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Monday 21 November 2011

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie, Monday 21 November

Coronation Street, Monday 21st November @ 7:30pm
Ciaran’s gambling risks losing him his best friend. Panicking Ciaran heads to the wedding venue where he launches a charm offensive on the manager, explaining he has a temporary cash flow problem. She agrees to hold the date till Friday and with the clock ticking he heads out to see Karl. Ciaran begs him to forget last night, explaining he needs his wedding deposit back but Karl refuses, he won it fairly and anyway he’s lost most of it in the Bookies. Desperate Ciaran turns to Peter, buttering him up by asking him to be his best man he then asks him to return his money. As Ciaran pleads the friendship card will Peter be swayed?
The truth comes out about Chris’ deception. As Leanne refuses tell Chris where Cheryl’s gone, word spreads about his lie. A shocked Maria confronts Chris and while he claims he did have feelings for her he admits Cheryl has always been the love of his life and he saw it as a chance to get his family back. When Maria questions what he’ll do now he asks Owen for his job back. But when Owen turns him down will Chris realise there’s nothing and no-one left on the street for him?
Karl loses his winnings at Peter’s. When Stella catches Karl counting his winnings he’s forced to lie about the cash. It doesn’t last long though as he gambles it away in the bookies. Eventually Peter suggests he stop but on a high will Karl agree?
Elsewhere Faye’s not happy when she discovers Owen has stayed the night at the Windasses. Dennis is in court for the trial of Rob & Janet (from the homeless shelter). But when Norris tells the Gazette all about Dennis’ story he’s shaken and rails at Norris.

Monday 21st November @ 8:30pm
Fortune smiles at Ciaran. After lying to Michelle about why Peter’s fallen out with him, Ciaran starts ringing loan companies. He can’t get the money in time and when Nick and Eva leave him to lock up the Bistro as they’re off to meet a wine supplier his mood worsens. However when a customer reveals he’s looking for a caterer to cover a birthday bash tomorrow Ciaran sees a chance to cash in. Pretending he’s co-owner Ciaran does a deal, closes up and starts cooking. But will Nick or Michelle discover what he’s up to?
A face from the past shocks Dennis. Dennis is on edge when Norris reveals a woman named Norma Dixon has called looking for him after seeing his name in the paper. Rita questions a clearly shaken Dennis about what she might want, will he reveal all?
Stella plays Karl at his own game. When Stella learns that the cash she spotted Karl with was his winnings from gambling she heads out for some late night shopping, determined to have her share one way or the other. Will Karl be forced to reveal that he’s already lost the money to Peter?
Elsewhere Becky’s down after receiving her decree absolute from Steve and drowns her sorrows with Lloyd. Faye feels sidelined by Anna and Owen.


ChiaGwen said...

Loved the beginning of the poker game that involved Kirk, when Ciaran was explaining the 'poker face' to him then Kirk won in the end LOL! Oh, that Karl can do 'evil' can't it the beginning of a secret side to him?

Danny-K said...

Kirk's unreadable 'vacant' poker face was a direct lift and parody of a scene from an episode in the sitcom series 30Rock.

When expert poker player, the big boss Jack Donahy, loses to Kevin the receptionist hospitality clerk (a blood brother to Kirk ie., nothing happening much upstairs), the rest of the players who've all lost to Jack, realise Jack's legendary behavioural observational skills are failing against Kevin - because Kevin is so vacant even he himself doesn't know what he's thinking, thus making his face and body language impossible to read to expert poker players!

Nice cut to Kirk's face parodying Kevin's role in the sitcom.

Kirk and Kevin are to poker what Dustin Hoffman's, Rainman, is to casino's. LOL!

- See, I said he and Kirk were blood brothers!

Danny-K said...

Kevin? KEVIN?!?
Who the hell mentioned Kevin? I've been quoted out of context!

- By Kevin, I instead meant of course (at least for 30Rock fans) KENNETH!


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