Thursday, 15 July 2010

Ben Price on ITV's Loose Women

Ben Price, who plays Coronation Street's NuNick Tisley was on ITV's Loose Women today. For those overseas who can't see the video, Ben discussed his storyline on Corrie and here's what he said, in a nutshell.

He's loving the new, darker Nick and he talked about the upcoming tram crash for Corrie's 50th anniversary. He doesn't know who's going to die in the crash, and hasn't been told. He admits that "it wasn't a great day" when they were all told that there were characters killed off but says it'll be a good balancing act and for the viewers and the show it'll be great, a huge milestone for the show.

And finally, he loves working in Corrie but hasn't made the move to Manchester and his wife and kids still live in London.


seapenguin said...

I'm really liking this Nick with his cloven hooves. He's great with Carla.

Anonymous said...

oh no i missed him on loose women cant belive that hess my fav in corrie n everying lucky loose women in e georg!! XxX

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