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Tuesday 16 September 2014

Spoilers for next week's Coronation Street, Sep 22-26

Without any piffle, here's the storyline for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.
Week of Monday 22 September to Friday 26 September

 Kevin returns and Tim’s not happy, Eileen’s furious with Todd, Neil starts a rooftop protest to get Andrea back, Michael’s not well and visits the doc.

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Anonymous said...

Kevin returns..again..why? Is there a plausible reason that this character is still on the show or is he just a left=over and needs a job. I don't know but I just wonder if other characters are just kept on because they've always been there. IMO he adds nothing to the soap but thanks for letting me add my 2 bits.

Mad Hatter said...

Why? Because he wasn't really gone, only on a break.

Humpty Dumpty said...

SB has said that Kevin and Sally won't get together again so he will need a really strong storyline of his own. Ken managed it mainly because he and Peter have a great connection. Tyrone offers a similar opportunity and perhaps Kevin's storylines will be more about the garage than the family.

Stephen said...

I think he deserves to be in the sdhow more than (for instance) Todd. We already have one relentlessly evil, selfish maggot in it: Tracy. Todd is surplus. So, bring back Kevin and give Todd the sack.

Anonymous said...

Michael Le Vell is back on the show because when he was charged with sexual abuse the producers were forced to suspend him, but agreed to keep his job open and said when he was acquitted he could come back. He returned but then had some substance abuse problems, so he was once again suspended until he went through some form of rehab. Once again he's back. He's a long-term cast member, so presumably this treatment is one of the perks.

BSteinhouse said...

The business of Neil on the roof and Andrea going after him and losing her balance is a bit out there. If Corrie wants to tackle depression - which it seems to want, given news about Steve's forthcoming depression - Neil is a good candidate.

Generally becoming depressive and self-destructive seems like a realistic reaction from Neil. This roof thing just seems like an **explosive** gimmick.

Anonymous said...

I also wonder what is the point of bringing Kevin back? To be honest I haven't missed him and it sounds as though the old 'Kevin wants Sally back' storyline will be recycled yet again!That being said,Kevin better not bully Tyrone this time about neglecting the garage.

Anonymous said...

Eileen is far from the only one who hates the person Todd has become!! Isn't Jim a treat, blackmailing people into his life - what a charmer, I can't imagine how Liz could stay away. Am I the only one who cheered inside my head while reading that Andrea lost her hold and fell from the roof? Perhaps Neil will dive after her and will be rid of them both in one go! Kevin still having feelings for Sally... a bit late in the game, isn't it?

David Parsnips said...

Really what is the point of Kevin Boomeranging back again? I have nothing against Michael Le Veil but things have moved on and I dont think the character of Kevin has a place on the show any longer.

Zagg said...

Wow, it seems old Kev is getting a less than resounding welcome back. I on the other hand am glad to see him back. I like it when any character who has longevity on the show is brought back. It feels familiar and the street used to be. And I think given that he is Sophie's Dad and still has family on the street he definitely has a place on the show. He does I agree, need to move on from Sally. Let them be good friends now, family confidants and grow up.
Neil on the roof? Ugh...just make him go away.

Anonymous said...

Zagg,I could only speak for myself and say that I think Kevin is past his sell by date pining over Sally again and again.Granted Kevin is Sophie's dad but we've seen other relatives leave the Street due to 'lack of storylines' and it can't be easy for Tyrone seeing his first wife's son whom he loved as his own,growing up on the Street.


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