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Wednesday 30 November 2011

Coronation Street Weekly Update, November 28 2011

Greetings and welcome to the Coronation Street Weekly Update. And so, without any further ado, here we go with this week's Coronation Street update.

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Best scene of the week for this fan was Rita and Dennis. Rita gets Dennis to meet the mystery woman who’s turned up looking for him. Turns out that she’s Norma and she was once engaged to Dennis but he did a runner on their wedding day when he knew he didn’t love her.  Anyway, Rita makes Dennis have a heart to heart with Norma to clear the air and then afterwards Rita makes it clear, in a very subtle way, that she’s got feelings for Dennis too. He also makes it clear, in a less subtle man-way that he’s Just Not That Into Her because he’s scared he’ll do to Rita what he once did to Norma. Rita at least appreciates Dennis’ honesty and as he turns away from her outside of the hair salon on the cobbles, she mouths a silent and teary ‘Thank You’ to him.  That little scene almost broke my heart.

Ciaran leaves the Street this week after he gets sacked at the Bistro for moonlighting and Michelle finds out he gambled their wedding cash away. At first, Michelle determines to stand by her man and leave the cobbles for the cruise ship with Ciaran again. But as the taxi takes them off to the station, she stops the cab, gets out and has a cuddle with Carla and tells Ciaran she’s not leaving. Which was a shame, ‘cos I’m not right fond of Michelle and I wish that she’d gone.

Another one I’m not fond of is that Stella in the pub. I’ve tried to like her but I can’t and now I want rid of her now. Oh yes, I’m in one of those moods today. They bring her in, tell us she’s Leanne’s mum, she saves Leanne’s life, she’s held up as Saint Stella of the Rovers but is anyone warming to her? Not in our house they’re not. She’s brittle, one-dimensional and there’s no redeeming features to her personality at all. Interestingly, Stella’s daughter Eva and partner Karl are the ones who are growing on me. Eva was involved in a daft plot this week involving a wine warehouse and an ex-boyfriend that I won’t bother writing about, except to say it was a ploy to bring Nick and Eva close togeva. Gail will hate this new pairing with a vengeance and it’ll be great to watch.

Mind you, Gail’s got more on her mind this week when little Max and his bad haircut come to live at the Platt’s. Kylie and David get custody of Max but they’ve only got him five minutes before he does a runner to the Rovers, the place he calls home. Kylie accuses Becky of kidnapping her son and then has to apologise to her big sis when Max is found safe and well, although still with the bad hair.

Carla returned from LA this week. “Looking good!” says Peter Barlow when he spots her in the pub. “Did I tell you that you’re looking good?” he repeats as his emotions carry him away just before Leanne comes out of the ladies loo and back into earshot.  Leanne’s got a few lady problems in the downstairs arena and goes to see Doctor Matt as she’s anxious to know why she can’t conceive Peter’s child. “You’ve had no problems before, you’ve been pregnant twice,” snarks Peter. Ouch.

Becky gets her divorce settlement from Stevey-boy and tells Tracy that she’s off to Mauritius to spend, spend, spend. “Where’s Mauritius?” she asks Roy later when she takes him out for a slap up meal he doesn’t want in the Bistro, money burning a hole in Becky’s pocket already.

Sophie’s not best pleased that Sian’s got college homework to do which means she can’t spend her evenings at the pictures with Sophie.  When Amber finds out that Sophie’s home alone, she offers to go to the pictures with her instead until old-Uni mate Arj comes for a visit. And before you know it, Amber and Arj are getting jiggy upstairs in Amber’s flat.  Sophie’s a bit peeved at being dumped by Amber as soon as Arj arrived, so with Arj and Amber upstairs having a bit of how’s your father, Sophie tells Dev just where his daughter is.  Dev’s not best pleased and storms into the flat to find a half-naked Arj with his daughter.  How’s your father now, Amber?

And finally this week, Ken’s got gout.

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Rachel said...

Yes, Max's bad hair. He's called Midwich Max in our house!

Laura said...

"And finally this week, Ken’s got gout."


Dolly Tubb said...

Love the blog, Glenda! Have to agree about one dimensional Stella - and all this 'caring sharing' Stella business is a bit false too. I like Karl though. Great sexy voice!

Slightly off topic - Coronation Street Blog is just the best thing since Hilda's curlers. So can we have more than just 7 blog posts on the front page? I know I know........
1. no, I have no idea how much work that would take (but I can guess)
2. no, I don't know just how teknicul that is (but I can guess)
3. yes, I do know bloggeurs do not spend 100% of their time chewing a pencil and thinking up witty and insightful bon mots about Corrie.

But as a person living up on t'wild moors and with a tinteret connection that boldly goes via a remote sensing satellite off Alpha Venturi V, even changing to 'older posts' is a Herculean task. Also there are some great blogs which soon get lost and the great reader posts then die off quickly too.

I'll get back to the donkey stoning.

Anonymous said...

I think Max' hair is sort of 'Oliver Twist' shape-just sort of hacked up...but I do think that kid is just a sweetie-pie..looks so forlorne..awww


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