Friday, 30 July 2010

State of the Street, July 2010

Yes, it's that time of the month again. No, no, no... I mean, it's time to examine the State of Coronation Street for the month of July. Stape's web of lies is unravelling very quickly and I'm loving Chesney's attitude. I wish Fiz would get a little of that! Charlotte, however, has enough attitude for all three of them! Loving her, too! Lewis is getting his feet under Audrey's table but it looks like he's setting her up for a scam. Sunita's dissatisfied with being a stay at home mom and Mary's living her dreams through Hayley's upcoming wedding (finally!) to Royston. Read all about it here.

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abbyk said...

I don't know about Lewis. I love his interactions with just about everyone on the street, but stealing money from the bookies, huh? I s'pose he became an escort for the same reason Leanne did, desperation. And no matter how good he was, he probably never had two nickels (or whatever) to rub together, after buying all those blue blazers and tuxedos. This is all going south, Audrey. After seeing what happened with Richard and Joe, oh please please don't do anything financially stupid.

Nice that Gail has finally learned how to take her blinders off.

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