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Tuesday 15 November 2011

Coronation Street Weekly Update, November 14 2011

Greetings and welcome to the Coronation Street Weekly Update. Many thanks to Janet Waterhouse for doing a sterling job with the update last week while I was away.  And so without any further ado, here we go with this week's Coronation Street update.

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This week was a schad week on Coronation Street as Schmeichel the Great Dane schnuffed it and went to the kennel in the schy. The dog fell ill with liver cancer and Chesney was torn between spending money on vet bills and operations that could make his pet worse, or doing right by Kateh and the babeh and saving his cash. With bailiffs banging on the door for overdue rent, Owen loans Chesney and Katy some money which Chesney blows on vet’s bills for the dog. Even Kirk knows that Chesney’s putting good money after bad and he says: “If he could talk, he’d say ‘Ches, dude, no more operations’.” And so, the dog dies and Chesney’s in bits. But I’m just glad that with the big four-footed fella gone, I won’t have to figure out how to spell Schmeichel in the weekly update any more. It ain’t been easy, folks.

There were more tears and puppy-dog eyes over at Lloyd’s house this week when he breaks down as Chris tells him he and Cheryl have been having a fling behind his back and under his roof. Craig Charles played a blinder this week as Lloyd, and for this fan, stole every scene he was in. I didn’t shed a tear when Schmike.. Shemiek.. the big dog died, but I did well up when Lloyd broke down.  Steve does his best to cheer up his mate and there were some lovely scenes between the two of them.  To add to Lloyd’s heartbreak, he’s got a bad back and is in shock and awe when he finds out that Katy and Chesney Brown plan to call their baby James, and they’d never even heard of the soul legend. “There’s a whole generation who doesn’t know who James Brown is,” sighs Lloyd, before he has another little cry.

Anyway, you remember how Carla lost her workforce, her orders, her machinists, her money, her oomph? Well, fear not because she’s swanned off to Los Angeles to, in the modern parlance of the day, get her head together, and while she’s away the factory’s only been gone and saved by Michelle. Yes, Michelle has morphed into Ms Business overnight and will be appearing on the Apprentice next week where Lord Alan Sugar will hire her because she’s got right shiny hair. So, Michelle and Ciaran are now engaged and swanned back onto the Street this week, fresh from cruising around wherever it is they’ve been cruising, doing whatever it is they’ve been doing. Michelle saves the factory, gets Carla’s machinists back to work and with Nick Tilsley’s help secures a new order too.  And all this while Ciaran looks moodily on, has a beer with Peter and tells Michelle he doesn’t want to get married after all, he wants to go back on the cruise ship.
On a lighter note, and I love this Corrie coupling, Brian takes Julie to the Red Rec for a night out spotting little green men. He’s into UFOs is Brian and although their night on a blanket is romantic for Julie, they don’t spot anything unusual in the sky.  When Tommy and Tyrone find out what Brian’s up to, they decide to make their own UFO to try to fool him in the darkness next time he takes Julie out UFO spotting.  Best dialogue of the week came from Tommy this week in Tyrone’s living room as they’re rigging up the flying saucer.  Tommy: “Get Tina a can.” Tyrone: “Why can’t you get her a can?” Tommy: “Cos I’m holding a UFO with a fishing rod, that’s why.”  Classic Corrie, wonderful stuff.

Mind you, Tyrone’s new girlfriend Kirsty isn’t best pleased. Although she and Tyrone are getting along fine, she’s jealous of Tina and tells her she doesn’t want her swanning around the house wearing nowt but a towel when she’s fresh out the bath.  Tina’s got more things to worry about as Matt takes her out for a meal with his middle-class medical mates and a nasty ex-girlfriend of his joins their night in Nick’s Bistro.  Tina gets patronized and Matt does little to defend her, so she tells him where he can stick his stethoscope.  Ooh, it’s here.

And that's just about that for this week..

This week's writers were Martin Allen, Mark Wadlow, Joe Turner, Carmel Morgan and Simon Crowther. Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team at:

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