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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Coronation Street weekly update - April 5 2015

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This has been a roller-coaster ride of a week on Coronation Street. A birth, a proposal, a rover returns and a snobby Sally too. Who could want for more? And so, without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

The big story this week has been Faye giving birth. Craig does his best to prepare Faye for the birth, reading up about it on the internet, getting towels ready, while Faye remains convinced it’ll just magic itself away. It doesn’t, of course. Upstairs in the flat above the shop Faye goes into labour, screaming at Craig not to tell Anna, afraid that Anna won’t want her any more if she finds out what’s happened.  Craig runs off to find Anna to give her the shock news and all hell breaks loose. Everyone rushes to the flat, an ambulance is called and Craig’s wrongly blamed for getting Faye pregnant. “I didn’t do it, I swear on Darryl’s life,” he tells his mum.  Faye gives birth to a baby girl and while shocked grandparents Anna and Tim sit at her hospital bedside, Faye can’t bring herself to look at her child.

It’s the Butler Auction in the Rovers with Sean as camp compere along with Billy the Vicar. I wish Sean would stop patting the side of his imaginary lopsided beehive, he is not Bet Lynch, whatever he might wish. Norris bids to win Sally as his slave for the day and to the tune of one hundred pounds, he wins Sally’s services. As you can imagine, she is not best pleased. Norris has her scrubbing his door step and criticising Sally every time she stops for breath. It’s too much for Sal and she tells Norris where he can stick his rubber scrubber.
At the Rovers, Steve fears that he’s not good enough for Michelle after she accepted his proposal of marriage last week. He calls the engagement off and then Michelle asks him to marry her instead. It was a lovely touch which got a round of applause from those in the pub and on my sofa too.

Tracy and Tony continue their saucy shenanigans. When Tracy gets jealous of Tony paying off Steve’s tax debt instead of investing in her knock-off shop, she tells Tony she’s cutting him loose. Tony plays it cool for a while but is soon on the phone to Tracy and pops round to the Barlow back door. Tracy gives him a smile and then flashes him in her dressing gown. I almost choked on my chocolate egg.

Sarah returns from Milan this week to sort out mi’lady, Bethany. Sarah tells the Platt clan that Bethany’s been expelled from school for shoplifting and she’ll be on the first plane back to Milan with her mum. I do hope not, she’s fun.  It’s also fun having Sarah back, to wind up David and put him in his place in a way that no one else does, or can. Even Sarah has a pop at uncle David until Audrey tells her to be quiet.  “He stuffed drugs in my dolly when I was little,” she replies. “I can say what I like.”  Further winding David up, Sarah starts flirting with Callum when she realises how much David hates him. Meanwhile, Bethany winds up Jason by pretending that her mum still has feelings for him, feelings so strong that she keeps a shrine to him in their flat in Milan.

Carla returns from Los Angeles and soon gets cosy with Nick in her flat after he pops round to fix her laptop. Not much more to say on this just yet, we’ll have to see how it goes.

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This week’s writers were Damon Rochefort (Sunday double); Simon Crowther (Monday); Ellen Taylor (Monday); Martin Allen (Wednesday); Jonathan Harvey (Friday);  Julie Jones (Friday).  Find out all about the Coronation Street writing team at

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Anonymous said...

When Bethany made the comment about David putting drugs in her dolly,I wished Audrey told her how her mother planted drugs in the salon to frame David for the job in Milan. and wants to date a drug dealer!

Dolly Tubb said...

For the first time in ages I was actually eagerly awaiting Friday nights episodes as Faye's pregnancy story unfolded. Amazing acting and beautiful writing. I actually had a tear in my eye as Faye shouted 'thanks' to Craig as the ambulance doors shut him out of the drama he had played such a pivotal role in.
In comparison, the CampCallum story lurches from tedious to downright dismal. He's a DRUG DEALER for heavens sake. He makes money by exploiting people and ruining their lives. It's illegal. He's even done time for it. Yet he's treated as someone who's only ever had to sit in the naughty step for nicking a packet of TicTacs from t'Kabin.

Anonymous said...

I am really out of my depth here, so I almost hesitate to comment, however - isn't there a wide range of people who could be described as drug dealers? The only one I ever knew personally lived downstairs from me in a large apartment complex and sold pot to friends. Because he had done jail time for dealing, he did not have a passport and was basically stuck, unable to get other employment without leaving the country. He was probably the nicest, most even tempered man I've ever met, at peace with his lot. I'm not saying this is who Callum is, but doesn't middle-class THE DRUG DEALER title have an outdated panto quality in this day and age? Given the problem of black people receiving life-altering prison sentences for minor drug incidents - at least in North America - I think this could have been an opportunity for Corrie to get deeper into the realities of the white collar drug world, where the penalties are relatively minimal and the profusion of recreational drugs among teens and young adults more normalised than us oldsters probably realise.

Anonymous said...

I agree - I don't really care that he is a drug dealer. He is still a person.

Zagg said...

I could not disagree more. A coke dealer is bad news anyway or anywhere. There's a huge difference between a little weed and lots of cocaine.
I bet you would care if he was a drug dealer who got your kid addicted to coke. It is a nasty destructive, horrible path and one that should never be tolerated by society or the law.He ain't selling Tupperware.

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