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Monday 19 July 2010

Bad Dream: Fri July 16, 2010 Corrie Episode Review


(The pictures are BACK! Thanks for your patience and my fellow bloggers for posting some on my other posts for me!)

Written by Mark Burt (7:30) and Peter Whalley (8:30), directed by Pip Short

The next morning, Fiz tells John that they shouldn’t have told Chesney. They really didn’t have any choice though, did they? She feels bad for telling Chesney “no more secrets”, and John says it’s his fault. Well, yeah, of course it is. Thanks Captain Obvious! Kirk tries to intervene saying he doesn’t know what’s going on between them, but he hope it stops. Chesney tells John that his sister is throwing her life away for him – again - and doesn’t want to hear him out.

Fiz goes looking for Chesney at his market stall and looks happy to see him. A smile I have NOT seen on that young lady’s face in quite some time I might add. Fiz tells Ches that she wasn’t happy about the situation but didn’t know what she could do since she already said “no” more than a few times. Her only choice now is to build a time machine, and go back to before she even met Stape. Or, just leave him. Fiz insists that John is “different now.” But Ches (and yours truly) can’t see how, since he’s still living a double life, only this time it’s illegal. Fiz wants to know where she stands with Chesney, and he says they’re okay for now but he knows John is going to screw up. July-16-2010-Ches-Fiz

That evening, Fiz makes Ches’ favourite for tea in hopes to bring him over to the dark side make him feel at home again. Suddenly, there’s a knock at the door and it’s Charlotte. Fiz isn’t happy to see her and asks what the hell she’s doing there. John also warns Charlotte that she can’t she can’t keep coming around there. Charlotte tells them that Colin’s coming home. Charlotte thinks that John and Fiz are uptight, but tells them that her and Colin stayed in touch. Colin sent her an email, that was very emotional. Apparently things aren’t working out for him, and he’ll be back any moment since he’s en route now. Fiz thinks that Charlotte is enjoying all this and tells her to get out of her house. She figures Charlotte is a sad and lonely woman on a power trip, and opens the door for her to leave. Charlotte leaves, but not without telling Fiz that she didn’t have to warn her husband.

The next day, John tries to call Charlotte back to figure out what on earth is going on with Colin. Fiz thinks that Charlotte will say anything and you can’t rely on her. Fiz tells John that she told him this would end in a mess, to which he sarcastically replies “thank you!” John calls Charlotte and asks whether or not Colin knows about him. Charlotte wants him to meet her for lunch so they can discuss further. Of course, John takes Charlotte to Roy’s to have this chat, instead of some back alley Chinese restaurant where no one would see him and get suspicious. Charlotte tells John she hasn’t told Colin anything, and all she said was she’d meet him when she got off the plane. John requests that she not tell Colin at all, but Charlotte warns him that Colin will figure out sooner or later. John wants to know if Colin is going to go back into teaching, but Charlotte has no idea. John actually thinks that if Colin doesn’t go back into teaching, he might still be able to carry on. WHAT?! Charlotte insists that Colin should be told about this little identity-theft fiasco. They agree to take Colin for drinks, then tell him. Oh, even better, they’re all going to meet in the Rovers. John is past trying to rationalize this situation with Fiz. How do they sleep at night?

Meanwhile, Ches is still struggling with getting his inventory on the bus to the market. He needs a driver, since he wont’ be old enough to drive anyhow. He was thinking John might be a good chauffeur for when he’s found out and needs work. Fiz doesn’t even want to hear it. Chesney will take taxis in the interim.

July-16-2010-Builders At Underworld, Bill isn’t pleased to see Owen working on the premises and not he. Looks like there’s going to be a builder stand off on the cobbles! Bill isn’t the only one not happy to see Owen on the street, Izzy remarks it’s “like a bad dream” when she hears he’s got the contract on Underworld. At Turner’s, the factory girls want to know what this situation is between Carla and “Nicky” and who’s team they’re supposed to be on. Carla tells them that they’re on HER team, but Nick and she have come to an agreement. Carla shows Nick who’s boss and receives a “go, Team Carla” jig from Janice. Later, Nick and his miserable mug ask Carla for a truce in the Rovers. She agrees, but this is all for show. We know neither of them trust the other as far as they could throw them.

Kirk decides that after sorting out the tiff between Ches and Fiz earlier, that his calling in life could be that of an arbitrator. He sees a argument break out at the Rovers between Bill and Owen and tries to get in the middle, but he gets wedged out quickly. Instead, Liz has to settle the men down as usual. She even gets Owen to shake on being civil with Bill.

Norris isn’t happy with Owen and the mess his workers are making outside of the Kabin, what with the dust and all. Owen isn’t winning too many favours with folk around here, and that includes Norris to whom of which he’s promptly given the brush-off too. Rita wants Norris to be nice to Owen, since he reminds her of her Len.

Graeme and Tina carry on all loved up, but David’s still frosty towards the pair. This sits fine with Tina, but not so much with Graeme. Will we see our comedic pair back inJuly-16-2010-Tina-Graeme action again? Possibly, because it seems that David is missing a mate, what with asking Nick out on the town instead to no avail. Graeme sees David sat alone and pathetic on a bench and goes over to offer a hug, against Tina’s advice. His hug gets refused, but he still tries to lay it on. David leaves still angry.

Ryan’s got tickets to a festival that he bought when he and Sian were together, but Michelle thinks it’d still be a shame to let them go to waste. She suggests he take someone else but Ryan spits back “there is no one else.” Ugh, why does this kid get screen time? Michelle decided that she’d use Ryan’s tickets if he wasn’t going to, but it looks like he wants them back since he wants to see if Sian will still go with him. Ryan has also realized that Sian hasn’t got a date for the prom. Well, he only thinks that because Sian and Sophie are keeping mum about their relationship. Michelle tries to warn him against these efforts, but he’s going to try again regardless.

July-16-2010-Sian-Sally Sally invites herself along with Sophie and Sian to go dress shopping, and Sophie seems rather perturbed by it. When will she tell her mother she’s a lesbian? It appears that Sally had a bit too much to drink on her shopping trip, but had a great time and can’t believe that both girls don’t have a date for their dance. Sian’s complaining about her stomach bothering her, but Sophie thinks it’s some excuse since she seemed alright before. Sian even tells her that if it carries on, she can forget about prom tomorrow.

Sophie wants to know if Sian is feeling well and will be at the prom on time tonight. Sophie gets to school first to set up for the promJuly-16-2010-Sian-Ryan committee and tells Sian she’ll see her later. Ryan spots Sian and asks if she wanted an escort to the prom, since they’re catching the same bus anyway. Sian agrees, and he’ll call for her later. Oh, poor misguided Ryan. Sian’s all dressed up (in a rather low cut dress for a school function) and ready to go with Ryan when she gets severe stomach pains. She sits down, but is buckling over in pain and Ryan goes to get someone.

Rita asks Audrey how things are with Lewis. She wants to know what it’s like when she bumps into Lewis’ old clients and how awkward that is. Audrey says it’s the same as going out with some man and meeting up with his ex-wife or ex-girlfriend and that it hasn’t. Rita is sceptical about that. Well, it does happen all the time on Coronation Street! Audrey admits it could be embarrassing, but only when July-16-2010-Deirdre-Lewis they live around there. She tells Rita how her and Lewis were talking about the Greek Islands the other night. Natasha asks David if Audrey’d ever talked about retiring, since she’s just waiting for the day when she can take over.

Lewis is still sliming around the bookies whenever Deirdre’s working there, claiming she’s his lucky charm. He insists that he buy her a drink every time she wins.

Lloyd and Cheryl are getting along, and he’s driving her to all her new gentleman’s club job interviews. Eileen wonders why Cheryl continues to lap dance and how that might have been part of the problem between her and her abusive husband.

- Fiz, regarding Chesney: “Kirk’s right, this needs sorting.” Key words: Kirk’s Right. There’s something you don’t hear very often, just pointing it out.
- Owen calling Izzy his “little peach blossom.” So embarrassing for her, but so cute.
- So nice to see Sally back on our screens! I can’t wait to see her back at work.
- David asks Nick if he wants to go into town, and Nick declines because of work. Then, Sean says he’s game, but David spits back that he’s not that desperate.
- When Fiz answers the door to Charlotte and exclaims, “What the hell are you doing here?”

- Tina’s strategically placed daisies on her t-shirt. Seriously?
- Poor down and out Bill. Although, the factory job probably way in over his head.
- Does anyone else feel like Nick Tilsley is just going to SNAP?
- John Stape, again. He meets Charlotte in Roys (suspicious), he then decides to meet Charlotte AND Colin in the ROVERS to confess his lies. Oh, no one is bound to find out about this THEN. Can this GET more ridiculous? (I’m going to regret asking that, aren’t I?)


Rachel said...

I was annoyed when they brought back Stape, especially his "i've paid my dues, I just want to settle back into normal life" storyline, but I love it when he gets into trouble! Every time, he thinks he's clever enough to get away with something (affair with schoolgirl, kidnapping) and he never does. Watching him sinking deeper into the mire is hilarious, especially as he almost seems to be enjoying it. I'd love to see him explaining everything to his parole officer and making them see his point of view.

Llifon said...

Nice touch mentioning Len Fairclough. I disagree with Phil Collinson stating that it's the future that's important on Corrie, but we all know it's the past that made Corrie what it is: the rich history and characters like Ena, Elsie, Hilda, Len and Annie. If it wasn't for them, he wouldn't have a job!

gadgee said...

I really liked Nick's sarcastic, joyless "Go Team Carla" after Carla told the workforce they wouldn't be getting the bonus Nick had mentioned. I dunno about him going SNAP - he seems too deep down in the doldrums for that, knows he got his comeuppance and deserved it.
Pleeease let's have David and Graeme friends again soon.


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