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Friday, 5 December 2014

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 5 December

Friday 5th December
SALLY HAS A TICKING BOMB IN HER LIVING ROOM. When the wife of the man who sold Kevin the sofa calls in the garage and explains she’d like her sofa back, as her husband only sold it out of spite as they’re getting divorced, Kevin panics. Clearly smitten by Diane, he tells her he sold the sofa to a random guy in the pub. Diane insists they go for a drink to see if they can find him. In the Rovers Diane flirts with Kevin and they exchange phone numbers so Kevin can contact her if he tracks down the sofa. But with Sally now loving her new sofa, will she and Tim agree to help Kevin out?
SEAN AND SINEAD HIT TOWN. Sean’s excited at the thought of a big night out with his mates, hoping that he might get lucky and meet Mr Right. But as his mates cry off one by one he’s disappointed when only Sinead remains up for a night on the tiles.
YASMEEN SPIES AN OPPORTUNITY. Yasmeen suggests to Sharif they should look at buying No.6 which is going up for auction.
ELSEWHERE Carla hands Michelle a cheque to cover Tracy’s debts and pay off the wedding suppliers. When Michelle calls in Barlow’s Buys and tells Tracy she’s off the hook as Carla’s paid her debts, how will Tracy react?

Friday 5th December
IT’S SOFA, SO GOOD FOR SALLY’S NEW FRIENDSHIP. Diane arrives for her evening with Kevin. Desperate to keep the sofa debacle a secret, Kevin suggests the bistro. But when Sally and Tim join them Kevin’s horrified, worried that Sally will mention the sofa. Realising that Diane’s a cut above, Sally’s instantly impressed and wonders how she and Kevin met. Kevin quickly changes the subject. But when Sally suggests Kevin and Diane come back for a night-cap, how will Kevin get out of that one? After a brief kiss from Diane he’s enraptured but knows he’s stuck in a real predicament.
SEAN IS SENT A VISION FROM HEAVEN. Sean and Sinead are about to head home after an uneventful evening when suddenly Sean’s luck changes and Billy introduces himself, explaining he’s the new vicar at St Mary’s. As Sean and Billy exchange phone numbers, Sean’s walking on air.
TRACY CAN’T SEE A WAY OUT. Tracy pours over her accounts, worried at the lack of business. Ken points out she should be grateful that Carla’s paid off her wedding debts.
ELSEWHERE Yasmeen does her best to persuade Sharif that buying No.6 would be a good idea as it’s so convenient for the gym and the community centre.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Carla seems to be another Rita with a bottomless pit of cash to splash on everyone with a sob story. In reality the tin pot back street faktry which empoys the laziest staff in the world would have got to the wall years ago. Ever heard of the Middle East buyers????

Rossie said...

Loved Sally, Kevin, Tim and Alison in the Bistro tonight. Comedy gold, especially Sally.
Presumed the Nazirs scene with the santa costume at the gym was also meant to be funny? Actually it was embarrassingly bad. Why is this family still here? Is it for a bet?

Humpty Dumpty said...

I didn't expect the scene in the Bistro would be funny. Sally, Tim and Kevin work very well together, and Alison could be a great addition. Why can't the writers do something equally good with Gail and Michael? I also chuckled at Sinead in the bar, and even Tracy was good. Great writing tonight. See, I don't always moan!

Rosie said...

Really enjoying corrie at the moment, lots of comedy moments, even Tracey is bearable. Keep it up writers.

Anonymous said...

Now I seem to remember me saying a few posts back that I wish Corrie would have Canadian actors or actresses visit the show as a nod to Corrie's beginnings. Well, you are getting close Corrie but Canada is a little farther north than Julia Montgomery Brown's home of the USA. I can always hope that we will see some Canadian bacon on screen one day. Fingies crossed. Maybe a friend of Nicks or perhaps someone Ken befriended whilst visiting his relatives in the Great White North?

Anonymous said...

That last comment was mine.

- Pod

abbyk said...

Ive been watching Corrie long enough that some of the vocabulary has slipped into my speech, not that anyone understands it over here. Now I know exactly how odd British English sounds when spoken with an American accent; hmmm, must be mindful.

What everybody said, and the continuing bit about the spider(s). Great stuff tonight. Except Yasmeen, she's still annoying.

Rossie said...

How long do we think it will be before Todd makes a move on Billy, under the pretence of needing some help getting used to his different face. Poor Sean, my heart is breaking already.

Louby said...

Another Platt free episode, well I know that will be different next week. I loved the Bistro scene, Tim, Sally and Kevin have a great comedy thing going there. Yes, Carla seems to have a bottomless pit of cash. I could never understand why, when she was with Peter, that they lived in that shoe box flat when she had had that nice apartment, which she now seems to have moved back into? (I suppose they are just recycling the old set?!)


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