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Saturday 26 November 2011

Corrie Gold

Coronation Street chunters along nicely most of the time. It's got ups, it's got downs, We moan about the sensational, the next trial and tribulation of someone falsely accused. And then we get some gold that makes us remember why we love the show.

We got gold this week, several times over.

Dennis Tanner is and always was a rogue. We discovered that he jilted someone a couple of years ago and she's tracked him down, only to find out why. He admitted he didn't love her and was feeling trapped, with no way to tell her. Turns out, she knew all along and was only after companionship in her old age. Meanwhile, Rita has been harbouring her growing feelings for Dennis but managed to hide it from him when he said he was afraid he'd put her through what he put Norma though. 

Weren't they wonderful? They didn't always even need words, just a look conveyed Dennis' fears and Rita knew exactly what he meant. She hid it well, but when his back was turned, we could see her face fall. It doesn't matter how old you are, you still can fall in love and you still can hurt.
Becky is divorced from Steve, absolutely. She got the "blood money" as she called it to prove it. She wound up Tracy with tales of spending it on a posh holiday, knowing it would get back to Steve who tore a strip off her for frittering it away. But Roy quite rightly pointed out that it was none of Steve's business and Tracy cut Steve off at the knees over it too. Yay!!! I think she'll be able to get on with her life now. Previously, she and Roy had a wonderful conversation over a meal. My favourite bit was her wondering why she couldn't be more like Roy and he telling her she would never want to be like him. Roy just makes my heart weep sometimes.

Even earlier in the week, Becky decided to keep Lloyd company for an evening of tequila and one upmanship over whose life was in worse shape. No agenda, no unwise snogging, just mates commiserating. Golden!

Even the final departure of Ciaran had me surprisingly choked up. Well it wasn't so much his departure as it was Michelle's broken heart, knowing they wanted two different things. I did find a suspiciously wet eye when she was sobbing in Carla's arms after the taxi went round the corner. Maybe not golden, but surely sterling silver as a runner up?


Llifon said...

Loved the Dennis storyline all week. Barbara Knox was especially good. Last night when she had an intimate scene with Dennis was moving, how he touched her face and then her saddened by his fear of committment. And the scenes with Deirdre were great! Good week overall. :)

Glenda Young said...

Wholeheartedly agree. The bit when Rita mouthed "thank you" to Dennis has me in bits. I had to rewind it and watch it a 2nd time! Such pathos, it was a very powerful scene.

Adam Rekitt said...

I was agreeing right up to the last paragraph. Michelle and Ciaran's departure was so badly acted, I nearly laughed. And it's stories like that that spoil the programme. It was so predictable that Nick would find out and then Michelle. The whole thing was contrived and deeply unconvincing. Why couldn't Ciaran just not have returned?

Instead we have yet another wedding that never was, just after Carla and Frank's and just before Sian and Sophie's and (apparently) Tracy's and Steve's. Have the writers heard of the words repetitive and unimaginative?

Also, virtually unnoticed, a character commits a crime. (Ciaran stealing). I remember when Hilda Ogden was mortified by Kevin and Sally running around her house not fully dressed. Today, most characters seem to have the morals of dogs.

Having said that, there do seem to be signs that someone has realised that Corrie was popular because of its characters and writing. The other blog examples are a case in point. No headlines, no shock horror, just great characters, great writing and great acting.

Greg said...

agreed, an absolutely brilliant week of corrie, especially now that the Gray by name, Gray by nature family have departed. maybe corrie's on the up again? i hope so

Tvor said...

I'll agree that the Ciaran and Michelle stuff all week was only so-so but i liked Friday night's eps with them, where it was all falling apart.

Anonymous said...

I can't agree enough that the character-foces storylines are what makes Corrie! Give the actors opportunities to showcase their talents and cull the herd of the cheap/flashy talent!

Frosty the Snowman said...

Agree with Adam that the Kieran leaving story was so ridiculous and contrived and badly acted and why does Michelle constantly dress like she is at the Oscars, this is a backstreet in a cold suburb of Manchester in winter, it makes every scene she is in surreal somehow.

Rachel said...

Yep, the Becky/Roy scene was lovely. As was Roy telling Tracy that mayonnaise wasn't standard on the sandwiches - a throwaway line, but very Corrie and David Neilson delivered it beautifully.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Great scenes with the older characters this week and especially loved Deirdre and Rita. So nice to see Deirdre relating to someone other than the family. Ridiculous ending to the Ciaron and Michelle story and so predictable. I'm beginning to think the departing taxi is a writers' in-joke. In such a chummy neighbourhood, someone would offer a lift.

Anonymous said...

Naw, the taxi send-off is a sign that once you end it with people on the Street, you are nothing to them; pay for a ride outta town!


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