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Tuesday 20 July 2010

Salesman: Sun July 18, 2010 Corrie Episode Review


Written by Peter Whalley, directed by Pip Short July-18-2010-Sian-Pain

Ryan runs into the Rovers to find Michelle to help him out with Sian, who’s doubled over in pain at the bus stop. Owen is at the bar, and overhears, saying he knows some first aid, so Liz ushers him out to help. Sian’s crying in pain and Owen takes Sian in his arms and heads towards his car to go to the hospital. They arrive at the hospital, and Sian is taken straight through. Michelle called the Websters to get Sian’s parents number to let them know what’s going on. Therefore, Kev arrived to pick up Sophie from her prom to take her to July-18-2010-Sophie-SIan the hospital to see Sian. When Sophie and Kev arrive, they’re told by Ryan and Michelle that Sian’s got a burst appendix and she’s been taken to theatre. It’s good news for Sian, her appendix has been removed, and she’s in recovery. The doctor says it was all down to how fast they got her in there, all thanks to Ryan. Ryan and Michelle talk to Sian first, as there’s only two people allowed at once in her hospital room. Kev tells Sophie that it’s too bad that her big night was ruined. Sophie tells him she knew something would happen since it was too straight forward for them to go and have a good time together. Kevin is somewhat confused by this statement. Sophie goes to see Sian and to ask if she’s alright, and why she was with Ryan. When Sian falls asleep, Sophie kisses her and says she loves her.

Kirk has been having drinks with Izzy in the Rovers, who is happy her father isn’t there for the moment. Owen returns from the hospital, and Liz has a fresh drink waiting forJuly-18-2010-Liz-Owen him and a whole lot of cleavage and flirting. Izzy is still obsessed with her father taking over her life. Owen buys Izzy and Kirk a drink saying there’s something he needs to speak to her about. Owen wants Izzy to dissuade her fifteen year old sister, Katy, from going on booze and drug filled holiday. Izzy has to leave, since she thinks her father’s influence is too close for comfort.

July-18-2010-Windasses-Tea It’s a cosy tea at the Windasses with Ches and Fiz over, sans John. The Windasses continue to go on about John and how good of a furniture salesman he is, and Ches is having a hard time keeping straight, for his disdain of John. Fiz manages to usher him out soon enough. After they leave Eddie figures that John and Fiz must have had a tiff over the fact that John hadn’t bought her as nice a new sofa as they have. They then begin to cuddle nauseatingly on the sofa and I turn my eyes.

Meanwhile, John is preparing himself for what may be the MOST awkward drink in recent Rovers history. Yes, this is the meeting where he’s invited Colin Fishwick to have a drink with he and Charlotte so that he can tell him that he’s stolen his identity. The sentence alone boggles the mind! Colin is quite jet-lagged, but that doesn't stop John from wanting to strike when the iron’s…er, hot. Colin tells John why he went to Canada to begin with, as though he cares or something. Colin says that he went to go see this woman, Vicky, but turns out she’s married to a guy who’s been serving three years and’ll be out July-18-2010-Stape-Doom-Meetingin three weeks. Long irrelevant story short, Vicky left him and he’s lonely, so he’s back home – for keeps. John is quick to ask if he’ll be going back into teaching, and Colin says he most definitely won’t be. Colin asks what John’s been up to. What a loaded question. John wants Colin’s assurance that he won’t go to the coppers, and he gets it. Well, for now at least. Charlotte tries to get John to go out for a drink later, but he declines to go home. It seems that John knows he hasn’t seen or heard the last of Charlotte or Colin. Again, how does he sleep at night?

No prizes for guessing who ISN’T happy with Colin’s assurance. She figures it’s only a matter of time before Colin calls in this favour he’s done for John by not going to the police. Fiz tells John he’s not a fool, so asks why he’s acting like one. Oh, he’s a fool alright! She also knows that Colin could put John back in prison, and sooner or later he will. Is that foreshadowing at its best?

July-18-2010-Cheryl-Lloyd John and Charlotte plainly tell Colin that they’ve stolen his identity. So plainly as though they’ve decided to tell him that they borrowed his car while he was gone. Colin figures this is some kind of a joke and they’re putting him on. John tells Colin all about the school he’s teaching at and how they think that he’s him. John even brings his pay stub to show Colin to prove it. Colin doesn’t know what to say. John assures Colin that none of this was done to harm him, or even deceive him. John says that Colin can do whatever he’d like, and if he' does him in that he’ll be straight back inside. Colin says he doesn’t want that, but he’ll need time to think about it. Charlotte asks everyone if they’d like another round. Seriously? You’re going to have another drink sitting there in that awkward air? Colin looks like he’s about to be sick.

Lloyd’s still driving Cheryl to all her new lap-dancing job interviews. She feels that Lloyd judges her for lap dancing, and well, he does. It looks like Cheryl’s gotten the lap dancing job, much to Lloyd’s disapproval. She says she’s sorry for not being what he wants her to be. Oh, she’s pretty close I’d say.

- I’ve never seen someone so stunned as Colin when he’d been told that his identity had been “borrowed.”
- Chesney poking fun at John for being, well, insane at this point.
- When Colin asks how he’d gotten forged documents, Charlotte offers that “John is very big in the Manchester underworld.” Pffft.

- How it looked as though Kirk was buying Izzy a pint, then she asks for her change as he’d pocketed it! Oh, that Kirk.
- Kevin asks Sophie if she’d like to go home to change first before seeing Sian in the hospital. Oh yeah, because that’s a priority when someone’s in hospital. Your outfit.
- Why on earth did Charlotte need to be at the meeting between Colin and Stape? They could have done without her “an homage to you” tidbits!
- Izzy obsessed over her father “watching her.” Kirk points out all too rightly that Owen is talking to Liz, and that’s really his current interest at the moment.


Ed Milliband said...

Dont like Owen find him controlling and rather creepy. The Stapewick scenario gets sillier and sillier, how on earth would the husband of Colin's girlfriend know where Stape lived? And why does Stape keep involving Charlotte all the time, the lonely wierdo now feels important and wont let him go! Is it me or does Lewis seem more and more uncomfortable with the Audrey scenario. Sophisticated gigilo now hanging around the back street boozers and bookies all for the love of a 70 year old!!!!

John said...

Knowing Corrie's love of gay stereotypes (yes Sean, I mean you), I was quite surprised that Sophie didn't turn up at the end of school shindig in dungarees and Doc Martins!

Tvor said...

John doesn't keep involving Charlotte, she keeps involving herself. She's quite pleased to have found out a secret and quite happy to hold it over everyone's head. I think she picked up Colin at the airport and brought him to the pub and of course she was going to stick around and watch!

Big hole plot, though, yes, how did the husband know where Stapewick lived? I could have seen him going to Colin's old flat or house but there isn't any connection to Stape that he would know of.

Kate said...

Agree with the above post about Owen - find him very annoying and just tend to tune out.
Also, did anyone else want to mute Sian's "screaming"?!

Sea Penguin said...

Yes, I did mute it actually - and that was me through in the kitchen putting the kettle on.
Will we see the enraged cuckold again? is he really Charlotte's husband? wot's going on?!

Tvor said...

No, the man is the husband of someone Colin was having an affair with, not Charlotte, someone named Vicky. I got the impression that Colin and Vicky both went to Canada to get out of the way when the husband got out of prison but she left Colin anyway so he came back. But i may be wrong, i'll have to watch it again.

Anonymous said...

I think you must be right about this man being the husband of Vicky.
Makes sense, except how did he find out that "Colin" had been teaching in Rochdale, only since April?
He's been inside too, just released so I hope they have a feasible explanation.

I like Sean, he has a ebullient personality, he's fun, his friends love him, he gets along very well with everyone, he's witty. He dresses in a way which pleases him, like most of us do.
Eastenders has two Gays, both look as straight as you'd like, it all comes down to personalities doesn't it?

I didn't mute Sian's agonizing squeals, in fact, I thought she perfomed very well, very convincingly.

Owen, I'm not sure about. Personally don't like his forthright manner, just on the edge of dangerous.
He did redeem himself for the show by helping Sian in a no-nonsense, get the job done way, which is consistent and has earned him some brownie points with the street people, particularly Liz; here we go again.


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