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Sunday 27 November 2011

Corrie weekly awards: Nov. 21 - 25

Best Mate award: Gold Star: Becky keeping Lloyd company.

Pants on Fire award: Ciaran lying to Michelle about the wedding venue booking, about falling out with Peter, lying to Nick about being sick when he's had to serve at that do he cooked for. He got caught and got sacked!

Heart warming award: Gold Star: Becky and Roy. Becky telling Steve where to get off.
Silver Star: Rita and Dennis, her trying to pretend she's not smitten.

Drunk Continuity Fairy award: Sloppy star: Ciaran wanted Peter to be his best man on Friday. Friday was also the deadline for the venue deposit and Michelle's wedding dress shopping day. So when's the wedding again?
Sloppy Second star: Also, I thought Marc was Nick's wine supplier, but now we hear the wine supplier has gone bust? Was that Marc? Why didn't he say so if it was? And how did Kirk know about Karl's big win? He left before that happened. Grapevine, maybe.

How do you like me now award: Chris's lies are exposed, he's sacked, unhoused and barred! And... he's gone too! (change the locks, Jayboy)

Christianity award: Kirk was asked if he fancied Michelle. "Is the Pope Catholic?"

Cold Feet award: Dennis ran off from his last fiance.

Why would anyone think that Dennis would even have anything to do with the Benefits office? He'd be drawing a pension by now, surely?

One Big Happy Family award, looking forward to Max coming to stay!

Lines of the Week:
Ciaran "It's complicated" Michelle "And I became a thickie..when?"
Kirk "I hate being me sometimes"
Norris "Discretion's my middle name" (*koff*)
Becky to Lloyd "My pain beats your pain every day of the week and twice on Sunday"
Norris to Rita "The words 'touch' and 'nerve' come to mind"
Re the Tudors telly program: Emily "I didn't know where to look!" Deirdre "Ken did and now his toe's hurting"
Nick "Just cause you're Irish doesn't mean you can charm me!"
Eva re Gail "Did you see her face?" Nick "She always looks like that"
Michelle "Is this some kind of parallel universe?"
Becky to Steve "You crawl back into that miserable cow's miserable mother's miserable house and leave me alone for good!"


Apple Cobbler said...

Fiancee, surely? :D

Great awards though. :)

Danny-K said...

Most unlikely ever comedy side-kick award goes to: Maria!

Laughed my socks off at the Maria/Michelle double act. Very funny. Maria asking once too often "Are you alright" only to get her head bitten off by an exasperated Michelle. But most of all, loyal friend Maria trotting out the same line to clean up after Michelle with:
"I'm sorry about this it's just that she's a bit highly strung" - as a catch-all explanation for every incident. All the more funny because Maria and Michelle are the last pairing you'd choose for a comedy double act.

Tee hee, Michelle's exploding to Maria, brought on by Maria's plaintive (clearly not): "Are you all right?" - Priceless!

Danny-K said...

Missed out 'face' in last sentence, as in:
Tee hee, Michelle's exploding face to Maria, brought on by . . . etc.,

Danny-K said...

Also lines of the week:

Rita: You're hard school you are Deidre.
Deirdre: Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo.

Anonymous said...

Shameless product endorsement: Dreary commenting on 'The Tudors' just out on DVD and Ken's watching it...and has gout.

Copycat: Rita and Dreary staking out a food-wagon to catch a glimpse of Dennis T. (Aud and Claude staking out Marc's appt to get a glimpse of his sister.)

abbyk said...

Gonna Miss You Bunches Award: the Becky we saw this week.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Most repetitive poster award - Danny-K.


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