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Monday 28 November 2011

Corrie Review - Thursday 24 November 2011

Writer: Martin Allen
Director: Graeme Harper

Ciaran has been up all night in the Bistro cooking food for Bob's bash and he succeeds but when Bob comes to collect the buffet, Ciaran is shocked to learn that Bob expects him to be there to serve the food at the party. Quick thinking, Ciaran persuades Tina to assist him in serving. He calls Nick claiming he has to go to hospital as he's not feeling well. While at the party he's horrified to see a familar face. Audrey is there. Ciaran spends most of the afternoon hiding from her and nearly gets caught at one point but Audrey turns around to look for her missing lipstick. Promising Nick he'd get back to the Bistro he has to make an early departure. Bob says he'll go and get the money for him from the safe, but panicking to get off quickly, Ciaran says meeting later would be more beneficial and hurries out.

Meanwhile Dev is still ranting on about Aadi's golfing prowess and in the corner shop. Locking the door he bets Karl that his son can pot three balls in one. Aadi is doing his Dad proud and pots two out of two but as he goes for his third shot Sunita arrives back thumping on the door. Aadi promptly misses his shot and Sunita consquently finds out that her husband has been betting on their son prompting her to let rip at Dev.

Dennis hasn't come home after the previous night and Rita is worried. Emily tries to reassure her but Rita is still concerned. and Norris gives Rita the contact details for Norma Fountain, the lady who was looking for Dennis which prompted him into disappearing. She arrives to speak with Rita and Emily in the Rovers and reveals that she isn't looking for Dennis because he's commited a benefit fraud, she was engaged to him and he ran off on their wedding day two years ago. Norma explains that Dennis had never shown that he didn't want to marry her and after the wedding day she didn't hear anything off him until she saw his name printed in the Gazette revealing he'd been homeless. She also revealed that he at that point had no income and no other home.

Brian reveals to Sunita and Leanne that the school nativity play has been cancelled as the teacher who was organising it has had a nervous breakdown and will be off for the rest of term at least. The two ladies begin to formulate a plan to hold their own. However Leanne also has another concern, she still isn't pregnant and decided to book an appointment with Dr Carter to find out if there's anything wrong.

Ciaran has made it back to Bistro and lies to Nick that it was an ear infection but he'll be fine to continue his shift. However Bob can't make the meeting and innocently brings the money to the Bistro where he gives to a bemused Nick to pass onto his business partner. Unfortunately Nick soon realises what Ciaran has done - used the Bistro's facilities and stock for his own purposes and that Ciaran as well passed himself off as the co-owner. Allowing him to keep the £300 deposit, Nick takes the other £800 from Bob and promptly sacks Ciaran leaving the chef with barely twelve hours to find £700 and he now has no job.


The look on Dev's face is priceless when Sunita disturbs Aadi's golfing.


Why couldn't Ciaran wait another five minutes to get the other £800 from Bob. He then could have paid the hotel in time for the deadline.

The way Dennis treated Norma in the past by running off and now by running off again when all his friends are clearly concerned about him

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