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Friday 12 September 2014

The Corrie Rat Pack hit Weatherfield

This just in from the official Coronation Street website at

Women of Weatherfield watch out - there is a new ‘Rat Pack’ on the street and they are going to be breaking some hearts!

As the nights draw in and summer comes to an end, temperatures will still be rising on Coronation Street as these four sexy guys make their presence known.

Now Corrie fans can get a sneak preview of the smooth-talking foursome in a behind the scenes VT of the Rat Pack themed shoot at

Viewers have already seen Dean Fagan as smooth talking mechanic Luke Britton - after a brief flirtation with Carla Connor and a short lived fling with Katy Armstrong - Luke will set his sights on unlucky in love single mum Maria Connor.

And this month former Shameless actor Qasim Akhtar arrived as the latest member of the Nazir family, an angry young man who was an asset to the Rovers cricket team - although he is yet to bowl a maiden over it can’t be long before someone catches his eye.

Now they are to be joined by Sean Ward as Kylie’s bad boy ex Callum Logan and Oliver Farnworth who is playing Michael Rodwell’s estranged son Gavin - a man with a dark secret.

Both Callum and Gavin have a past that could really set the cat amongst the pigeons in the already fractured Platt household...
Callum is a character marked by his past misdemeanours but his good-looking charm and dark edge will be impossible to avoid. Viewers will watch in trepidation as Callum lures Kylie back into the life she left behind and while she might have escaped once before, will she be able to bury her past once and for all?
Oliver Farnworth, who is best known for his parts in Hollyoaks and Mr Selfridge, has bagged the role as Les Dennis’ character Michael Rodwell’s long-lost son, Gavin, but he is a man with a secret and may not be all he seems!
Stuart said: “These four guys are certainly going to make their mark in the coming months, they are sexy, confident, engaging and yet still with edge and depth, the women of Weatherfield won’t know what’s hit them.”

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Roni said...

Excuse me, these four little boys put together DO NOT even come close to the one and only Marc Bayliss who is truly sexy, confident, engaging and yet still with edge and depth and gives all that to his character. Stuart hasn't a clue as to what he's talking about. All that the women of Weatherfield have to look forward to are a quartet of horny little teeny boppers. Yuck,I am so not looking forward to the story lines of a bunch of cougars with these cubs. NOT HAPPY AT ALL!

Anonymous said...

Seems the producers are objectifying men again. Acting skills and storylines should take place over looks.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Now this posed scowly beefcake photograph reminds Frosty of something - oh yes its when Rob and Ryan first pitched up in the Street. We got exactly the same picture of them then.

Anonymous said...

I despair. Eye candy is all very well and good but why not invest in developing the characters already there SB. This isnt Hollyoaks....yet. -Micky

Anonymous said...

Clever photo shoot. Hope the characters and actors find their place. They almost messed up with Luke, linking him with Katie for a flling in the van was a bit crude after the 'gentlemanly' scenes with Carla. I have great hopes for Luke and Steph to get well established on the Street. Need some eye candy at the Platts since two of the characters are converging there we are going to see much more of team Platt. Could one of these new boys be a match for Sean? MartesBC

Anonymous said...

I think they should be called the 'Brat Pack'rather than the 'Rat Pack' as none of then are as suave or charning as Rob.

Anonymous said...

They make Rob a killer and are writing him out, just as the character was standing on his feet and Marc was showing potential. Now we are hitting the reset button with more "hunks" and "badboys" just like how Ryan and Rob were written into the series, and one of them ended up leaving.

I wish they would work on their current characters, and stop bringing in the same old tired "hunks", "badboys" or "feisty" characters. I think they put more effort into the promotions but with no pay off. I wonder which one (Callum or Gavin) will become the next repetitive villain and possible killer.

Anonymous said...

Nice photo of yet another boyband/Justin Timberlake-types...but as a publicity photo to grow the Corrie audience? I don't know. Unless they deliver with strong compelling storylines around these young men as well as credible character development from the ground running, it's all false advertising or worse -- just the usual lame attempt to improve quality without putting in the work.

Anonymous said...

Honestly? None of them are attractive. Just sayin'.


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