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Monday 19 July 2010

Coronation Street Weekly Update, July 19 2010

Greetings and welcome to another week’s worth of carry on from the cobbles, gossip from the gutter, words from Weatherfield, stuff from the Street. And so, without any further ado, here we go with this week's Coronation Street update.

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There were smiles across Weatherfield, and our living room, this week when Sally Webster returned to the Street. She’s been away recovering after her chemotherapy (in real life too) after fighting cancer so to have Sally back on the Street is wonderful news. There’s a BBQ in the back garden as the Websters welcome the rover’s return but she doesn’t yet know that daughter Sophie’s kissed a girl and she liked it or that husband Kevin kissed a girl and he liked it too. So much so that he made the girl pregnant with child. But that’ll all come out in the wash. For now, young Sophie’s going through torment because she’s jealous of Sian and Ryan’s friendship and thinks there’s summat more than them just being friends going on. But it’s Ryan who ends up jealous and upset when he spies the girls snogging in the builder’s yard later. Sophie wants to tell everyone that she and Sian are an item but Sian wants to keep things quiet for now. Trouble is, what’ll Ryan do with their secret?

John Stape turned into a sofa supremo this week, king of the cushions, when he sold Anna and Eddie Windass a new sofa in a shop. Yes, we all know he’s pretending to be Colin Fishwick while illegally teaching using someone else’s ID but his friends and neighbours think he’s working in a furniture shop and so when the Windasses want a new sofa, they only want to buy it from John. He rises to the challenge and pretends to work in a furniture warehouse. So well does he carry out his task that the store manager offers him a job. And it’d be an offer that John should have taken up for if he’d done so, he wouldn’t have been punched in the face by a fella this week whose wife’s been having an affair with Colin Fishwick. And the fella thinks John’s Colin although Colin’s now back in the country and can’t believe his ears when Charlotte and John tell him that John’s being Colin. “Think of it as an homage,” says saucy Charlotte. “It’s like having your own tribute band.” And all of this fake ID chatter over a pint in the Rovers was accompanied wonderfully by the Ting Tings song, That’s Not My Name. Fiz finally gives John an ultimatum – say goodbye to education or get the elbow. John’s mouth says the right words that Fiz wants to hear but that look in his eyes says something else. Charlotte turns up again, she’s like an on-heat-seeking missile and she moistens herself up to John on the cobbles, threatening to have him under her duvet before he knows what’s hit him.

Down at Underworld, Carla takes the reins and harnesses Nick to the role of underdog, giving him a job on condition that she can call him Nicky. Go Team Carla, go. Nick’s a broken man, having lost his factory and his balls to Carla. She keeps them snug in her sleek designer handbag, right next to her own. Nick moans to Leanne, in tears, about his fate in life and muses on how she’d have made a great mum. Ooh, what a beast, these words from the man who made Leanne abort their child. What a nasty piece that Nicky really is.

As Carla rules the roost at Underworld under the viaduct in the makeshift sweatshop, she’s got the builders in at the factory building it back up and putting things right. She gives the building work to Izzy’s dad Owen who’s on the job quick sharp with a bunch of lads working hard. He’s on time, he works hard, he’s the builder you always dream of having fit your kitchen but Bill Webster’s not happy about having his nose pushed out of joint and out of work. Izzy’s dad Owen has fitted into Corrie well and quick. Rita remarks to Norris that he reminds her of Len, and indeed he does, there’s something of the old-school, classic Corrie chap about him. And he wastes no time in chatting up the landlady of the Rovers too, another trait we have to love him for, as well as saving Sian’s life when he rushes her to t’hospital after she collapses with appendicitis and then recovers overnight.

Meanwhile in the corner shop, Sunita can’t cope looking after the house, the kids and Dev as well as working in the shop although Dev expects her to do all three. And more besides. And when she gets into a pickle with an order for chutney, she tells Dev she wants to swap jobs for a week so that Dev has to mind the kids, cook, clean and chutney-up the shop while Sunita does whatever it is that Dev does do.

And finally this week, it’s almost Audrey’s birthday and Natasha organises a 70th birthday party for her for Friday night in the Rovers. Liz offers the buffet menu – there’s standard (sausage rolls), luxury (big sausage rolls) or supreme (sausage rolls with parsley garnish).

And that's just about that for this week.

Coronation Street writers this week were Damon Rochefort, , Mark Wadlow, Mark Burt, Peter Whalley, Martin Allen. Find out more about the Corrie writing team here.
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bbhilda said...

Is it me, or does Charlotte look like Mick Jagger in the ITV pics of the week coming up?

Glenda Young said...

No, she does look like Mick Jagger.

Unknown said...

Anyone tell me the song playing while the surprise party was being discussed?

Sea Penguin said...

These sausage rolls look tasty.

Yoork said...

I'm craving sausage rolls now! The supreme! Thanks a lot lol


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