Their "romance" is colder than a wet, windy, winter weekend in Wigan.

Agree that Tina and Kirsty's bickering is doing neither any favours. Tina is in danger of ending up like Chris - nice to look at, but completely hateful.

Beth said...

Loved the dialoge between Steve and Lloyd about baby names and James Brown. Very Corrie and so good to have these little touches back that are small but add so much. It's what makes Corrie unique and gives the characters more depth.

I'm not a big Tina fan but I do think that it's Kirsty that's starting the bickering. She's also quite bossy around Tyrone and very determind to get him to do what she wants.... And that old girlfriend of the doc was just horrible. I'm surprised Tina was able to hold her tongue for so long, so for Matt so tell her she'd had enough to drink was quite a cheek when the old girlfriend deserved a bit of a slap from the off.

Very sorry that Schemeical has died, but wow, it didn't half go on in the end don't you think? Most of the last few episodes have been about a great dane. It was like, enough already!

But saying that, Corrie does seem a bit more like it's old self recently (Dreadful Grey family aside of course).

abbyk said...

Really enjoyed Men's Night in Weatherfield. Lloyd, Owen, Steve, Kirk & Gary, and 'I'm still a kid but I'm trying so hard and I never had a role model or a stable home life and really don't know what to do' Chesney, they nailed it (if I said hit it out of the ballpark, would you excuse my highly complimentary Americanism?) Sadly, Tracy is back and all loved up, yuck, and Kirsty is on the fast track to pointless.

Tina showed her short fuse, but saved it for her button pushers. Good on her for wearing her towel, she's not the guest, Kirsty. She was out of her league with Dr. Doormat and friends, but he was the fool for blindsiding her with his ex and letting it go on. She may have her detractors, but I like Tina. She's great at the Rovers and with most of the oldsters, and yeah, easy on the eyes. Other than that horrific bout of depression, she's quick tempered, but not OTT. Wish we could find her a believable relationship, some direction or a hidden talent.

ChiaGwen said...

Thumbs down on Kirsty and magic there. She's too bossy and really annoying...not a good fit. Would like to see Tyrone with someone else..not sure who though.

Anonymous said...

Love the update and great highlights and lowlights

Anonymous said...

Yes Adam, why would Cheryl prefer Chris? A nasty piece of work who used to knock her around and has manipulated and tried to make Lloyd's life hell, compared to Lloyd who is a nice bloke. And I don't find Chris attractive whatsoever and he always has that nasty same expression on his mug all the time.

But In a way, I guess its realistic. There are (some) women stupid enough to still go off with someone like Chris, and its the good men like Lloyd who get treated like crap.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see Tyrone with someone more suitable to his kind and loving nature.
Kirsty is much too bossy, and I'm sorry, but I can't see the screen chemistry, is there any?
Maybe Ty will come to see this himself? He deserves better!

Cheryl on the other hand, she had 'better', she had it all and threw it away with both hands, at least we, the viewers, will have the satisfaction of knowing that she knows what she's done to herself, Russ and Lloyd.

Anonymous said...

I was actually quite please with the way they portrayed the death of Chesney's dog...very factual. My dog went the same way except I took her in to the office. It was very peaceful and quick..a minute and they're gone. My son said almost the same thing too...good girl..brave girl...very touching indeed.

Anonymous said...

I loved these double episodes. There were great corrie dialogues between steve and lloyd and tyrone and tommy, julie and brian. It felt as though the street had a bit of its old spark back. There was no over the top sensational accident, proper emotion centred around events that really matter. I didnt even find michelle annoying tonight as she had a purpose, all be it a slightly unbelievable one. Have to say I have not warmed to Kirsty yet, seems like a nothing kind of character. All in al though a massive thumbs up- Micky

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this update - it's fantastic, particularly for me, being across the pond and not being able to see the videos on the ITV site! :)

Anonymous said...

I too think the death of Schmeichel was handled very well, and played with great sensitivity by Sam Aston. All too often, the value of animal companionship is ignored in soaps. Here was a realistic and poignant finale to an animal's life. I'm not ashamed to say I wept.

(animal lover and Corrie Fan)


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