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Tuesday 27 July 2010

Debbie Rush holiday snaps in Best magazine

I love Debbie Rush's performances as Coronation Street's Anna Windass. But when I opened this week's Best magazine (paper edition dated 3rd August - you can see two of Debbie's now and then photos on a small picture of the front cover online but that's it - I buy it for a poorly neighbour you understand) I thought - oh, for heaven's sake. Not another one. I'm all for them folks on telly keeping it real, don't get me wrong. And I'm not pointing the finger - if anyone saw ME parading in a swimsuit, it would make them barf into their cornflakes. I wouldn't put them through it.

Debbie is pictured in full make-up posing in swimsuits with her stomach sticking out and looking kind of on the large side. She says the Corrie canteen has been her downfall and that she's now taking a healthy packed lunch into work with her instead. The headline states "My Big Fat Embarrassing Holiday Snaps" - if you're embarrassed though, why plaster them all over a mag? There's a current craze for "candid" snaps of celebs on the beach or jogging in bikinis in the park, with enormous bellies and thighs that would frighten a horse. And then, six months later - round about Christmas time, say - hey presto - they're skinny as a rake and they've got a fitness DVD selling like hotcakes. Six months later they're fat again and saying they've developed an eating disorder. I'm not saying Debbie's going to go down that route, but many do. I suppose we all need to earn a buck somehow.


Anonymous said...

I think the 'reality shows' have taken the edge off many people's(not just celebs)desire not to be caught' letting it all hang out', so to speak.

How many female ( they're always female) celebs have had their make-up free faces and out-of-shape bods appear on the covers of popular mags?

Being paid to appear in an article in a less than flattering way takes 'reality' to another level of up-front honesty.

While on the subject; about two years ago a very trim, toned, tanned and spike-haired Vicky Entwistle came back from 'being away' from the show.

I wondered at how hard she must have worked to get that way, and then just seemed to gradually glide back into the "Janice Battersby" we all know and love.
I even briefly wondered if she was wearing padding when she was 'dieting' to impress Trevor.

Anonymous said...

Women can't win; it's either "shock cellulite horror" or "Size 0 Skeleton snap!"... sometimes on the same day, depending on the angle of the photo!
I always wondered what the paps would look like if their photos were plastered across a front page...
Rant over!
Rebecca in TO

Anonymous said...

Besides wondering the same thing about these insensitive, yet well paid photogs, the only thing I've learned from these horridly candid shots of celebs, is that professionally applied make-up, hairstylists and wardrobe advisors can work miracles on the most ordinary of faces!

Anonymous said...

I think Debbie Rush is a fantastically gorgeous woman, and I have no idea why celebs need to pick themselves apart!

Yoork (from work - can't sign in)

Sea Penguin said...

I agree - she looks fab. In a way I hope she is just doing it for the money - hope she isn't serious about the body image stuff.

Anonymous said...

I hope my comment wasn't misunderstood, although I can see why it might be.
I would never suggest that Debbie Rush ( who b.t.w. I think is a very attractive woman) would do a magazine article just for the money.
I think Debbie Rush shows a mature and positive outlook as regards her own body image.

The "photogs" I referred to are the ones who sneak about, taking unsolicited photos of unsuspecting celebs who are on the beach, jogging or shopping.
It is amazing though, how ordinary these women look without their professional makeup and hair done, and that, I suppose, must be the dubious appeal of such shots.

Sea Penguin said...

Anonymous - I don't think Debbie was "papped" in this instance, as they were supposed to be her own holiday snaps, in which she looked great but just a bit heavier than she was comfortable with (so she said in the piece). Personally, I wouldn't blame her for doing it for the money, really, (though I've obviously NO idea if that's the case)as it's totally up to her and like I say, we all have to earn a crust somehow - if I'd the bod for it I'd probably flash some flesh as well - not that anyone'd be interested!! :)


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