Friday, 25 November 2011

Exclusive Pics: Corrie cast members in my local Bistro

If you're ever in Sunderland, the city by the sea in the north-east of England, then you must pop in to Jayelles Bistro on the Seaburn sea-front.  It's my local eatery of choice because it's family run, the food is among the best you can get in Sunderland and there's a nice, laid back atmosphere in the place too.  By day, Jayelles is a cafe where you can pop in for a coffee and home made soup or door-stop sandwiches and by night, the lights dim, the candles flicker on the tables and it turns into a Bistro from Thurs-Sat selling some of the most scrumptious meals you'll ever eat.

Well, it looks like I'm not the only one to appeciate the charms of Jayelles.  Look who popped in this week - none other than ex-Corrie cast members Denise Black and Michael Starke. Denise played Ken Barlow's girlfriend Denise Osbourne and Michael played Jerry Morton on Coronation Street - and of course Sinbad on Brookside too.   Denise and Michael are currently starring in Sister Act at the Sunderland Empire.  The lady with the blonde hair in the front of the picture is Jayelles' owner Heather Morton - hopefully no relation to Jerry Morton!

And here's a picture of another ex-Corrie cast member and general all-round Goddess, Rula Lenska, who played Audrey's mate Claudia in Coronation Street. Rula popped into Jayelles when she was starring in Calendar Girls at the Sunderland Empire.

Check out Jayelles  and follow them on facebook

Find out more about the Sister Act tour.

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Apple Cobbler said...

I went to see Oxford a few weeks ago to watch Sister Act, and it was marvellous. You're very lucky to have met four Corie stars in your local bistro! :D

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