Wednesday, 28 July 2010

David and Tina rape story off the boards?

The rumours in the media a month or so ago told us that David Platt was going to take his revenge on former girlfriend Tina in a horrific way.

They said he would rape her in his attempts to get her back after she fell in love with his best friend Graeme. The reports today are saying it sounds like the storyline has been dropped.

ITV has said that what actually happens is that David persues her and pushes her down to the sofa but backs off and leaves. As angry as David is about all this, I really don't think he's got it in him to rape her though the scenario is frighteningly realistic just the same. If there was a rape in the original storyline, perhaps the negative feedback was so strong that they've ramped it down. The current reported storyline (which is pretty much what I suspected all along) sounds a lot more like Corrie and a lot less like That Other Soap, thankfully!


Anonymous said...

I really glad to hear this!
Apart from sounding like "another soap's" kind of storyline, and the type of crime being considered, I would hate to see the lead-up to this horrendous happening.

I know David's character calls for some elements of misbehaviour, for interest sake, but I liked him very much during the trial scene.

I felt it was reassuring to portray him as steadfastly loyal to his mum, after all the times she stood by him during his difficult teen years.
It may not always be true, but many times a parent's love and care goes a long way to guiding children with problems into becoming, in turn,caring adults.

I loved having a laugh with David and Nick when they were making jokes with Gail and Nathasha at the breakfast table, it was so genuinely good natured.

Finally it seemed that David was getting over Tina and Graheme, like he did Tina and Jason.

Kathie said...

Perhaps Tina will cry rape afterwards... Wouldn't put it past her, the little madam.

Kathie said...

Perhaps Tina will cry rape afterwards... Wouldn't put it past her, the little madam.

Anonymous said...

Phil Collinson said in an interview that they are going to be putting fake spoilers out, maybe this one is fake, or maybe the original one was. I certainly hope this latest report is true though as I really did not like the idea of the rape storyline.

Danny-K said...

"Perhaps Tina will cry rape afterwards... Wouldn't put it past her, the little madam".

Actually, under English law, if she was pushed down on the sofa against her will - it's an assault; and as he physically pushed her, technically it's Assault and Battery - so she could legally make a compliant - as could any woman in left in fear after being threatened in that way.

seapenguin said...

By all means, find a way of dramatising the difficult issues around the appalling crime of rape, but not like this. Frankly I don't see David as a rapist. I don't WANT to see him as a rapist. And aside from it being a very unpleasant and grim storyline, they'd have to have him ending up in jail, surely, and haven't we had about enough of that family and jail?

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