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Thursday 15 July 2010

Lord Snooty: Fri July 9, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

PS. Due to some technical difficulties, I can’t get screen caps of the episodes for the next little while, but here’s my review, true blue as always! Thanks for your patience!

Written by Chris Fewtrell (7:30) and Julie Jones (8:30), directed by Tessa Hoffe

Nick’s officially at war with Carla as he tells her that “she’s finished here” and to walk away. He tries his best to be strong against her, but really fails. How flimsy is he. Carla tells the staff that they can go home and come back when their real employer returns. Nick says that he’s paying them now, so he’s got their loyalty. If hell hath no fury than a woman scorned, Nick should be very scared. Nick pretends to be the “poor man’s hero” using the staff as a defence to do what he’s done. Carla’s not letting a little ponce like him take away what’s hers. The factory girls are conflicted as to where their allegiances lie, but they know one thing: they like getting paid! Carla tells Nick that what he’s doing is illegal, and she knows he’s cut corners somewhere.

Later, Carla complains about Nick to Leanne and Peter. Peter isn’t surprised, but Leanne is disappointed. Carla doesn’t understand how Nick got past the regulations. Peter lets it slip that Nick doesn’t have any permits or permissions. His operation is illegal. Carla sees Nick in the Rovers and threatens him about the fact that he hasn’t got planning permissions. She tells him he’ll be out of business by tomorrow, and to enjoy his drink! Carla sets her lawyers on Nick, and Trev says he’d never want to cross her. Meanwhile, the factory girls are afraid that Carla’s going to shut them down and that they won’t have jobs. What side should they take? Carla’s negotiating with Bill on how long it would take to fix up her factory. Owen (Izzy’s dad) overhears and tries to usurp Bills deal. Carla looks interested in Owen’s deal as getting her factory up is top priority.

Well, Nick’s troubles don’t get any better when Natasha comes over to tell him she’s run Dev about renting his flat. Gail is shocked that Nick is moving out. Nick goes off on Natasha about not being pleased that she thinks he has time to look at flats. Natasha, is shocked (somehow) again by Nick’s rudeness. Nick apologizes to Leanne later about how he’d used her to screw over Carla. Leanne tells him that he’s nothing to her, and he apologizes.

Lloyd struggles to entertain Russ while Cheryl is still chatting with her ex, Chris in the cafe. I can’t picture him having a civilized conversation, but what do i know. Lloyd’s DVD collection isn’t exactly child-friendly, unless Russ wants to get into Schind(e)ler’s List! Poor little Russ is hopeful that his parents will work things out. Lloyd suggests that they play “I don’t spy” and picture something they can’t see. Luckily, Cheryl returns home at that moment. Cheryl tells Lloyd that Chris says there “won’t be a next time.” Well all know there will be, and deep down so does she.

Well, it’s official, Cheryl has made the right decision and has left Chris. And, moved in with Lloyd, but they’re “just mates.” Eileen says that Lloyd put his neck out for a woman he barely knows, and it’s dead brave. I wonder why the two of them never hit it off?

Eddie’s been carting around his nephew and even tried to bring him into the bookies, to which Leanne shooed him out of. That man! Lewis, who seems to be a mainstay at Deirdre’s side these days and a fixture in the bookies, tries to play peacemaker. Lewis overhears that it’s Deirdre’s birthday tomorrow and she wants to have a lie-in. It’s also Simon’s do and Deirdre offers to help. Leanne’s a bit flustered lately and feels she could do without “Lord Snooty” (Lewis) and his cracks but Deirdre doesn’t know what there is not to like. Lewis is all over Deirdre and tells her that his father owned a small chain and he loved that old world.

It’s Deirdre’s birthday party, and she’s put out the card her mum gave her last year. Aw, how sweet. Deirdre’s getting her nails done by Audrey and Lewis arrives to try and take Audrey out somewhere special, but she’s only interested in a night in front of the tele. Deirdre offers them a drink with her and Ken in the Rovers later, unless that’s too boring. Lewis tells her that her dinner party was the highlight of his social calendar. Well, it seems like it’s only nights in front of the tele for the most part lately. At Deirdre and Simon’s party, Deirdre has made some terribly ugly cake for kiddies who won’t even care, since it’s coated in sugar. Peter tells Leanne how great she is, as she gets a text from that nasty Nick. Nick cries some sob story to Leanne and Leanne breaks again saying she’ll give George a call on his behalf. She does, and Leanne says that’s the last she’ll do for him and now they’re done.

Mary and Hayley are at a venue that Mary had planned and is it just me, or is she even more like Norris than ever? All snooty and prim, her. Maybe they really are best suited for each other. Hayley notices a room with a window that looks out onto a railway as a steamtrain passes and figures that Roy would love it. Mary figures she should have her reception done in the signal box because it’d be a sight bigger than that place. Oh, that just might happen. Mary later bores the bejesus out of Roy and Hayley in the Rovers. When she’s gone to the loo, Roy wants to make sure that this evening is what Hayley wants, not Mary.

Ciaran is ready for the meal he’ll be preparing tonight. Michelle is just lapping up the attention, but playing along figuring she (like the rest of us) probably want to see him sans clothing. Ciaran’s got his candles lit, and Michelle’s got her sexiest set on. Uh oh, it looks like Ciaran has burned the bird he had in the oven. What will he do now? Why serve beans on toast, of course. Michelle isn’t satisfied with this, obviously and it looks like Ciaran will be in his smalls before we know it.

Ciaran’s at work and gets swarmed by Michelle and Becky to drop trou. Of course, it’s a fine sight to see Ciaran without his clothes on, and I’m not the only one who shares that opinion. Janice thinks he’s a tad overdressed and chases him into the back. That Janice!

Graeme is worried about his relationship with Tina and is completely preoccupied with it. It must be nice for Graeme to have a nice home to live in and someone (Emily) making him his tea. Graeme realized that he said the “L” word to Tina on the phone and she didn’t respond back. He worries that he’s just committed relationship suicide. Graeme figures that Tina’s already moved on. Apparently, Graeme’s best mate’s mum took his “duck.” Oh boy, too much information.

Steve and Becky see that Eddie has been carting around a baby all day and Eddie tells them that they’ve been “fast tracked” and already have a kid. Becky is concerned, and wants to call social services to know why the Windasses were fast-tracked and not them.

- Lloyd trying to entertain Russ, and Russ trying his best to go along with it. They have good chemistry together!
- Carla for putting that little Slick Nick in his place! I love a strong woman! Even if she is a b*tch.
- I think it’s a bit funny, Leanne calling Lewis “Lord Snooty.” You’d think that was more of a title reserved for our Kenneth. Deirdre has a taste for snooty men!
- Mary to Hayley, “This is going to be the day you dreamed of, ever since you were a litte…since you were small.”
- Peter telling George that he could take the large transformer he got for Simon back, and transform it into a suppository!
- Michelle: “I’d love to taste your boiled eggs.” Ciaran: “That could be arranged.”
- Deirdre putting out the birthday card that Blanche got her last year.
- It’s so nice how Emily is excited to have a new lodger – Graeme – in her place. She’s just the sweetest little lady, isn’t she?

- That slimy, smarmy, snarky, Nick! I agree with fellow blogger TVOR who wrote a great piece of work, on that piece of work here.
- Why is Natasha with Nick? How low can her self-esteem be?


Anonymous said...


In the cafe, Mary and Hayley are having a conversation about Hayley's (really Mary's) wedding plans.
Hayley says to Mary 'Shall we synchronise our watches?'. A bemused Mary 'Why would we want to do that?'. Hayley 'Oh, I'm only joking, it's just that your so military and precise and well organised - you didn't used to be in the army did you?'
Mary 'That's classified information I'm afraid'


gadgee said...

I liked Michelle's line: So does Roy Cropper [make a good breakfast], and he's not staying the night either.
Mary's funny, but what an interfering so-and-so she is. I hope Hayley stands up to her. I reckon mad Mary might try and ruin the wedding if she does.
I agree Lloyd and Russ were good together.


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