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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Is this Fat Brenda's handbag?

As I do sometimes I was looking at a few recent Coronation Street publicity pictures and in the background of this one of the cab office I spotted a handbag. It's just below the first-aid kit but who does it belong to? Andrea clearly has hers with her so that leaves Brenda or Eileen. Does it belong to the elusive switch operator or is she more of an Aldi carrier bag kind of a girl?

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Anonymous said...

If you'd saved this for Spot the Prop, probably no one would have guessed it:)

Angie S said...

It's mine, I'm Fat Brenda, hopefully they will cast me for the part and you will be seeing me soon lol, I'm 54 and have bright Pink hair im a bit plump but could add extra layers if called for! ITV, get in touch soon please!

Anonymous said...

Confiscate it until she gives us another blog post!

Beth said...

I would have thought Brenda would have brought her Dunhill's and Mellow Bird in a Fresco's carrier. I'm a bit surprised she's got a hand bag :)

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