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Tuesday 15 November 2011

Spoiler: Coronation Street romance for Rita and Dennis

I know I go on every week about Inside Soap magazine, but by 'eck it's good. Check it out here.

Anyway, in this week''s magazine there's an interview with Philip Lowrie, who plays Dennis Tanner.  He reveals a couple of spoilers relating to Dennis' relationship with Rita and it does appear that there's romance, if not love, on the cards for the couple. 

Philip says: "Actually, I'm off to film an intimate scene with Barbara Knox (Rita) later, which will foretell something that might happen in the future."  And he goes on to say: "We did a scene where Rita is hoping Dennis will say he loves her, but he can't."

Intriguing, eh?

Also, Philip recalls his legendary former cast members and says there's a huge picture of Doris Speed (Annie Walker) outside his dressing room. He says:  "Doris was my absolute favourite person and I miss her tremendously. But when I'm ready to go on set, there she is, beaming away at me - it perks me up no end!"


Nemo said...

I wasn't around when Dennis was originally in it... but I love him. :)

I hope he stays for a long time to come!

Anonymous said...

I hear he may be remaining on the show. If so, I really really hope there is a Linda Cheveski return (Dennis' sister).

Anonymous said...

Back in the summer it was stated they would get married or be involved in a romance storyline, but still nothing. So by time we see this might be another 6 months. And he is staying on? Pity, more hardly any appearances. But Philip Lowrie hardly did anything since leaving back in the 1960s, so I guess he needs the money and he will just use it as great security, such as other deadwood including Rita and Emily who never do anything anymore. What makes me laugh is he left back in 1960s thinking he was above the show and never had much to do with it, funny how being out of work and a useless actor changes your mind isn't it.

Anonymous said...

I can't say I know much about Philip Lowrie's past, either reason for leaving C.S. or his later works, but I did see a few clips of him in a few things and he was very good, very convincing.

Hardly a "useless actor".

I do feel he's been waiting in the wings for quite a while, but then, so have other 'senior' cast members.

Let's face it, being an actor on a soap is very gruelling work, and also let's face it, most viewers today want to see hard-hitting storylines involving young actors.

Thankfully however,the PTB are aware that there are still many viewers who wish a well-rounded programme, and that's where Emily, Rita, Aurdrey, Sylvia, Dennis, Ken come into play.

Looking forwards to excellent performances by both seasoned actors.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Anon - no name above who thinks Dennis is a useless actor is doubtless one of the no name no brain crew that think Sophie and Sian are AMAYZIN.

Its nice that he is to have a romance with Rita but I dont like the way he keeps scrounging off her. Anyway at least we will get to see more of him which is a good thing.

Dilly Daydream said...

No, I don't like the way he keeps scrounging off Rita either, although I do love Dennis - Philip Lowrie is far from a useless actor.

There was a very telling look from Rita the other day in a scene (when Kirk was collecting for the dog) - that showed Rita is getting a little tired of it too.

Mr. Blackstone said...

Philip Lowrie is great, he isn't useless. And yes he left, but so what? So do many other actors and he has appeared in other things, especially with Victoria Wood. And I don't think he disliked the show, he just moved on.

Hopefully he does stay on, although he does need to stop sponging off Rita, but its nice for her to have a companion. And hopefully Phil Collinson decides to bring back his sister Linda.

Anonymous said...

Of course I can remember when Dennis Tanner was in it, but I wish they would give him something better to do with his present character than just wander about with others. what about him buying some cheap watches from an old friend he meets up with and then when he tries to re-sell these in the Rovers, he finds they were stolen.
By the way, out of all the last five years of watching Coronation Street, I have to say that Monday 16th November was the worst two episodes as it was mainly all about the dog. You would think that the dog was a human - being Corrie actor who was almost ready for the scrap heap the way they used this dog for the two episodes, and I think it was just over the top, and spoilt my viewing. I think I am pleased to know that this is the end of hearing about it!

Anonymous said...

I think the success of a soap is it's ability to appeal to all viewers, at some time or another,even if that means showing the depth of feeling for the loss of a dearly loved pet. It wouldn't be realistic to expect less of Chesney's character.
It would have "spoilt my viewing" too, if I'd watched it, but for very different reasons!
I also hope that Dennis doesn't go the way of the 'scrounger'. His background, going way back, would make it plausible and as mentioned, he does seem to be a natural sponger, from what we've seen of him.
Being a roque with a good nature will wear out soon enough with a character like Rita.

Anonymous said...

Tired of the lack of development in the part, he quit the part five years later however when he announced he was leaving Patricia Phoenix, playing his screen mother Elsie Tanner was supposedly so hurt she vowed never to speak to him, and did so only when the demands of filming forced her to. In 1971 he gave an interview to TV Times in which he gave vent to his frustrations with the part and stated how much he envied Anne Reid whose character Valerie Barlow had died on screen and thus she faced no constant questioning as to when she would be returning to the show.

Arrogant sod.

Cat said...


Aren't people allowed to mellow with age, Anonymous...?

ChiaGwen said...

I'd like to see Dennis with Audrey not Rita....she seems too old for him, even if she isn' she?

Anonymous said...

Dennis and Audrey would be good but poor Rita's going to get a complex!
Audrey's snagged all the men lately, and she and Dennis go back a long way together.
Her character is ten years older than Dennis, but she's good fun, so hopefully he won't finish up as Dennis the Moocher.


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