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Friday 25 November 2011

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 25 November

Coronation Street, Friday 25th November @ 7:30pm
Ciaran finds the money as Michelle finds out. As Michelle heads out wedding dress shopping Ciaran throws himself on Nick’s mercy begging for his job back but Nick won’t budge. Seeing his depth of desperation Peter offers to lend Ciaran the cash he lost in order to save his relationship. Ciaran’s grateful as he plans to get to the wedding venue fast and secure his booking. But while out shopping Michelle and Maria have decided to have a peek at the venue. How will Michelle react when she discovers Ciaran never paid the deposit and the date has gone to someone else?
Rita and Deirdre go in search of Dennis. With Dennis still missing Rita denies she has feelings for him but is comforted when Deirdre offers to help look for him. Asking Sophie for details of local soup kitchens they head out. Eventually they spot him by a soup van but will Rita be able to convince Dennis to come home?
Gail surprises Nick over the Bistro job. With Cheryl and Ciaran now gone from the Bistro, Nick offers a delighted Eva the post of bar manager, while he asks Gail if she’d like the job of waitress. But with news that social services have decided to place Max with Kylie and David permanently how will Gail react to Nick’s offer?
Elsewhere Becky taunts Tracy as she spends her divorce settlement. Leanne worries when Dr Matt says she needs some tests done to look into her problems conceiving. Peter tries to keep positive but Leanne sees this as him brushing it off.

Friday 25th November @ 8:30pm
Michelle and Ciaran have a change of plans. Ciaran’s forced to come clean about gambling away the wedding deposit to a horrified Michelle. Admitting he was searching for a buzz as he’s bored of living on the street he pleads with Michelle to return to the ships with him. As Carla arrives home Michelle’s torn but desperate not to lose him she eventually agrees. Ciaran calls the cruise ship manager before revealing they need to leave tonight but as Michelle’s friends give her a good send off in the pub how easy will it be to say goodbye?
Eva’s gutted as she lets Nick down. Nick’s concerned that the wine he paid for still hasn’t arrived and quizzes Eva about the supplier she introduced him to. When she goes looking for Ian she’s horrified to find the wine warehouse closed with a sign declaring bankruptcy. How will Nick react to this and the news that Ian is Eva’s ex?
Rita makes Dennis face his demons. Dennis comes come clean about his past with Norma, telling Rita that he didn’t love her but rather than admitting it he ran away. Rita tells him Norma deserves an explanation. Will Dennis do the right thing?
Elsewhere Becky’s floored when Steve suggests she use her divorce settlement to start a new life away from him and Tracy. Peter’s relieved to see Carla back on the street.


Danny-K said...

"...Eventually they spot him by a soup van but will Rita be able to convince Dennis to come home?"

- What is it about Dennis and his soup compulsion? LOL!?!

All Rita needed to do was to leave a bowl of soup out on her doorstep last thing at night before bed and there in the morning would have been a Dennis curled up on her doormat purring away contentedly.

ChiaGwen said...

Danny-K....hahahaha, very funny! I guess Dennis couldn't go too far as he never seems to have any money.

Frosty the Snowman said...

How stupid was that scene when Michelle - eyes a bulging and chest a heaving got out of the black cab to leave her fiance to stay in backstreet rainy coming up for Winter Weatherfield. WHY WHY WHY?

Humpty Dumpty said...

Frosty: Just a plot device to let Kym Marsh finish her contract and let Keith Duffy out of his. Yes, I agree, daft way to do it. Why did Keith Duffy have to come back at all? They could have split up on the ship.

Kate said...

I like Dennis (I think), but I find him to be a strange character. He seems to have no self-confidence and is constantly relying on others in a way that just doesn't seem realistic. He's been on the street now for what, 6 months, and what do we know about him? Why doesn't he get a job? I found the whole storyline with Norma to be very odd as well.

Tvor said...

Dennis would very likely be a pensioner. No need for him to get a job. He's nearly the same age as Ken who's well into his 70s. And i reckon if you had a mother like Elsie always smacking you upside the head and telling you you were a good for nothing, you'd grow up believing it.


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