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Monday 19 July 2010

Is the Coronation Street cast ready for its close-up?

Probably not, but who cares? I've not got HD TV but even if I did, I wouldn't give a monkey's about anybody's wrinkles, crepe-y cleavage, saggy bits, or yellowing teeth.
Face lifts are hardly new - movie stars were having "work done" in the 1920s. Perhaps it's just me, but I think things are getting just plain weird now, and I find it jarring when it pops up on Corrie. I'm mentioning no names - I can appreciate actors are under huge pressure to sand down any rough edges. I can also appreciate that perhaps in some ways it reflects real life - I live in a rural area where ten years ago you'd be hard pushed to get a shampoo and set, but now you can get botox and non-surgical lifts at the local hairdresser. Maybe Audrey's should start offering "treatments". It wouldn't be out of the ordinary. People can get anything done these days - fillers, plumping, stretching - but the worst thing to my mind is cosmetic dentistry. It's second only to boob jobs. If someone's had their teeth knocked out in a fight or in an accident - fair do's. But for heaven's sake - when I turn on my TV I don't want to be blinded by umpteen sets of dazzling white gnashers. Especially if they belong to someone with an older face - it just doesn't look right, even if it HAS been stretched and pumped full of goodness knows what. They're just false teeth, after all - they might not sit in a glass of Steradent on your bedside table nowadays, but they're the same really. I wish people could be allowed to be seen as they are, wrinkles, yellow teeth and all.
Reminds me of a story an aunt told me - in her day, it was the fashion to get all your teeth removed, as a present for your 21st birthday, and to have a lovely set of dentures, instead, so you could look like a Hollywood movie star. Yeah right.
P.S. - Jennie McAlpine has the best teeth on Corrie, in my view. Don't ever, ever get that gap removed. I'm being serious.


Glenda Young said...

It's the boob jobs I hate having shoved in my face. False isn't good. Mind you, when Rosie Webster's cleavage comes on screen, I have to stop meself giving it a round of applause.

Pearly White said...

I agree about the veneered teeth that always look like dentures, Shelly Unwin being a prime example. Always reminds me of the Dick Emery character the vicar - LOL!

Aimee said...

One of the reasons I love Corrie is that the characters look like people I could know. REAL people. I hope it stays that way :)

Pablo Fantastico said...

I remember well when Ivy Tilsley disappeared for a while then came back looking like a chipmunk a la Cilla Black. Lynne Perrie's days on The Street were numbered after that

Anonymous said...

I can fully understand why some of the older actors and actresses are feeling very exposed by the advent of HD, but as someone else said we've known most of these characters for years, and won't be shocked by it. We'd be far more shocked if they suddentl turn up having obviously undergone surgery to turn back the years.

The one thing for me that I notice is the amount of spots that many of the younger actors have... no doubt exacerbated by the make up they are forced to wear. Still, at least they will grow out of it...

Anonymous said...

The actors are very aware of HD.
A recent outdoor interview with Helen Worth showed her at the start, quickly picking a hair or some fluff off the shoulder of her somewhat surprised, woman interviewer.
She laughingly mentioned that in HD everything little thing can be seen, so I would expect more 'work' to be done as they see themselves on HD.

I too have always appreciated Corrie's honesty of story lines and appearances of actors.
No fresh hairstyles and makeup if they're wakened in the night or ill.

Same with clothing, some outfits are dreadfully unflattering for the body type, but fitting for the character.

White-white teeth look terribly false,especially when combined with an orange fake tan.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of orange fake tan - Tina!
Her tan looks so fake. I've also noticed David has one like it from time to time as well as Janice.


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