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Sunday 14 September 2014

Corrie weekly awards for Sept. 8 - 12

Sportsmanship award: Team Rovers. They might be dubious but they're ours.

Phrase of Doom award: Andrea mentioning that Neil's poorly mother will keep him 2 hours away most of the time. Guess who's peeking round the doorway?

Alienation award: Ok, Fiz and Tyrone are on the outs with Jason but there's no need to be rude to Eileen.

Backfire award: Tony sure didn't handle Fiz with velvet gloves but he wasn't that harsh. And Fiz took it the wrong way without much prodding.

Manipulation award: Taking the trophe from Todd this week is Neil.

Domestic award: Tony was helping Eileen do the washing up. Didn't expect that!

What's worse than a lawsuit award: Eileen's temper when she finds out what really happened.

Slippery Slope award: Kylie is taking Max's pills to try to cope.

Return of the Native: Nick shaved his beard off! Does that mean he's almost back to his old self?

Moody Mare award: Amy. And Tracy doesn't know where she gets it from. *koff*

Blinders award: Deirdre took decades to realize what Tracy's like and now she's never going to believe that Amy is a bad egg.

Fun and Games award: Steve and Lloyd.

Lines of the week:
Sharif "My mistake" Yasmeen "He's prone to them"
Tracy "I'm not much of a reader, myself" Tony "You surprise me"
Alya to Leanne "It'll be fun" Leanne "Yeah. That's what they used to say about burning witches"
Sean to Neil "They're out back in the 'beer garden'" Todd "Yeah, with the ashtrays and empties, living the dream"
Dean "Once the pain wears off, there's nothing left but the glory"
Fiz to Eileen "You've got to take part of the blame, bringing up two lying, conniving little rip-off merchants" (say what you really mean!)
 Kylie "We can't all be perfect like Super Fiz"
Tracy about the wedding "A family wedding in a couple of weeks will give him (Peter) something to focus on" (except he can't go, can he?)
Tony "I'm an idiot" Eileen "I probably would have used something stronger than 'idiot' but yeah, you're pretty close"
Eileen to Tony "You look threatening with a flower teatowel in your hand"
Deirdre "That dog can't even chew her own dog food"

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Anonymous said...

A great week of Corrie. Lots of subtle, natural humour built into a scene, rather than forced.

For example, Deirdre's off-camera rant about having gone to Fresco for a tin of beans and ending up with 8! Also, loved the part of the cricket match where Michael described Gail as being a delicate English Rose, who was made for Garden Parties, to which David asks "and Kylie?" Cut to Gail delicately nibbling cucumber sandwiches whilst Kylie is bellowing like a football hooligan.

PS really like Gail & Michael, and the Platts as a whole. David's little digs about his Mum's ex-husbands are always funny.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight,Fiz who committed fraud when she stole a dead man's inheritance by posing as his 'wife' tells off Eileen for the way she raised her sons?! Jason wanted to tell the truth from the beginning and is doing everything he can to set things right.I can't wait to see Hope grow up and give her mother grief!

Anonymous said...

loved the scenes with Steve wearing "fat Brenda's helmet and glasses". I guess TPTB do actually listen to the viewers and to think that Fat Brenda all started with the actor that played Eddie Windass. Perhaps the Corrie St crew could hire him as a writer - he did a bang up job when he was on the show.


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