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Friday 12 September 2014

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 12 Sep

Friday 12th September
KYLIE SETS OUT ON A SLIPPERY SLOPE. Having been up all night pouring over paperwork, Kylie’s exhausted before she even starts her day at the salon. Struggling to concentrate she heads out to get painkillers but home alone she picks up Max’s pills and swallows two. When she returns to the salon looking much more together David’s pleased. In turmoil Kylie confides in Eva that she’s a terrible mother. But will she confess the new depths she’s sunk to?
NEIL GATECRASHES ANDREA AND LLOYD. Lloyd’s put out to see Neil has placed an announcement in the Gazette celebrating his and Andrea’s wedding anniversary. When Neil then arrives at the bistro and parks himself at the table next to Lloyd and Andrea, she’s at her wits end.
TONY EATS HUMBLE PIE. Jason remains frosty towards Tony. Gutted Tony pours his out to Eileen, explaining he only wants the best for Jason. Will Eileen plead his case with Jason?
ELSEWHERE Alya tells Julie it’s obvious Dev fancies her. When Amy accidentally cuts her hand she sees the opportunity for some attention and lies that Eccles bit her.

Friday 12th September
KYLIE FEARS WHAT SHE HAS BECOME. Eva tells Kylie she’ll have to confess to David before he realises some of Max’s pills are missing. Consumed with guilt Kylie psyches herself up to confess but will she be able to bring herself to tell David the awful truth?
ANDREA REACHES THE END OF HER TETHER WITH NEIL. Neil takes great delight in winding up Lloyd and Andrea over their meal. As he shows Lloyd photos of their previous wedding anniversaries, will Lloyd be able to contain his anger? And will Andrea decide she needs to take more decisive action to get Neil out of their lives?
WILL JASON FORGIVES THE SINS OF THE FATHER? Eileen urges Jason to make up with Tony, pointing out that for all his faults Tony does love him. Will Jason agree to bury the hatchet? Meanwhile Todd seethes as both Jason and Tony make it clear they want nothing to do with him.
ELSEWHERE Tracy tells Deirdre that Eccles should be put down for biting Amy. Simon’s devastated but will Tracy leave Deirdre with any option? Mary’s jealous as Dev and Julie enjoy a drink together. Michael opens up to Gail about his fragmented family.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry writers but couldn't you for once have one normal happy child on the street. Shame Amy is turning into a mini Tracy - I was hoping that Deidre and Ken would have snuffed that demon sooner - poor Eccles hope someone sees through the deception.

Dilly Daydream said...

Why doesn't Andrea get an injunction against Neil, he's a bloody pest and it's creeping me out now!

Frosty the Snowman said...

Look at the stupid expressions on those 3! This tiresome threesome looks to drag on ad nauseum. Frosty is going to have to record and fast forward these frankly pathetic scenes. Do the writers really think we find this story at all interesting?

Anonymous said...

These previews are having the opposite effect for what they were intended...instead of looking forward to the episodes now, I'm dreading them! I don't think I'll read the previews any more and just watch and if I get to a tiresome part, I'll hit the Fast Forward button... been doing that a LOT these days -- too MANY tiresome storylines and boring, pointless, cardboard characters...

Humpty Dumpty said...

It's very tiresome that Lloyd and Andrea always have their nights on the Street. He runs a cab firm, after all. You have to suspend your disbelief, but there comes a point when it becomes ridiculous. Craig Charles must surely be leaving soon for Red Dwarf (both programmes keeping very quiet about developments) and we must endure this silliness until then.

If you think your child's been bitten by a dog, you'd take it to the Medical Practice down the road. I hope they nip this storyline in the bud as some vulnerable people watch Corrie who would find it very upsetting.

abbyk said...

Lloyd is such a nice, normal guy. In what reality would a guy like that be involved with such a pair of losers? None, and that's got my teeth gnashing. Is this psychopathic stalker story supposed to be funny? It isnt. Is he supposed to be a threatening menace, like Terry Duckworth? He isnt, in fact he's an inept fool like Stape but without a shred of empathy. Andrea deceived our Lloyd, unforgivable. Neil is yet another educated character who they either don't know how to write, or think we won't understand if he's allowed to act like a smart and civilized professional.

Anonymous said...

Why would Kylie be doing the Salon accounts?
I can't think of anyone less suitable and who has been doing them all this time?

ER Canada

Tvor said...

Got to admit, the Andrea/Neil/Lloyd storyline has fallen apart for me as well.

Zagg said...

This threesome story line has become a real drag. We've been here before with poor Lloyd. Boy, those writers surely do not know what to do with him. Why does there ALWAYS have to be the crazy ex making their lives miserable? It's so old.
And Kylie? Once upon a time I kind of liked her. Now, she's just annoying and over dramatic. So her kid has ADHD. She's acting like he's terminal and she's so stressed she can't cope. It was not a very creative way for her to be written out for mat leave. Poor writing, again.


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