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Monday 29 September 2014

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 29 Sep

Monday 29th September
KYLIE’S COMPELLED TO COMMIT A TERRIBLE ACT. Stressed Kylie’s tempted to take more of Max’s pills but is stopped when David disturbs her. But as the day goes on she crosses the line once more and takes the final few of Max’s pills believing David is picking up a new prescription. But with David delayed and unable to go to the chemist is Kylie about to be found out?
SICK SALLY DRIVES TIM UP THE WALL. Looking after poorly Sally is testing Tim’s patience to the limit. But his behaviour raises some concerns when he discards an application form for a new job.
NEIL MAKES ONE LAST APPEARANCE. Neil calls in to see Andrea and Lloyd - he tells them he has been cautioned by the police and is leaving the country for good. Is their nightmare finally over?
ELSEWHERE When Julie casually arranges to see Dev at the gym, Mary promptly invites herself along.

Monday 29th September
KYLIE TWISTS IN THE WIND AS DAVID CATCHES HER OUT. David is furious that he has caught Kylie taking Max’s last pills and storms out to get the prescription taking the kids with him as he doesn’t want to leave them with Kylie. She breaks down and pours her heart out to Eva. David returns and locks the new pills away from Kylie.
MADDIE SPELLS OUT HER CONCERNS. Maddie is suspicious when Tim ducks out of playing scrabble with the family and heads off to the pub with Kevin. She tackles him with her suspicions - will he come clean?
IS THE NIGHTMARE FINALLY OVER FOR LLOYD AND ANDREA? Neil reveals he has managed to get his old job back oversees so Lloyd offers to drive him to the airport. Is this the end?
ELSEWHERE Mary and Julie continue to battle it out for Dev’s attention.

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Anonymous said...

That David, what a humanitarian. Rather than trying to find out what has driven Kylie to take Max's medication, he storms out, treats her like a pariah, and then locks the medication away. Yes, that will solve everything.

I find it impossible to believe that anyone actually cares if this is the end of Neil and whether or not Lloyd and Andrea are now free to enjoy their relationship.

Anonymous said...

I do hope Bessie Street School has some programs in empathy training because the kids sure don't see much of it at home. Let's hope Amy's not an example of budget cuts in that area.
A further thought in that regard: if Deirdre is capable of such insight into Amy's behaviour as she's exhibited lately, why is she so thick regarding Tracy's?

The.HR.Doctor said...

Going off topic for a moment, has anyone else noticed that - considering that Liz and Steve give Jim all the respect that a baby gives it's nappy - there is a picture of Jim in full Army kit above the fireplace and a picture of Jim, Liz and Steve on the window sill in their living room...

Frosty the Snowman said...

Tim discards the application form - well we all know why dont we - they are going to mirror Emmerdale again with an adult literacy story, poor Tim cant read nor write - funny how he emailed and found Faye on the internet, dont you have to read to do that???

Humpty Dumpty said...

If this is the end of the Neil story, it does seem rather hasty. Mind you, the whole Andrea storyline seemed to clunk with twists and turns: She loves Steve, no, she doesn't, she loves Lloyd. But that's too easy ... And the joins showed.

The characters, where the actors are leaving Corrie, have been given odd behaviour. Really, would Eva take no account of Jason's feelings; would Kylie really revert back to her old life; Peter and Tina (both characters ruined). Anne Kirkbride will sadly be leaving Corrie for a few months. I wish her well, and hope Deirdre isn't given a ridiculous personality transplant to explain her absence.

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Anonymous said...

Anoymous,I could understand David's shock and anger and he did the right thing locking it away from her as she could get seriously ill.David better not be portrayed as the villain again as he was when he find out Kylie and Nick slept together.
I also hope that Tim's illiteracy storyline isn't used as excuse for Sally and Kevin to get back togerher.I mean whenever there's been an issue storyline in the past,it becomes a ploy for an affair.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Tim can read it is just he hasn't graduated high school. Most jobs require a high school diploma and since Tim only does odd jobs here and there, perhaps he never finished school?

Anonymous said...

Good grief, is this literacy month? The Internet doesn't require proper spelling and grammar but neither do schools; at least not in Canada. It's apparently more important to not be able to spell anything beyond your own name else risk permanent damage to your creativity and self-esteem. Funny, kids are so creative and full of self-esteem now that they bring guns to school.

David doesn't need to be portrayed as the villain; he most often is. Poor impulse control, tendency to violence, he's a gem.


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