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Saturday 17 July 2010

Sofas, Lies and Soirees: Thu July 15, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Mark Wadlow, directed by Pip Short

The Windasses wonder what could be wrong when John has to speak to the manager. Anna wonders if they got him in trouble and Eddie thinks the manager didn’t even know who he was. John actually tries to lie to the manager and tell him that he’s new. John finally admits that he doesn’t work there to the manager. He tries to lie about being a supervisor at another furniture store. So, this is some kind of perversion for him? Is John trying to apply for a job here? The manager asks John if he’s on any medication. John tells him that his mates still think he’s got a job and he’s trying to make a cover. Crazy enough, the manager lets John keep up his ruse in hopes that he’ll actually sell a prime sofa. The Windasses choose the sofa that they want, and luckily it happens to be the one that John told the manager he’d sell. The manager is happy and tells John they’ll be recruiting and he should leave his details. Oh, John, now’s your chance to get out of this whole mess once and for all! Will he take it? Heck no.

John tells Fiz all about his day of conspiracy. Fiz just tells him that he’s only lie after lie. No kidding! At home, Ches tells John and Fiz about the angry visitor that came the other day looking for someone named Colin, Colin Fishwick. Uh oh, more trouble in paradise, John? John hugs a heart-shaped pillow while asking Ches what the bloke looked like. Chesney said he just looked upset, and that he kept going on about Fishwick sleeping with his wife. Chesney’s beginning to put two and two together and remembers how someone rung up a while back asking for a Colin Fishwick. Chesney remembers a Mr. Fishwick at school, but John says he just went to the wrong house. John tells Fiz in the kitchen that he gave their address as his address for “Colin Fishwick.” Fiz freaks out, and Chesney overhears and confronts them. They have no choice but to tell Chesney – who like everyone else – this it’s a very bad, irresponsible idea. Chesney can’t believe that his sister is in on this. Chesney figures he knows why John is desperate to teach because he misses all them girls batting their eyelashes at him. Chesney asks Fiz if she knows what John is up to behind her back – goodness knows he’s capable. Fiz tells Chesney (who glares at her open mouthed in disbelief) that she loves John and will stand by him. Ches says he’s had enough and gets up to leave.

Sally’s enjoying her barbeque, sorry, soiree and I wish I was there! The spread looks great! Sally asks Kevin why he packed in running. Because he was packing in Molly, is why. Sally wants to know why he stopped, and he says he had more important things to do and lost interest. Sally was thinking she might start running and wanted a running partner. Kevin says he’d love it! Sophie and Sian have school prom, and they’re going together, but Sally thinks that they need lads to take them.

After being dumped by Graeme, Tina goes and finds David who she blames for it all. David doesn’t really care. Natasha and David think she could do better, but she tells them that he’s the nicest bloke she’s ever been out with. David is his usual smarmy self and gets a hand around his throat. Once he does, he admits that he hasn’t spoken to Graeme, or even seen him. Tina goes to find Graeme, who explains to her that he dumped her since she should be with someone like Jason. Tina’s somewhat insulted that he thinks she’s some kind of superficial person. She insists that she loves him and not just how she loves bounty bars. The two make up, much to David’s disappointment.

Owen goes through Underworld with Carla and checks out the premises to give her a quote. It looks like Underworld is going to be a bigger, longer and more expensive project than she thought it would be. Does this mean she’ll have to re-neg with Nick? Nick does this for her, as he offers his premises saying he’s just trying to help. Carla tells him she’ll take him up on his offer on two terms: 1) he doesn’t take from the till (don’t think she forgot about that), and 2) she can call him Nicky.

At the Rovers, Claudia has a drink with Lewis and Audrey and tells Lewis that the over 60 crowd is officially in mourning. Lewis points out that he had a few younger clients as well. Claudia tries to persuade Lewis to work again, and tries to see what his threshold is. He’s gotten a full-time caregiver now, what is so unbelievable about that? When Lewis is gone, Claudia warns Audrey again over Lewis and wonders why she thinks Lewis would settle for her if he could have any woman he wants. Ouch! Audrey says that Lewis was sick of old crows like him droning on. Audrey has the claws out, and Claudia says she’s deluding herself. How stubborn can Audrey be? Now she’s had two friends tell her the same thing.

- Sally’s barbeque was so nice! I’m so glad to see her back!
- John’s continuous looks of constipated horror. If he keeps up this BS, he’s going to start to look as gaunt as Nick Tilsley.
- Nick to Carla: “That’s what I miss most. Your acid wit.” Nick to Ciaran: “Pint, please!” Ciaran: “Bitter?”
- GO Chesney! I don’t know where “Team Pam” has gone, but way to “tell it like it is” to John Stape, Ches!

- John actually trying to lie to the store manager about being “new?” As though a store manager doesn’t know who he HIRED?!
- When the furniture store manager asks John if he’s on any medication! Bahahaha. No, but he should be.


Tvor said...

I loved it when, after Claudia called Audrey "Aud", she called her "Claude!" (sorry, but Rula does sound like a man!)

gadgee said...

Yeah I liked "Aud" and "Claude" too.
Graeme and Tina were sweet. I liked Ashley's 'aww' face through the window at them.
Speaking of Ashley, did anyone know that, according to wikipedia anyway, his full name is Ashley Sibelius Peacock. Sibelius!?

Llifon said...

Ye. Like Fred's middle name was Handel. It's a composer thing. Thought it was a nice touch that Rita was at Sally's soiree, cos she's been like a mother to her.

Anonymous said...

I find Sally annoying. In fact, I find all the Websters now extremely annoying -- the only thing that keeps me even remotely interested in that family is the bombshell re: Molly's/Kev's affair and possible "lovechild"...other than that -- they should just move out of the Cobbles with the Peacocks...

world cup willie said...

Why did Rita turn up all of a sudden? She was friends with Sal years ago when the gurls were small, then she never came near her, now its all luvvie type friends again - huh?

Chewy said...

Rita's always been friends with Sally ^ :s


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