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Tuesday 22 November 2011

Phil Collinson reveals 2012 Corrie storylines

The always fab Inside Soap magazine has pulled a blinder today. They've got an interview with Coronation Street Producer Phil Collinson in which he hints and teases storylines for 2012. Some of them, to this fan, sound good, some just ok and some plain rubbish. I'll look forward to reading your comments as to what you think too.

Here we go but before we start with the spoilers,  Phil says newcomer Stella Price "is turning into a stalwart of the Street".  Do you agree?  I don't. I've still not warmed to her at all, and I've really, really tried. Honest I have.

The Corrie spoilers, in no particular order are as follows:

Karl Price - he may turn to someone else as he sets off on a dark journey which threatens his and Stella's future.
Becky McDonald - has a humdinger of an exit. Should be good.
Bet Lynch returning for Betty's send-off - he says "All I will say is that I always try to resist looking back!" So that's a 'no' then?
Betty Williams' funeral - will have the trademark bittersweet send off that the character deserves
Rita and Dennis - he says "I'd love Rita to have a wedding, so watch this space!"
Carla and Peter - there'll be heartbreak for Leanne and Simon as Carla and Peter do plan a future together.
Tina and Tommy - will get together in 2012. He says: "They'll follow in the footsteps of all the memorable Corrie couples of the past, like Jack and Vera." 
Jason Grimshaw - we'll get to see a different side of Jason when Rosie leaves.  And he tells the interviewer: "Note to self - we need more of Jason!"

So, Corrie fans, what do you reckon? Anything you're particularly looking forward to or dreading? I'm dreading Tommy and Tina. She should be with Tyrone. Now *that* would be a classic Corrie couple combination.


Llifon said...

Looking forward to more Rita and Dennis and I'm sure Betty's funeral will be touching.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Stella was a mistake, at least as portrayed by Michelle Collins. If they split, Karl could turn his attentions to Leanne if Peter goes off with Carla ... That liaison won't last more than six months. How would a weakling like Peter stand up to the combined forces of the Barlow family? Nick and Eva, actually they're quite well suited. Tommy and Tina could be OK as Tyrone would be too much of a push-over. I'd like to see Lloyd happily settled - but not with Stella. Dennis and Rita would be brilliant. The story I'm dreading most is Steve and Tracy post-Becky. Please keep it very low-key till Kate Ford's contract is up! Perhaps Kylie will continue the feud on her sister's behalf. Now that would be fun.

Anonymous said...

I think Anna would be a good match for Lloyd - surely sooner or later she's going to discover Owen's dark side. Failing that he needs to find a lovely lady who shares his passion for northern soul!

ChiaGwen said...

Oh not Rita and Dennis!....she's too old for him or acts like it...I say Audrey and Dennis. Please make Lloyd happy with someone - anyone. I sensed a dark side to Karl at the poker game so can see this continuing. As for Stella, oh, I don't know, sometimes I like her and sometimes I don't....can't make up my mind. Tracy and Steve - no, no, no, no, no!! Tina and Tommy - maybe - at least she won't be with Dr. Bland.
I actually like Peter and Carla together but not looking forward to poor Simon and Leanne's unhappiness.

Anonymous said...

Please bring back Bet Lynch, it will make so much sense for her to come back for Betty's funeral as they worked together 25 years behind the bar. If you can bring back dennis tanner afte 43 years, surely Bet can be brought back.

But sorry, Tina and Tommy will never ever follow the footsteps of Jack and Vera, not even close. Tina has to be the biggest pain ever.

Anonymous said...

My vote goes to Leanne and Steve, I liked them before when they were friends. I could like them again, better than Steve and Tracy.

Anonymous said...

Please bring back Bet, if only to see off hermold friend. It would be so fitting!

Danny-K said...

I'd like to see a storyline in 2012 where Owen gets his comeuppance. He can end up reformed; and still with a tendency to continue his bullying ways - but he must first be made to accept his 'universal law' punishment for his bad deeds already committed.

There's an instinctive morality to Corrie storylines and it doesn't sit right that Owen hiring thugs to beat Jim up, locking Gary up when he suffered from claustrophobia, continues to get away with 'wrong doing' Scott free. That's not the Corrie way. It's not any soaps way. I hope it's just a delay to Owen's storyline, but his current rehabilitation via Anna Windass doesn't sit 100% well with (I suspect) many viewers. Anna deserves better. Owen's rightful woman needs to be a high-maintenance, materialistic, status conscious woman (similar to Audrey's friend, a Claudia clone on steroids) - that would be his long term punishment. There must be a pay-the-piper fee at some point or other. Real life can and often is downright unfair but Corrie viewers want to see (ultmately) good rewarded and 'wrong-doers' punished in their soaps.

If Corrie producers and the actor who plays Eddie can kiss and make up, getting the actor back on set - that would be a corker of a storyline, as Owen set about with his nefarious ways to 'destroy' Eddie. Failing that he could meet his equal at the hands of 'turning bad' Karl. Either way, Owen needs a storyline where he gets 'done over' good and propa', and not in a lightweight way that he received from Eileen.

Tvor said...

Nick and Eva - both suited, both shallow. Karl and .... ???? Would t hey really put Leanne with a gambler after putting her with an alcoholic? Not looking forward to Tina and Tommy. Tina's been ruined and Tommy was a non-starter. A new Jack and Vera? Not at all possible. Never.

I too have not been able to warm to Stella but then they've really not giving her a lot of screen time, either.

More Dennis and Rita! Yay! Give them a love triangle with Sylvia!
I always liked Jason, i hope he gets a good storyline of his own.

Anonymous said...

So Carla gets to steal yet another man?? Gawd, I hate that bitch.

Peter, Leanne and Simon are a nice family. Leave them be!! They've been through quite enough.

Tina has become SUCH a bitch - I don't wish her on anybody, not even Tommy.

Lloyd deserves someone nice, not a bitch of an amazon.

And Steve & Tracy?? OH PUHLEEZ!! Why has everyone forgotten she's a murderess? And a conniving bitch!

Nick and Eva - well-suited to each other. Both schemers.

~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah ... and find somebody nice for Tyrone too. I liked Kirsty initially, but she's wayyy too controlling; not to mention she looks just like the abyssmal Cheryl.

~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

Tina and Tommy could never, ever be the new Jack and Vera! I like the idea of Anna and Lloyd ending up together and I think Owen should be with Carla - that'd fix him! Never thought of Leanne and Steve before but I like it! Tyrone and Fiz can get together - or maybe back with Maria? Or is she destined for doctor boring? Eva and Nick are a good pair, since apparently we're stuck with 'em. Jason can take on Gail - now how's that for unexpected? Naw, probably stuck with Michelle... who really should get stuck with Karl! Peter should find himself alone - it's what he deserves.

Anonymous said...

Gail will probably take on Karl - she loves blokes with problems.

Tyrone should get together with Sunita; Dev should get together with Audrey. Stella can have Peter - that's about as screwed up as he is!

Fiz can get together with Kevin, just to upset Sally. Sally can have Frank until he turns on her... then perhaps a fling with Jason?

maggie muggins said...

Goodness, there are some strange pairings above me in the comments, some are hilarious!

Karl & the boys commenting on the strong women while they planned the card game spoke to a Corrie tradition. Karl trying to break that will spell trouble.

I'm looking forward to Becky's exit, not to see her go, but how she goes.

I like Rita & Dennis together, but he's got issues. It's agreed - Tina and Tommy have no charisma, alone or together. Not even as pretty people like Rosie & Jason. Carla and Peter - meh, it's been played out for so long that I can't see it being interesting. Must we make Leanne & pur wee Simon suffer so though? Simon should stay with Leanne then.

Not sure who is right for Lloyd, but he needs to be given a job on the street where we get to hear his Northern Soul collection more often!

Digger said...

Karl's dark side? Almost certainly going to be the gambling that we've already had a taster of. Please let it lead to Stella's exit (no, I haven't warmed to her either, and I doubt I will).

Bet Lynch? Nooooooo. It was a disaster last time, and even for a one-off funereal return you can count me among the "no"s (unless it's HER funeral).

Tina & Tommy? I'm afraid the days of "memorable couples of the past like Jack & Vera" are long gone. Does anyone still seriously expect a career actor to stick around the cobbles long enough to draw a pension, put their feet up, and die in character? Won't happen. Too many other opportunities for actors who cut their professional teeth on Corrie.

Jason - yes, I agree, a largely underused character of late and he should be given the chance of carrying a major storyline.

And finally, Nick and Eva. You asked elsewhere whether he is now "really" Nick, and I'd say yes. It's taken a while I've warmed to Ben Price in the role, and he gets some *great* comic lines.

Tvor said...

I think Ben Price is great as Nasty Nick. He's shallow, he's manipulative, he's a bit of a tosser, and he's a secret mommy's boy, having been spoiled all his life, but Ben plays him just right!

Adam Rekitt said...

Ben Price wanders around constantly acting as if he is slightly irritated. He is too old for the part, looks older than his real age, is starting to look like Andrew Marr and beginning to sound like he ate a Management Manual.

Anonymous said...

Please please please write Stella out,I can never see myself warming to her and I've really, really tried.Phil Collinson saying people have warmed to her dosen't make it true. I liked Tina when she first came into Corrie but she's become a bitchy misery. I agree with other commentators, Tina & Tommy the new Jack & Vera? in your dreams. Dr Bland has to go . Can someone tell me if Phil Cullinson's contract is up yet? I do hope so.

Anonymous said...

I've got a tenner that as soon as Peter and Carla start making plans Leanne tells Peter shes knocked up.

Pat M said...

Dont care for Stella or Eva´s charecters, the accent MC uses for Stella is so not northern. Pat M

bbhilda said...

Stella is far too bland to be landlady of The Rovers, even when they have her performing her Wonderwoman tricks like saving Leanne from the bad guy in the bookies to sorting out Carla's rape problems, she is still a nothing, forgettable character. Get rid and put someone in there with a bit more sparkle.

I think if Phil doesn't believe in looking back he is making a big mistake, because people love to see the old faces returning, just as they would in real life for a funeral of a friend or relative. I know Julie Goodyear was a disaster last time, but surely she could handle one episode. I would like to see as many ex-barmaids there as possible, because I am sure any who worked with Betty Williams would be there if they could. Shelly, Raquel, Tanya, Gloria, Geena, and those are only recent ones. I am sure they could find enough actors available for a good turnout.

As for pairings, I would like Fiz to realize that she had the perfect bloke in Kirk, and go back to him. What a great father he would be for baby Hope.

Tina and Jason would look good together, and she could push him around the way Rosie did. He seems to like being pushed around.

Don't like Owen with anybody. I would like to see a transformed Eddie back with a job and a haircut and sweep Anna off her feet all over again. This time she just might accept his proposal.

Leanne deserves better than Peter, but she doesn't deserve to lose Simon. I think he should be asked who he wants to stay with and have him choose her. I don't think she is feisty enough for Steve, I liked him best with Karen, hated him with Becky. The latter can't leave soon enough for me, hers must be the longest leaving story in history - just go already!

If Karl leaves tomorrow I won't miss him or his gambling problem (yawn).

Anonymous said...

Leanne deserves to go to jail for burning down her business. When will she ever pay?

I think Kirk and Mary ought to get it on.
No, seriously.

Anonymous said...

pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese bring sian back i dont want sophie on her own i want them to make a new start and get married again pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese bring sian back in 2012

Anonymous said...

Really pleased to hear Tommy and Tina are getting together :] They are so obviously ment to be together.

Anonymous said...

Really pleased to hear Tommy and Tina are getting together :] They are so obviously ment to be together.


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