Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Vote for Corrie: Gail's monologue on Aidan suicide up for BAFTA

Gail Rodwell's monologue on the death of Aidan Connor is up for a BAFTA Award - and fans can vote for it to win.

Voting is open now and closes on May 1 at 5pm.

You can watch the short scene below and you can vote here.

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Charles Burns said...

This was an incredibly powerful scene. I wish we saw more of this sort of thing from Gail, instead of constant buffoonery we get nowadays.

Helen Worth is a great actress and Corrie icon, so give her more to do - and I don’t mean another marriage!

Humpty Dumpty said...

It was indeed a very powerful scene and theatrical in the best sense of the word. It's such a pity that Helen Worth isn't given better material. Sally Dynevor is another actress capable of great performance but she, at least, isn't made to continually act the fool.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree. Why on earth have the writers turned her into a simpering idiot of late?

popcorn said...

Agree. In Canada, we are watching Gail's ridiculous behaviour around the first days of the barber shop. Helen Worth deserves much better material than she is being given. Yes, she is great at comedy, but it doesn't have to be witless. Please take note, writers!

Linda Shockley said...

I would vote for that scene without hesitation, but they want me to allow cookies that show my browsing habits & I won't allow that; it's none of their business where I browse, so oh well. I hope she wins. Everyone is right, that scene was a good one, she should get more like that.

Anonymous said...

Linda Shockley, why not let them add all the cookies they want. Just clear your browser's history for the last hour right after you vote and the cookies will be cleared. Easy as pie :-)

Anonymous said...

I agree that this scene showed Gail at her best and not the simpering twit she's sadly being portrayed as now.I
Needless to say I voted for Gail's monologue but I wished that her son's rapist Josh wasn't shoehorned in the scene when Alya was telling the factory workers what happened.
It should have been only Alya and Yasmeen.
Since David also contemplated because of what Josh did to him,I thought it was in bad taste for Josh to be part of the aftermath of Aidan's suicide.

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