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Monday 26 July 2010

Sixty-Ten: Fri July 23, 2010 Corrie Episode Review


Written by Debbie Oates (7:30) and Jayne Hollinson (8:30), directed by Alan Wareing

Alright, it’s breakfast in bed time at Grassmere Cres. as Lewis plops a birthday tray onto Audrey’s lap. He hands her her gift of a lovely gold necklace, that “must have cost aJuly-23-2010-Lewis-Dinner-Jacket-Breakfast fortune.” A fortune he doesn’t have, I’m sure. Audrey tells him that he makes her feel very special and he reminds her that she is so. Audrey hands him a key to her place, and he looks, er “delighted”, and she says she hopes he’ll be happy there. They say hope dies last.

Natasha’s going through all the last minute preparations for Audrey’s birthday party in the Rovers later and reminding everyone to “be on time!” Gail mentions to David that she thinks she got ordered around less in prison! Natasha tells Nick to try and figure out what Audrey thinks her salon is worth since she’s sure that Audrey’s thinking of retiring. Nick just looks at her strangely, but then he always does. Gail visits Audrey at the salon and gushes over the necklace from Lewis. She asks if her mum found him in a catalogue, since she might order one. Something like that! Gail bought her and Lewis some theatre tickets for her birthday since her and Lewis used to go all the time. What a thoughtful gift, clearly July-23-2010-Maria-Baby-LIam Gail was listening during those prison visits back when. Audrey figures she could take Lewis that evening and surprise him, and to that Natasha shouts “No!” Natasha pretends to call the theatre and lies that the head actor broke his toe, therefore she cannot go tonight. Smooth one, Natasha!

Maria and baby Liam are back on the cobbles. Not sure how I feel about Maria’s return yet, but I’m sure glad to see her little cutie again! But then, I love Corrie youngin’s. Maria finds from Fiz and Hayley that Hayley and Roy are getting married again. Fiz invites her over to hers for a glass of wine and a fill-in on all the gossip. Right now, her own personal life is the most unbelievable piece of gossip on the street! Maria tells her friends that she’s stopping for good – she’s moved back to Weatherfield. I suppose she’s had enough of Mammy Connor for one lifetime.

Lewis comes into the salon with a bottle of champy and Natasha quickly makes herself scarce giving Lewis a half an hour. They walk over to the Rovers, and Lewis tries to askJuly-23-2010-Natasha-Excited Audrey how old she’ll be, and she says sixty *cough* something *cough.* Well, she walks into a party with a giant banner that says “Happy 70th Birthday” and Lewis points out that she’s sixty-ten! Maria is surprised, again, to find that Maria has arrived for her birthday and has asked for her job at the salon back. Audrey tells Maria that she might be thinking of selling up and Maria says she’ll buy if so, since she’ll also be buying a home, as she’s living in the salon flat again. Of course, Natasha overhears this and has to jump on Audrey also – offering to buy. Audrey is shocked that she hasn’t even put the place on the market, yet she’s already gotten two offers.

July-23-2010-Gail-Lewis Audrey and Lewis aren’t happy to see Claudia there and Natasha looks pained. Claudia has come to spread some bad will and after a few digs at the couple, tells Gail that Lewis used to be a prostitute, or escort, whatever. Gail can hardly believe it, but asks Rita on Claudia’s insistence and it’s confirmed. Audrey gives a speech, and it’s mostly centered around her and Lewis as she tells folk she’d like to start her life again. Gail decides to speak with Lewis about his past outside and he looks worried. Gail asks Lewis to leave her mother alone and he rebuts that that will be difficult since he’sJuly-23-2010-Lewis-Audrey very fond of her. Gail wonders if it’s her, or her money he’s so fond of. Don’t we all? Lewis threatens her that she’d best not spoil things for her mum. Lewis utilized his best mean face, but Gail counteracted with her stiff-upper-lip and it was on. Gail confronts Audrey about Lewis’ past, and Audrey confirms that it’s true and is upset with Claudia for telling Gail. Audrey says that she cannot put her life on hold out of sympathy assuming that Gail needs more coddling. Gail then calls her desperate, and the two ladies spar until the pub goes quiet and everyone hears that Lewis is a prostitute. Audrey announces to all that he was a gigolo and she used to pay him, but she’s in love with him now and it’s none of their business. July-23-2010-Maria-Nick With that her, and Lewis left her sixty-tenth birthday in style. Poor, delusional Audrey.

Awkwardness ensues again for Natasha as she spies Nick chatting up Maria. David notices but tries to sooth Natasha’s worries by telling her that Nick’s already had Maria. Natasha is surprised, again. She’s not pleased to find out that he and Maria were also engaged. David only makes the situation better by asking Natasha who she thinks her successor will be. It seems that Natasha’s got a new nemesis in town. Is it just me or did Maria seem really flirtatious towards Nick?

Apparently my wishes for Eileen to get an attitude change after last Thursday’s episode came true, as she’s decided to give her day aJuly-23-2010-Steve-Lloyd-Cake whole new beginning. Sean tells Deirdre he’s actually quite disturbed about this. At the cabbie office, Lloyd sees that Eileen is dressed up nice and asks if she’s going to court. I can see why she wonders why she even bothers! Eileen tells Lloyd that she wants a stake in the business – as a partner in Street Cars. She says she wants a piece of the pie, and she’s going to use the money from her father to get it instead of squandering it on holidays and chips. Eileen reminds Lloyd (and us all) that she’s been sat in that swivel chair for ten years! Wow. Later, Lloyd and Steve laugh over the fact that Eileen wants a share in the firm when Eileen had been there the entire time with their cakes. She promptly threw the cakes at them and quit! Good for her, I probably would have cried.

July-23-2010-Eileen-Flowers Steve and Lloyd try to talk Eileen around, but they’re missing the point and she’s not having it. More bad news for Eileen. It was the landlord and rent is going up. Okay, can a Corrie aficionado correct me, but I thought Steve owned No.11? Eileen is at the pub and moaning on to Sean. She wonders if she’s the only person in the room still renting. Sean points out some folk that are, but Eileen meant “adults.” Looks like if Eileen can’t own business, she’ll own property! Steve and Lloyd come by and tell Eileen that they can’t make her partner, but they will make her manager. That means a promotional title, more control and a six percent pay rise. Well, Eileen told them to stuff it since she wanted ten percent, although she’s secretly chuffed. Eileen marches into the cab office and says that she’ll take them up on their offer. Steve says the pay rise is only four percent now. Eileen requests if it can’t say six on paper, since she’s apply for a mortgage. They make it a deal!

Meanwhile, Molly and Tyrone are arguing as to where to bring up baby. Molly insists that she won’t be bringing up a child around there. Maybe that’s best, because people who seem to grow up on the street have a LOT of issues as adults. Molly is dead set on selling and moving and we all know exactly why. Eileen later stops by to ask if they’ve had any offers on the house and they’re told they haven’t. Eileen says she wants to buy it! Sold, to the woman with a mission and a whole lot of middle-aged angst! Molly can’t believe her ears, but Tyrone is upset.

It’s day one of Sunita and Dev’s “role reversal” trial and Sunita makes sure he won’t be ringing suppliers behind her back. Dev claims to be looking forward to some down-July-23-2010-Sunita-Dev time – queue the children screaming in the background and a cringe on his face. Dev brings the kids into the shop and tries to have a peek at the clipboard, but gets scolded. Dev insists he only brought the kids in to say goodnight and that he’ll be waiting for her at home with a hot tea. Sunita thanks Dev for the week and wonders if he thinks it’s harder than it looks: being a woman and a mother. Dev thinks she complains far too much, and she thinks that’s good because she’d like to extend the arrangement. To which, Dev is left stunned. When WILL he learn when it comes to women. Dev’s not happy, so Sunita suggests a compromise: a child minder. Just at least over the holidays. Dev is firm: he will NOT send his kids to some stranger. I bet Sunita’s wondering why she went back with him now.

July-23-2010-Sophie-Ryan Sophie and Sian dreamily think they should plan a backpacking trip to Australia so they can get away from their lives and just be lesbians in peace. Sophie later asks Sian if she’s really sure that Ryan’s not going to tell anyone, but Sian assures her that he’s promised. Sophie doesn’t really believe it though. Sophie and Sian both go to see Ryan, and he’s not too pleased to see them. He tells them how he’s sick of his mum asking about how he’s getting on with Sian and want nothing to do with them. Sophie has a word with Ryan later and assures him that Sian never cheated on him with her, and tries to get him to sympathize with their situation. She tells Ryan that they’ll stay out of his way, and promises. Sophie tries to talk Sian around, but Sian feels they their relationship is so much trouble. Suddenly Ryan comes by and offers them the festival tickets saying they’re forty-five quid each, and gives them a half smile. This puts a smile on Sian’s face and Sophie says she told her everything would be okay.

Just when Hayley was expecting a nice pot of tea, and radio 3, Mary barges in to fit her for her wedding dress. Oh, great, it’s the wedding planner from hell. At least that’sJuly-23-2010-Mary-Scorned what Roy’s thinking. Fiz comes by and sees Hayley in her wedding dress saying she looks amazing, like something out of a film. She does look lovely, probably far lovelier than Mary would have looked in it. Hayley asks Fiz if she’ll be a bridesmaid and Fiz says yes and hugs Hayley, as Mary reminds her “not to crush the fabric.” That Mary, really can be quite scary. Mary has been shafted to the corner as Fiz and Hayley browse through books looking for bridesmaids dressing. Mary can’t help but make comments such as “that dress is best suite for someone with a particular build (ie. skinny).” Once Fiz leaves, Mary even points out that Fiz’s red hair might throw off the colour scheme, to which Hayley finally put her foot down by saying that Fiz is more important that a colour scheme! Mary apologizes and says she gets flustered with all the responsibility. Roy tells her she could always abdicate. She asks him if he means delegate, but he says “no, abdicate.” Yes, please abdicate!

- Natasha reminding folk that they’re to come to the Rovers “straight after work” she says to David, “You too. What if you were still blowing up balloons when Audrey’s arrived?” David: “I don’t think I’d never get over it.” His dry humour is just side splitting lately!
- I like Gail’s shorter cut, does anyone else? It still has the same amount of pert, but a little more sleek.
- Eileen to Lloyd about her new outlook: “Look and learn, because things are changing.” Lloyd: “What, menopause?”
- Claudia to Audrey, “Wow, 70?” and Audrey back “Yes, any tips?” Haha.
- Emily reflecting that Audrey is one of the few women that she knows that suits a toy-boy. Ha!
- The horrified look on Gail’s face when she’s informed that Lewis was a prostitute. Goodness, you’d think this woman never spent any time in jail or anything.
- Claudia fawning over Ken and making him extremely uncomfortable! Serves him right that Deirdre let him suffer after that “Martha and the Barge” incident earlier.
- How the pub quieted when Gail yelled at her mum for “asking a male prostitute to move in with her.” Cue awkwardness!

- Audrey is in bed, as Lewis delivers breakfast in his dinner jacket. Does he sleep in blazers?!
- Dev telling Sunita that he’s looking forward to some downtime (doing HER job of child-minding and house-running). What an old fashioned so-and-so! Dev is such a misogynist!
- Ugh, Steve and Lloyd for laughing over Eileen wanting a share in the cabbie firm! Poor underappreciated Eileen! I’m glad they got a right caking!
- What on earth was Gail wearing? Could she manage to look any dowdier? It looks like it was fashioned out of some Laura Ashley drapery!


Gerald (SK14) said...

Highlight for me was after Eileen threw the cakes at Lloyd and Steve and a piece fell off Steve - Lloyd caught it and stuffed it in his mouth!

Nurse Florence Ganderpoke said...

Oh goody, Maria's back... Nice to see Aud giving Gail a few home truths, just a shame Gail was let out of prison in the first place, she's such a sour puss. Ok, so it'll end in tears with her mother and Lewis, but I intend to enjoy every moment Nige is on screen. I'm with Dierdre (erk), I wouldn't kick him out of bed either.

Llifon said...

A highlight for me was Rita and Claudia singing Edith Piaf's classic drunk. Plus Emily's reference that Audrey suited a toyboy. By the expression on Norris' face, I imagine she compared her to Mary?

gadgee said...

I found Eileen throwing cakes at Lloyd and Steve really funny. Lloyd grabbing the bit of cake that fell off Steve's face and eating it was indeed brilliant. That can't have been in the script. I wonder whether the cake actually sticking to Steve's face was. Simon Gregson was corpsing, or very nearly.

John M said...

Gail's "blouse" was really, really severe and looked terrible. She had no neck and looked as if she was sucking lemons. Those severe, staring looks at Aud 'n ' Lew were enough to burn a hole through a brick. Her new hairstyle looked awful as well.

Eileen throwing cakes at Steve and Lloyd was hilarious! Especially when Lloyd took the cake that fell on Steve and started eating it! YUCK! There little faces round Eileen's front door later were quite cute.

Tvor said...

Eileen just rocks. She always has!!!

I enjoyed the party in the Rovers, from Gail getting all in a knot, to Rita and Claudia's singing, to Audrey giving everyone what for. I also loved Audrey promising Maria first refusal on the salon with Natasha turning all green with jealousy over yet another of Nick's exes. Maria and Natasha back under the same salon roof? Gonna bit a bumpy ride there.

At least maria can leave the baby upstairs and hear him if he wakes!

Anonymous said...

True: Maria and Audrey have always been very close, and Audrey has been more of a mother to her than her own mother! I can see why she'd give her first refusal. Too bad they're gearing up to have Natasha and Maria at odds; they used to be quite good friends...
Rebecca in TO

Jamescc said...

Gail's blouse must win the prize for the worst garment of the year!

YUK !!


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