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Monday 29 September 2014

Coronation Street Double Episode Review 29 September 2014

Having thought long and hard about the credibility of the 'Kylie takes Max's pills' story, I find it impossible to be convinced by it. Also,  David's reaction is odd. He virtually treats Kylie like a murdering criminal, rather than an over-stressed mother who feels that Max's behaviour is her and Max's dad's fault and needs something go calm her down. 'I feel I've got to protect him against his own mum.' Designed to cut deeply...

Kylie is in a dreadful mood, lashing out at all those who dare speak to her, especially Maria. Maybe Kylie is a little jealous of Maria, as Liam seems to be a well-balanced child. Maybe a scotch egg is the answer. It would help Dev's ordering excesses anyway. Kylie has a few drinks, even tells Eva to go away, though she apologises later. Poor Mary is very much the target of Kylie's tension. Mary is proud of her hair, refers to it a s'luxuriant' and notes that she has a duty to keep it looking its best. Kylie is downright cruel. She tells Mary that she is more Kim Jong Un than Kim Kardashian. That said, does anyone really want to resemble either of those individuals? Norris comes to Mary's defence, when Kylie starts to insult him. Norris hits where it hurts and comments on her as a mother - being unfit for the role and there's no wonder Max misbehaves. 'The truth hurts,' he yells after her.

No one has had a cold/tonsilitis of the severity of Sally's. Proper poorly she is. Tim though has more serious problems. A cold clears up but poor literacy needs attention as it can hold people back. (That is why Further Education Colleges are so important!) Maddie spots his difficulty and hands it to him straight. He denies it  but well, it's clearly true.

As Andrea says, we can't swim with dolphins everyday, but now Neil is leaving the country, at least she and  Lloyd will be free of him.

Yasmeen is a very forceful woman and almost bullying towards Roy in her demands to use the cafe as a library and literacy drop in. Roy gives her short shrift. 'I have neither the time nor the space to accommodate some sort of  low rate literacy salon.' At least Alya is around to distract her grandmother and curb her excesses, at least a little. Her plan is a new community centre. Might work - and anything that brings people together has to be good.

Julie tries to persuade Sean to join the gym and is evangelical about it. Sean's not keen though. He prefers nightclubs where he can engage in drinkersize, dancersize  and flirtersize.

Mary is not letting go of Dev without a fight. She is, she tells Julie, Dev's go to person, his emotional bouncer, his guardian angel. Dev praises the Taj Mahal, and the love from which it was built. Julie responds by claiming she is a spiritual person but Mary is having none of this. 'I'm a very spiritual person too,' chimes in Mary, 'but I tend to keep quiet about it' she says, clearly not noticing the irony. She says its the same with her charity work. Feeling that it's time to wrap the evening up, she chivvies Dev out of the pub and home. Dev comments that the eveing was good and that Julie is a nice girl. Mary tells him that Julie is hardly a girl, forty at least. The question is, will either Julie or Mary have a lifetime's access to scotch eggs?

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Llifon said...

Wow, Tim looks different with hair! Loved his scenes tonight! If Sally and Tim don't win best partnership in next year's soap awards, I won't be pleased!

Ruth owen said...

Llifon, I couldn't agree more!

Humpty Dumpty said...

The community centre will presumably offer adult literacy classes and Maddie will drag Tim there. It seems strange that in the time that Tim and Sally have been together she hasn't sent him out with a shopping list before, or suggested they play Scrabble. Another case of suspending disbelief.

Anonymous said...

I am dreading this new community centre, only because it will feature more Yasmeen no doubt raising her voice, shouting and talking over others. The character is really irritating.

Anonymous said...

Yes, quite the coincidence that Tim has a literacy problem and Yasmeen is dying to solve it! And I'd like to note: a cross-burning brings people together too. Good? Maybe not.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Hm I am sure they have done scenes in the past with Tim reading the paper and of course he managed to find Faye on the internet and read her emails although some on here strangely dont count that as "proper" reading. If he can read emails he can read a shopping list simple as. Are Maddar and Sophie Siamese twins, one never seems to appear in a scene without the other.

Great idea for a community centre just not so great as a vehicle for the bombastic Yasmin who is already beginning to grate.

AmandaB said...

Good point regarding Tim's emails Frosty. The lack of character continuity is dreadful.

Tvor said...

I would imagine that Faye's style of writing messages on the internet isn't very sophisticated. Tim isn't completely illiterate, there's no reason why he can't read basics. The newspaper? Might just be the sports scores he's checking out. It might just be for show. He may have more problem with formal things like the job applications. Handwriting may not always "compute". I knew someone that was a "functional" illiterate. She could read but she wrote me a letter once and it was atrociously spelled, you almost had to read it out loud to know what she was saying some of the time. When her husband would go away for business, he would fill out cheques for the bills and she would just put the amounts in. I also had a cousin who had reading difficulty but could read, and he could add up numbers no problem.

There's no reason why this is inconsistent with Tim's recent history. Maddie might say "You can't read" but he can, just has difficulty understanding it sometimes.

Anonymous said...

agree 100% with Frosty - doesn't make sense that Tim can't read - just another go nowhere plot - terrible writing - We need continuity editor big time.
Atlanta, Ga

Christine in Canada said...

I agree with can have reading and writing difficulties but still be able to function. Has anyone thought maybe he is not illiterate but maybe dyslexic?
My son, has a learning disability where there is a "connection" missing and although he is 23 and a high school graduate, he cannot write past a grade 3 level but can read at a slower pace. Because of this, he too needs help with forms etc


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