Sunday, 18 July 2010

Coronation Street weekly awards, July 12 - 16

Chorus Line award: Gold Star: Ciaran, Ashley and Claire singing Burt Bacharach to Graeme.

Backfire award: Gold Star: Natasha sniping at Leanne and tattling on her past to Nick. For what? It drove him right to her.

Div award: Gold Star: Trev is right. Nick is a div. and a pillock. and a prize pratt (and other words that aren't suitable for a family blog) and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Carla win!

Adrenalin Junkie award: Who else? Stape!

Cute as a button award: Finger painted star: Aww isn't he cute! And he's a ginger!! :)

Marking your territory award: Gold Star: Audrey made sure Deirdre was put right in her place, subtly of course.

Fashion award: Peter's green and white pinny! Ooh and Carla's red poncho and bright green handbag!! I love it!

Brand new sound effects: Notice we now hear the tram rattling overhead when inside the factory? Only since the announcement of the impending crash a few weeks ago, mind.

Lines of the Week:

Nick: "The place looks like a sweatshop" (er. it is!)
Nick: "That is what's known in the trade as foreplay" (which is the precursor for someone to get shafted!)
Leanne about Natasha: "She ain't fit to lick my patent leather boots!" (I wouldn't cross Leanne if i were Natasha, would you?)
Stape: "I'm glad someone's looking forward to an uncomplicated day" (as Fiz pointed out, he's got himself to blame!)
Nick: "Maybe I underestimated her" Leanne: "No, you tried to pull a fast one and you got caught"
Stape: "I'm J for John." Other guy: "L for Liar"


John M said...

Rory is prolly the cutest kid ever!

Yoork said...

Laughed so hard at the "shafted" bit!

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