Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Michelle Keegan's boyfriend is accidental porn star

This story from New Zealand has just made me chuckle.

The editor of New Zealand Woman's Weekly says she is "mortified" after accidentally running a photo of the boyfriend of Coronation Street's Michelle Keegan exposing himself on a beach in the Caribbean. An alert reader spotted the slip-up on page 25 of the latest issue of the woman's magazine.

The paparazzi shot shows Michelle Keegan standing thigh-deep in water with her boyfriend, model Brad Howard, 23. On close inspection, Howard appears to be exposing himself. The caption reads: "The loved-up pair frolic in the warm turquoise water of St Lucia." The article quotes Keegan saying her boyfriend has "an edge".

Woman's Weekly editor Sido Kitchin said the graphic image, which takes up close to a quarter of a page, was missed by "many sets of eyes – including the photo agency which supplied the shots and myself. Naturally, I'm mortified this image accidentally slipped through. This was obviously unintentional."

Deputy chief censor Nic McCully said if the Office of Film and Literature Classification received a complaint, their strictest response would be to look at classifying the publication. "I don't think you've got an objectionable publication on your hands."


Anonymous said...

Is that the actual picture they are refering to? Where/how is he exposing himself? He just seems to be eyeing up Michelle's chest.

Anonymous said...

I've seen this pic before, it was in another paper online, there were probably a few taken, and this can't be the one.

Flaming Nora said...

No, it isn't the picture they were referring to, of course not. I wouldn't be that gross and unkind.

Dishwasher Crab said...

Brad Howard used to play for my team, FC United. The last any of us heard or saw of him, he was appearing in a tampon commercial.
It's not the most obvious career path for a young footballer, is it?

Do you reckon that's what Michelle means when she says he's got "an edge"?

Anonymous said...

This is definately not the picture. The picture in the magazine is of Brad holding his erect self looking at Michelle. I was reading the mag at night in the dim light and spotted it straight away, the placement of his arm is a real giveaway, infact hard to miss really.

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