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Saturday, 4 January 2020

Simon Gregson interview: Steve discovers Tracy's fling

How have Steve and Tracy been getting on?
They have had a tricky year with one thing and another starting with their wedding which was a comedy of errors, Jim’s deception, Sinead’s death and then Steve discovering Emma is his daughter. Somewhere in all of that they have lost their relationship to some degree, life has got in the way.

Do they really love each other?
I think they do love each other, they have a very passionate relationship and that is what has kept them going. But somewhere along the way they have let this slip. Tracy went away on holiday with Liz after Sinead’s death and Steve has been distracted by the situation with Emma.

Why do you think Tracy cheated on him?
She was feeling ignored and when Steve lied about Tim being ill to get out of taking her to the gig she was really hurt. She ended up getting drunk in the Rovers and got chatting to Paula, it wasn;t something Tracy planned it just happened.

Amy accidently found out what had gone on and is furious is Steve aware of the tension between her and Tracy?

As usual Seve is oblivious until he arrived home with a kitten for Tracy to try and make amends and suddenly he realised that they are getting at each other, he has no idea why though, he was shocked when Amy said she was moving ut to stay with Emma.

He’s fallen for Amy’s lies about Tracy being homophobic, how does he feel about that?
He is not happy about it at all and he tackled Tracy, he has no idea that she is blackmailing her mum.

What happens between him and Leanne?
Leanne is angry with him because he refuses to take Olly to a birthday party as he is having the kitten he brought for Tracy chipped. Leanne is not impressed with his priorities but Steve still believes he is in the wrong with Tracy and puts her first. It is typical Steve, he is not the one in the wrong but yet again he is trying to please everyone, oblivious to what has happened.

How does he find out what happened between Tracy and Paula?
He is still trying to make things up with Tracy over lying to her on New Years eve and he organises a jacuzzi party for the two of them but Sally has also planned one and Tracy is embarrassed when Paula and Leanne arrive. Leanne knows what happened and finds it very funny to see how uncomfortable Tracy is. Steve is suspicious and when Tracy finally tells him the truth he can’t believe what he is hearing.

How does she try and explain it?
She tells him she is not gay but she was just feeling unloved and down in the dumps. It is ironic that he has done nothing wrong on this occasion and she manages to turn it round and make it his fault.

Do you think they can recover from this?
He tells Emma that he does love Tracy, I think this has made him realise that he doesn’t want to lose her and he does want to make his marriage work.


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