Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Corrie Crazy in Canada

There's a documentary being made in Canada about Coronation Street and Canadian fans. It's called Corrie Crazy and it will be shown on CBC on December 9, in conjunction with the 50th anniversary (even though Canadians won't see ITV's anniversary storylines on CBC until the fall in 2011!!! Tsk!). Over the last few weeks, I and a couple of friends of mine were all filmed in conjunction with this documentary. Naturally, I've blogged about my experiences. Deborah Cyr has also sent along some comments and photos and Mark Grant spent the day on board his Canadian Naval vessel with the crew and host of the documentary. He had so much to tell that he's got his own blog post here!


Danny-K said...

Wouldn't mind seeing that. Maybe Granada will buy the viewing rights as part of their Corrie celebrations?

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forwards to this too; will have to mark in on my calendar.
Thanks for the 'heads up' on this one, sounds interesting.
CBC's been running 9 months or so behind the U.K. for years, so waiting until fall 2011 is about par!
Having said this, I'm grateful that CBC still buys the rights to show C.S., but, after over 40 years, they would have a riot on their hands if they didn't!

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