Friday, 4 December 2015

Top 25 Favourite Corrie Males - No. 1

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Duration: 1989-
Played by: Simon Gregson  
2012 character poll position (men): 2

Having led the race since the second week, Steve McDonald is at No.1!! I believe his popularity soared when he married Karen in 2001 and thus making him one of the show’s all-time favourites.

Over the course of 26 years, Steve McDonald has gone from a mischievous teen who caused trouble for Alf Roberts to a father, cab firm owner and pub landlord loved by millions. He arrived on the Street with parents Jim and Liz and twin brother Andy. 

For a man who’s only in his forties, Steve has been married six times! First wife Vicky Arden was wealthy and he only married her for her money. When he got into hot water criminally, he blamed her and she quickly filed for divorce. He married second wife Karen Phillips for a bet in 2001 but they fell in love and became popular with fans due to their fiery arguments. The marriage ended due to Karen’s affair with Joe Carter and Steve’s one night stand with Tracy Barlow – resulting in the birth of his daughter Amy. After a few months, Steve and Karen reunited and remarried in 2004 but the marriage soon collapsed and Karen left the Street and they divorced in 2006. 

After relationships with Tracy, Ronnie Clayton and Michelle Connor, Steve married Becky Granger in 2009. Their marriage was also tempestuous with both making mistakes which resulted in their divorce in 2011. Steve then married Tracy when she became pregnant with twins. But when she miscarried, she accused Becky of pushing her down the stairs, a lie to gain Steve’s sympathy. Becky got her revenge though and announced that Tracy was lying and had medical evidence that showed she had had a miscarriage. A furious Steve divorced Tracy. He then returned to dating Michelle. After a tough relationship with Steve hiding his depression from her, they eventually married in 2015.

Steve owned the Rovers between 2006 and 2012 and has been since 2013 (albeit a brief period in 2015) and has been running cab firm Street Cars since 2000, enjoying a wonderful camaraderie with Lloyd Mullaney and Eileen Grimshaw. When he wanted money to start the cab firm, he borrowed from drug dealer Jez Quigley. When Steve failed to pay him, Jez sought revenge and beat him up and left him for dead. Steve’s dad Jim sought revenge on Jez by beating him up and this resulted in Jez dying of a punctured lung. 

Steve is of course known on this Blog for his gurns!

Should Steve be at no. 1? Are you a fan? 

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Cobblestone said...

Yes, a big fan of Steve. Simon has developed as a great comic actor over the years. Who'd have thought the pretty-boy pin-up teen would have morphed into such a classic Corrie feckless middle-aged bloke. I particularly love his relationship with Amy, and now that Elle Mullvanny has come into her own, I look forward to some great father/daughter comedy. She'll wrap him round her little finger!

C in Canada said...

Yay! Steve IS number 1 in my book!
I loved him with Becky. It's too bad they had to end that relationship, they were a blast to watch.
Doesn't Liz technically own the Rover's, due to Steve's criminal record?
I would love to see him have more kids...with anyone but Tracy though!

Tvor said...

Steve was able to be the licensee of the pub because enough time had passed since his criminal conviction.

Steve is often overlooked due to his gurning and comedy but he's done some really fine work with serious scenes as well. He really has developed into a very good actor.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Steve has always been a favorite but even more so in recent years.
One of my favorite scenes is Steve comforting Ken after Deirdre died.
He's a genuine bloke who unlike his wife cares about other people and always tries to help anyone in need.

Anonymous said...

It says a lot for the character and the actor that he's achieved iconic status at such a young age, too. His scenes with Lloyd were always my favourite Corrie moments which is one reason why I feel the loss of that character so keenly.

Anonymous said...

Of course, I have loved his relationship with Lloyd, but Ihave also loved his relationship with Eileen.

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