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Saturday 17 July 2010

About the Money: Mon July 12, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Jan McVerry, directed by Tessa Hoffe

Nick wants a word with Carla, telling her that George has extended the lease on Turner’s. Carla puts up a tough front, but later, she breaks down wondering if Nick might win or not. She feels he’s holding all the cards, and she could be finished. Carla tells Trev that she wishes she never came back from LA, even though that means she’d never have met him. At Turner’s Hayley tries to tell Nick that it’s not just about money, the workers want to feel they’ve earned his respect and trust. Nick disagrees with her telling her that it’s “always about the money.” Gee, I wonder how well that philosophy has worked for him so far.

Carla bumps into Hayley in the street, and they talk about their joint trauma over some cream cakes. Carla thinks that Hayley needs to relax more and that the Tony incident may have taken her sanity. Hayley tells Carla that the workers aren’t happy and never knew about Nick’s plan. Hayley had given Carla Mr. Stoke’s cream cake and notes that what he never had, he wont miss. Carla looks thoughtful. Later, she picks up a Paul Stokes to “do business.” Carla has Paul Stokes over at her place and manages to make a deal with him by undercutting Nick’s prices. Nick meets with Paul Stokes later, and says he’s not going to be placing that order after all, since someone else has beat him on price. The look on Nick’s face when Paul tells him that Carla is the one who undercut him was priceless. Nick arrives at Carla’s and yells at her in her own place, for the second time. Carla just loves rubbing his face in his own mess, and we love watching it.

At the pub, Peter tries to be civil when Nick Tilsley is around. Natasha blurts out that they’re looking at Dev’s flat to stay in. No one really cares. However, the two couples force themselves into an uncomfortable booth, while they all have to listen to Natasha go on about Dev’s balcony. Leanne and Nick reminisce about the old days, and her father Les, as Natasha’s eyes get greener by the moment. Peter has to go back to work, leaving Leanne with the rather gruesome twosome. Nick tries to be genial with Leanne, but Natasha’s not having it, and she tells Nick how Leanne was a prostitute, upsetting Leanne greatly. It didn’t work how she thought since Nick got mad at her for calling Leanne out and she was left alone. Leanne tells off Nick outside telling him she wants nothing to do with him, and if Natasha crosses her again, she’ll be the worse for it. When Nick returns back, Natasha isn’t happy with him for leaving her either. Leanne goes back home and she’s visibly upset and breaks down crying to Peter.

Later, Nick tried to apologize to Leanne about Natasha’s comments. He wants to know why she went into prostitution, and she says she did it – end of story. Nick actually has the nerve to whine about his life and asks her if she wonders what it would have been like if they were together with a baby. What a piece of work!

Lewis is still getting calls from “customers” and you can tell that Audrey isn’t happy about it, since he should have called all his regulars. She wants to go out for dinner, and dream of living on a Greek island. At dinner, Audrey brings up how Blanche died living it up on a beach in Portugal. They spot Claudia, with another man neither of them know. Claudia sees them together and goes over to ask Lewis why he hasn’t been answering her calls. Audrey tells Claudia that her and Lewis are an item. Claudia is shocked and literally speechless. Audrey tells Claudia to delete Lewis from her phonebook, but Claudia says she never deletes anyone until they fall of their perch and she can’t see them breathing. Audrey isn’t well pleased with this, and thinks it’s hard to get away from Lewis’s former clients.

Norris gets on Graeme about the “house rules” but Graeme is too preoccupied. Graeme is upset since he dropped the “L bomb” (I love you) on Tina and it wasn’t reciprocated. Norris tells Graeme that he’s never understood the workings of the female mind. That couldn’t be more true! Graeme believes that his romance with Tina is fading away and he’ll be out on his arse like everyone else thinks. Ashley and Claire try to cheer Graeme up, and Claire and Ciaran even break out into a little sing-song. None of this seems to cure Graeme’s pessimism.

Becky and Steve can’t understand why a chuckle-head like Eddie Windass gets a cute little kid, and they only get more forms to fill out. She gets a case of foot-in-mouth, when someone drives up honking and she yells at them, only to realize it’s Dawn, her social worker in the car. Becky asks Dawn what they’ve done wrong, and just as Anna arrives. Anna clears up the air, letting all know that Rory (the boy) isn’t an adopted son, but her brother’s son that they’re babysitting. The social worker isn’t pleased, and neither is Anna. When they return home she chews Eddie out over him not taking the adoption process seriously, and all the while not paying attention to little Rory who has proceeded to pour (what looks like) ink or food colouring all over their sofa. Eddie now admits to the fact that he stopped paying for the sofa insurance payments since they were too high.

Later, Anna brings Eddie into the Rovers to apologize to Becky and Steve and make peace. It seems to suffice, for now, at least. Let’s hope this is the end of this rivalry, please. After their make-up, Eddie sees John and asks him about if he could get a new sofa for them. He wants a deal, and offers to come in as Fiz and John freeze up. Fiz and John try to warn them off the scent, but it’s just not working. John’s so deep in the brown stuff, it’s not even funny. Well, maybe a ‘lil. Fiz is (slowly) starting to realize that John loves lying and getting away with it. Charlotte arrives, and wants to come in, but Fiz tries to get rid of her also. Eddie makes a return and won’t give up on the sofa. He tells John that he’ll see him Monday, at work. Fiz just shakes her head.

- When Trev wants to punch Nick Tilsley, Roy Cropper: “We offer strict policy on aggression.”
- What’s with “nice Carla?” I’m not complaining, I like her better this way, but it’s a little shocking to me a bit. (Nice, with Hayley, not Nick)
- Norris trying to help out Graeme with his relationship troubles. Graeme’s really growing on him! The two of them are oddball outcasts in a way, so it’s not strange that they wouldn’t.
- Anna giving Eddie a huge slap followed by “don’t you care about anything?!”
- Leanne telling off Nick and calling Natasha a poison drawf and that she isn’t fit to lick her patent boots!

- Carla dismissing the fact that she met Trev, and insisting that she shouldn’t have come back from LA. Ouch! Someone else (Janice) will have him if she doesn’t want him.
- Becky going off on the social worker about how “it’s not fair” that Eddie and Anna got a kid. Or, that she thinks “for once” she does everything by the books and it doesn’t work out. Um, you’re SUPPOSED to do everything by the book! I can’t stand this adoption story rivalry.
- That Eddie is such a sh*it. Why did he have to lie to them to wind them up? lol. And what was with that nasty oversized vest he had on?
- That Nasty Natasha for being so mean to Leanne! What a jealous b*tch! Poor Leanne!
- Why is Charlotte so annoying? Maybe John should have just satisfied her, and had it over with. Although, she’d probably come back for more.


Tvor said...

Nick's line to Leanne about wondering what it would be like if they were married with a kid really shocked and apalled me. Well you probably read the blog post! It was a great piece of work by the writers for those of us that do remember that he made her get an abortion years ago. I wonder if those writers even remembered that?

Tvor said...

Oh and i think Carla can be nice sometimes. She was also kind to Sally when told about Sally's cancer. She and Hayley went through a horrible thing and they understand what each other has had to deal with to get past it.

Anonymous said...

no, no, no...not feelin' too sorry for Leanne...fine she was a prostitute...Lewis is a male escort, eh? But Leanne's an ex-fraud: arsonist and lottery scam artist. She should be feeling more embarassed and bad about being a fraud artist more than an ex-prositute...


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