Friday, 16 July 2010

Coronation Street fancy dress outfits for sale

As part of its branded goodies for the 50th anniversary, there's a range of Coronation Street fancy dres outfits for sale.

We blogged the Jack Duckworth outfit here earlier and the full range of six outfits is now up for sale. To be honest - they're not great, I don't think but why not have a look and make up your own mind.

There's Bet Lynch (pictured), Hilda Ogden, Fred Elliot, Hilda Ogden, Deirdre Barlow and Jack Duckworth to choose from.


Anonymous said...

Well, nice try models.
Dierdre and Bet are instantly recognizable as the actors they're modelling.
Fred & Vera, unfortunately not. Jack, with the glasses and flat cap, puts me in mind of 'Frank Butcher' ( can I say that on here) ;)
and Hilda, well, no one can be Hilda, but Hilda...
Are the outfits for fancy dress occasions?
I can't think what else you'd do with them!

seapenguin said...

Best (?only) Corrie item I ever bought was an alarm clock that played the tune, and figures of Jack and Vera Duckworth came out of their front door, when the alarm went off. I got it as a present for my friend Jim, years ago.

Ange said...

This just might be a dream come true for me. I love Corrie and I love costumes (refer to my post here:
I'm going in for a closer look!

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