Friday, 15 March 2019

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Fri 15 March

Friday 15th March

CARLA’S PROBLEMS ARE THROUGH THE ROOF With the barber’s up and running, Nick returns to the factory. Carla’s irritated by his presence, wanting to keep her outsourcing plans from him. Nick’s suspicious and with Carla out of the office he starts going through the accounts. Managing to get what he needs out of Beth he confronts Carla about her intention to outsource production. Nick storms onto the factory floor and announces Carla’s plans to the workforce. As they instantly fear for their jobs, Carla feels all eyes on her. With the workforce feeling betrayed Carla reveals to Nick that the roof needs replacing but she can’t afford to shut down the factory. Nick rails at her for trying to cut him out whilst unbeknownst to them a drunken Robert listens from his balcony. As the workers berate Carla, Peter tries to step in but Carla rounds on him blaming him for saddling her with Nick as a partner. A stressed Nick informs David that Carla’s trying to cut him out of the factory, where all his money is tied up, and he’d be better off if it burned down. The disgruntled Underworld staff decide to fight dirty with Carla. Carla finds her car window smashed with a brick, and Robert lurking nearby.
LOLLY DOES HER WORST Rana tells Kate she doesn’t want Lolly at the wedding. Kate agrees to face Lolly and tell her. Lolly meets Kate and Rana in Speed Daal. When Kate reveals she’s no longer invited to the wedding, a scorned Lolly accuses Rana of making a pass at her. Rana’s furious. As Lolly continues to accuse Rana of fancying her, a row erupts in Speed Daal. Lolly’s stunned when Kate announces she doesn’t believe a word. Lolly flirts with Craig, charming him into letting her inside Kate and Rana’s flat.
PETER DECIDES TO SAIL ON Simon encourages Peter to persist with his sailing ambitions but Peter’s still unsure. Ken compiles a list of pros and cons for Peter’s sailing adventure. Peter’s taken aback to see Carla’s name under both headings. Ken urges him to decide once and for all if there’s any future with her. Peter’s pensive.
GARY IS IN THE MONEY When Gary claims he’s got more work lined up, Jan’s pleased while a watching Seb seethes. As Gary pulls out a wad of cash, claiming he was paid upfront for a job, Sarah’s pleased. Eileen assures a downcast Seb that his fortunes will turn around soon. Seb blames
Gary for sacking him and eyes him with contempt as he flashes his cash in the Rovers. Seb storms out, vowing to teach Gary a lesson. Carla’s dismisses Gary when he chases payment for his recent work. Gary and Sarah head home, watched by a vengeful Seb.
ELSEWHERE A drunken Robert refuses to give Michelle the details of a wedding they have booked for tomorrow. Johnny throws him out of the pub.

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