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Saturday 20 September 2014

Coronation Street weekly update, September 20 2014

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“It chewed up one of Ken’s socks this week,” moans Deirdre to Tracy, who replies: “You’ve got to get rid of it, mam.”  Little Simon overhears and thinks the worst, they’re going to get rid of Eccles! But no, it’s the washing machine that Deirdre’s moaning about.  As Amy has already lied about Eccles biting her arm, Simon panics that Eccles’ days are numbered and he determines to save the little dog. Off it goes to live with Sophie and Maddie upstairs in Sally’s house. Tim’s allergic to it, but he doesn’t know there’s a dog upstairs and he blames the dust instead. Oh, Sally’s face was a picture. Dust? In Sally’s house? She thinks perhaps they’ve got mice and gets Tim to lay traps, and all the while Tim is sneezing and coughing because of his allergy to Eccles.  The pooch gets saved anyway, as you knew it would be, and it’s back to living the life of Riley at the Barlows’.  Ken gets a confession out of Amy that Eccles didn’t bite her and all is well that ends well.  I’m not really sure what the point of this story was, to be honest, except for Maddie and Sophie to be involved in a canny canine caper so that fans take Sophie and Maddie as a couple to their hearts – look folks, they saved the dog! They saved the flaming dog!

In Weatherfield nick,  Tracy visits Peter and witters on about her wedding until Peter tells her that while Jim might have been the one who saved his life when he had alcohol poisoning, he was also the one giving him the booze in the first place. It’s news that Tracy passes to Steve, who visits his dad, and tells the screws (I know all the prison lingo, me) and then Steve leaves.  News about his dad hits Steve hard and he takes it badly. There’s news that Steve will spiral into depression in the run up to Christmas and I think we’ve seen the trigger and the start of it now.

Kylie continues to pop Max’s pills and she visits the GP to get more to cover the missing ones she’s taken. Meanwhile, in the Platt house, Michael discovers he might have hereditary heart disease and Gail tells him, quite lovingly and movingly, that she’s there for him and all will be well. It was such a lovely scene. I do hope he doesn’t turn out to be a serial killer, this one.

Andrea’s husband Neil continues to cause problems in her relationship with Lloyd. Neil stalks them in the Bistro where they’re trying to have a romantic meal. He follows them like a puppywho just won’t let go.  Lloyd pays Neil a visit and tells him to leave off, but Neil reports him to the cops for harassment instead. I know it shouldn’t be funny, but it is. Lloyd and Andrea as a couple have no chemistry, for this fan, and if Neil needs a hand at splitting them up I’m only too happy to help.

And finally this week, Julie and Dev go on a platonic night out for a drink in the Rovers. Mary, as you can imagine, is not best pleased.

And that was just about that for this week.

Coronation Street writers this week were Julie Jones, Mark Burt, Cardy O’Donnell, Carmel Morgan and Jayne Hollinson. Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team at

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Tvor said...

The dognapping storyine is just the kind of gentle little storyline that long time watchers say they want more of. It seems pointless nowadays because we're so used to the sensational stuff, sad to say. I thought it was a nice little storyline and it also shows us how Amy is becoming a Tracy-clone and wants more attention.

I hope they don't use Michael's possible heart condition to kill him off. I anticipate surgery and I'd like to see Gail have a few happy years, at least!

Frosty the Snowman said...

Frosty doesnt think Amy is a bad kid, she is just desperate for attention. She has a vile self serving mother that is happy to abandon her to anyone so that she can go on her merry way. Her father is an idiot who is always involved in other things, Simon is pandered to and treated like a child less than his years - you cannot blame her for acting up.

Is Mary Div's Housekeeper now then? I thought she just looked after the invisible children, now we see cosy suppers a deux - be afraid Dev - be very afraid!

Alison said...

Half the time there are complaints about sensational storylines, the other half the time complaints about the low key "pointless" storylines. Seems like there's no pleasing people! I liked the ending of this storyline when Amy clearly was upset at the attention simon gets, rather than the writers simply turning her into a mean mini Tracey.

Humpty Dumpty said...

The dognapping storyline was OK and Amy, for a child of her age, had a legitimate reason to keep to her lies. There was just too much wrong with the story unfortunately: Sophie and Maddie (enough said); nobody has the family dog put down without checking injuries and I'm not sure a vet would have done it; Simon gratefully throwing his arms around Maddie's waist (stop it with this kid!); Tracy reverting to Evil Queen mode. The best actor in the storyline was Eccles. I see a great future for that mutt. It wasn't heart-warming but, thankfully, short-lived. Maybe Tracy's concerned look at the end will start us off another story.

Zagg said...

I get the non-sensational story line and welcome them when they are written well. This Eccles fiasco had more holes than a block of Swiss cheese and was contrived so the viewers would love Maddehhhh. Sorry.... it failed. I agree with Humpty, enough with Simon throwing his arms around the next saviour. He's way too old now to be acting like a 6 year old.They may not have dropped quite yet...but he needs to grow a pair.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why a 12 year old has to grow a pair... He's not 14, he's still a kid. Simon will grow. I really liked Tim and how he quickly picked up it was time to take his harem home right afteer Amy confessed. Lovin' this little actress, she is going to be interesting to watch grow up. I hope she will have more redeeming moments in future. Maddie is making Sophie more tolerable to me by circumventing her high pitched windging with some reasoning,or translation " what Sophie really means to say", or blocking it with a kiss. She's wearing the pants in this relationship. Bonus will come when Madie impresses Carla at the 'faktry' and becomes a junior assistant to the office, much to Sally's chagrin. MartesBC


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