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Wednesday 30 November 2011

Corrie Review - Friday 25 November 2011

Writer: Simon Crowther
Director: Graeme Harper

Michelle is looking forward to buying her wedding dress when she notes that Ciaran is decidely miserable which Michelle picks up but he puts it down to nerves. He goes to wait outside the Platts and corners Nick to plead with him to take him back. Nick refuses point blank. Peter arrives and enquires about what's been happening. Nick tells him to speak to Ciaran about it.
Rita is still concerned about Dennis's disappearance and Norris puts it down to him being a rogue and Emily sets him straight. Deirdre arrives moaning about Ken watching his new 'Tudors' DVD and asks about the disappearance of Dennis. While at the cafe with Rita, Deirdre hits upon a plan. They'll look for him around the soup vans in the area.

Becky has received her divorce settlement from Steve and decides to treat her and Roy to a meal at the Bistro, with Hayley at her dance class. However Tracy is off to Brighton with Steve and Amy and she can't help rubbing it in to Becky. Backy however lies by saying she is off to Mauritiaus with Steve's money leaving Tracy shellshocked and walking out of the cafe. Steve however thinks Becky should spend the money setting up home away from Weatherfield and him and Tracy. Becky point blank refuses and tells Steve that it is her money now and she can do what she wants with it.

After seeing Ciaran's desperation and speaking to him in the cafe, Peter has decided to loan his friend the thousand pounds needed for the venue. When Ciaran phones the venue saying he is on the way with the money he finds he is too late and they've given the date away. And to make matters worse for Ciaran, Michelle and Maria stop off at the venue on the way back from buying her wedding dress only to find that the date has gone as Ciaran had never paid. Furious Michelle storms off to the Bistro with Maria in tow only to hear from Nick that Ciaran is not there as he is sacked for stealing from him! Michelle then storms off again back to the flat to confront her lying fiancee.

After a day waiting around a soup van, Rita and Deirdre are about to call it quits when finally Rita catches a glimpse of Dennis. They jump out the car and confront him. Dennis tries to argue that he can't face Norma and Rita has no idea what happens. Rita answers back that he can and that she does know everything and Dennis gets quickly into the car. Rita phones Norma and puts Dennis on the phone who agrees to meet her in the Rovers. Explaining that he felt guilty because he didn't love her and that he felt running away was the kindest way he could think of to let her down gently, Norma replies back that she too didn't love Dennis but just wanted companionship. Eventually the two put the past behind them and agree to move on. When Rita tells Dennis he can move on with his life and two share a close moment, he tells her he's frightened. The look on Dennis's face tells Rita all she needs to know. Dennis is worried that what happened with Norma might happen again with her. When he responds in the affirmative Rita tells him that he's arrogant and he's kidding himself if he thinks she's smitten. She tells him to go back to hers and she'll follow him on. Standing alone and close to tears, Rita looks like she has indeed fallen for him.

It's a happy day at the Platt household as Kylie gets a phone call from social services - they've been granted full custody of Max on a trial basis. Gail is delighted and embraces Kylie with David. Celebrating in the pub, Nick turns up and offers his congratulations and goes to buy a round of drinks, but only has a five pound note much to David's amusement.

Peter is with Ciaran when Michelle turns up and it's clear straight away from his face that she knows everything so Peter makes a hasty exit as Ciaran admits the truth to Michelle. He gambled away the money because he missed the thrill of the cruise. Michelle sends him to the pub while she thinks. With Carla back home, she talks to Michelle who finally agrees to join him on the ship and her hen party at the Rovers turns into the couples leaving do. As they depart in the taxi Michelle has a last minute change of heart. She wants to stay. Sharing one final kiss with Ciaran, the pair declare they still love one another but she left on the cobbles as Ciaran's taxi rounds the corner on the way to the railway station. Will she ever see hima again?


Tracy: Well, erm, I'll think of you when I'm relaxing in the spa
Becky: And I'll think of you when I'm smashing cocunuts with a rock
Tracy: That'll be right. Pre-historic woman.
Becky (to Roy): Rubbish line about the coconuts weren't it?

Nick: What are you lot doing here?
Kylie: Celebrating
Nick: Right, I should be thinking of something witty to say but what are you celebrating?
David: As from Monday we get full custody of Max.
Nick: Oh well that's great news, congratulations. Have a drink on me.
[Produces a five pound note] Well er at least you could put it towards one.
David: I'm touched.

Becky: You crawl back to that miserable cow's miserable mother's miserable house and you leave me alone for good. OK? Comprendez?


The look on Rita's face when Dennis leaves. She's clearly fallen in love with him. Awwwww.


Anonymous said...

Rita seriously needs to grow up, she is nearly 80 and still wanting a man. And why anyone wants someone like Dennis is beyond me, he just takes money off her all the time.

Anonymous said...

Michelle makes me gag a maggot. Cannot stand her character. What happened to her son or was she supposed to be getting married without him. Glad Cieran is gone acting ability....rolling eyes all the time. Will someone PLEASE tell Fiz to fix her she has a mouthful of ground glass shards!

Anonymous said...

Holy negative nellies. Why wouldn't Rita want a man, regardless of her age? You're supposed to grow out of wanting companionship and someone who makes your heart smile? I have to agree about Michelle - never liked her, so I hope they give her some sort of personality transplant now that she's on her own and intends to make a go of it.

ChiaGwen said...

I thought Keith Duffy's acting was good - even if it wasn't I wouldn't care - I just liked looking at that face and hearing that voice! Hope he comes back. Stella acts as if she's known the Rover's regulars for years and she's only been working there five minutes - please not her and Lloyd together.....oh no!

Frosty the Snowman said...

When did Carla start driving again, I thought she was banned? The character of Michelle is totally superflous and pointless and let's hope that when her contract is finished its ended.


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